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  1. Hey guys,

    I wanted to share my latest video with everyone.

    In this video, it's mostly just me rambling on about my current thoughts for the game.  I'm loving the game and I've gotten to meet some really great people.  However I think it's important that everyone remember to keep your morale up as we go through testing and things change.

    I talk a little bit about the importance of making friends and the social aspects of an MMO, and I also touch on the topic of the new campaign war (Trial 3), and the shifting population.

    I hope you guys enjoy. 




  2. 10 hours ago, Cantruss said:

    Ya I was talking about this set of Trials that are completely unbalanced because everyone wants a gold trinket and some people are quitting or taking time off because of it.  

    I have a feeling that this 3rd campaign might be a little more 50/50.  😉 

  3. You guys have been awesome to chat with and I really thank you, I can be shy from time to time, but since I jumped into the Discord, many of you have chatted with me and made me feel welcome.  If you guys would have me on your team I'd like to take this next campaign duration to join you guys, and we can try to get to know each other and see how things  mesh between now and the end of it.  I've submitted a request to join on the guild page on the forums, and I'm willing to do any interview type thing that you guys would like to do.  I usually get online at night around 8PM EST, and I do have a mic and can do voice.  Please let me know how you guys would like to proceed. 

  4. Hello everyone, my name is Ceegore.  I’m a husband, father, and blue-collar worker.  I work as an IT professional by day and I've been in on the testing and fun of this game for a little over a year now. (Only really lurking the forums).  I've been in and out of the game a lot over the past several months, however now with 5.8 and the trials, I find that I'm dumping hours into the game and loving the hell out of it.  With that said, I really wanna get deep into this game, and I know I can't go it solo, so I'm yelling ..."Does anyone need/want a dedicated Necromancer?" 😄   I'm practicing and testing so many parts of the game that I know quite a bit, but at the same time I don't know jack, yet I'm learning.  I do know I want to focus my attention on being the best Necromancer I can be, and I'm looking for a good group of people to become friends and play with.  I usually play and prefer Balance, however I'll go where the group that I mesh well with is.  Please send me a message and/or let me know if you are recruiting and would like to chat.  Thank you.

    Edit: Thank you everyone for the welcomes and invites.  Right now I've joined a good group of people that I believe (and I'm hopeful) that I will mesh well with.  Again thank you all. 

  5. Thanks for allowing each of us an opportunity to talk about ourselves and giving us the chance to be featured.  Here is the interview video I've just completed and would like to share with everyone here.  (I will be submitting via the proper email channel, I just wanted to share here as well).  I'll also be submitting a video without the old NES images, in case those could be seen as against copyright terms.  😛

    Thanks all, and hope you enjoy my video.  



    My YouTube Channel: David Ceegore YouTube Channel

    My Twitch.tv Channel: Ceegore on Twitch

  6. Hi all,

    Just wanted to send out a mass invite to my new Stream.  I'll be going live today at 12:30PM EST (in about 10mins from now).  Just as I'm new to video creation, I'm very new to streaming, so beware the newbness lol.  🙂

    Of course I'll be playing Crowfall and trying to get better at the game myself.

    Please feel free to drop in and say hi! 


  7. Hi all, I wanted to share this next part in my video series for Crowfall. In this part I talk about (EK's) Eternal Kingdoms, and I try to go into a little detail about what they are, where they currently are, what they are designed to become, and explain a bit about them. Warning to you all......I talk and ramble A LOT! LOL 🙂


    New Info: 2/20/19:  I wasn't happy with older videos, so I've removed it.  I have a new YouTube channel.  Link below.

    My YouTube Channel: David Ceegore YouTube Channel

    My Twitch.tv Channel: Ceegore on Twitch

  8. Ran into this issue again last night.  Was looking here to see if anyone has found a fix yet.

    I'd successfully placed it (my throne room) the night before last while preparing for my next YT video, however I picked it back up, along with my parcel, so I could record it.  Yet while recording last night I was unable to place it on any parcel yet again.  I was getting that slope error.

    I tried repackaging all items, logging off and back on, and even allowing the server to shutdown again and me relaunching it, but it still didn't work.

    Does anyone know of a trick that will help or should I just keep messing with it until it sets someplace? Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

    Thanks all. 

  9. Wanted to share the first part of my LP series where I will be playing through the game while trying to explain things with everyone as I go.  The first couple of videos are directed to talking about the skill trees.  (I didn't plan it that way, it just sort of happened lol). 

    In this series I'm gonna be focusing on the path of a human wood-working crafter.  (I think it'd be easier to use wood working to help instruct). 

    Also wanted to thank you guys for the constructive advise on my past couple videos.  (I'm trying to apply all the advice I've received in these newer vids). 🙂

    Hope you enjoy. 


    New Info: 2/20/19:  I wasn't happy with older videos, so I've removed it.  I have a new YouTube channel.  Link below.

    My YouTube Channel: David Ceegore YouTube Channel

    My Twitch.tv Channel: Ceegore on Twitch

  10. Hi everyone!  

    I just uploaded my next Crowfall video and wanted to share it.  I don't expect it to help anyone here as it's a very basic tutorial on "Action Harvesting", but I've decided that I want to create videos on subjects that I'm having to search for and read about to understand myself.  I know that as the game gets closer, there will be many more players coming in and trying it out, so I'm starting with videos on subjects that I'm looking for and learning myself.  I'd appreciate it if you guys could check it out and please give me any constructive feedback.  I want to make my videos as best as I can, and while I'm still learning what the heck I'm doing, I'm working to get better.

    Thanks everyone.


    New Info: 2/20/19:  I wasn't happy with older videos, so I've removed it.  I have a new YouTube channel.  Link below.

    My YouTube Channel: David Ceegore YouTube Channel

    My Twitch.tv Channel: Ceegore on Twitch


  11. On 2/12/2018 at 3:04 PM, drunk said:

    well, I'm not a youtuber but your video seems well made and deserves some views. But I got a bit bored, maybe its because the content is directed at Crowfall newbies. I added your video to the sidebar of my wiki... maybe it will get you 5-10 views :D

    Thank you!  Being a newbie myself and knowing what I'm looking for in the game is what's directing me to make my videos.  I know there wasn't much in the way of "action" in the background, but I wanted to do this video as more of an introduction-voice over kinda thing.  My future videos will be more directly focused on particular topics.  That said though, for quite some time they will be aimed at new players as I am one myself and would like to help others find information on subjects that I've most recently learned about and read up on.  I also plan to do news and update videos as well, where I dissect the information.  Maybe you'll find those to hold your attention a bit more.  :-) 

    Thank you very much for the comment and the share.  I really appreciate it and it has indeed helped. 

  12. Hi everyone,

    I just completed my first Crowfall video on my new YouTube channel and I wanted to share it with each of you.  Please note that I'm very new to YouTube, but I'm trying to learn to make the best videos I can.  On my channel I like to talk about making games as well and playing them, and I've decided that I want to do all I can to help support Crowfall.  Therefore I plan to make many more videos...(as I learn something about the game and how to do it, I plan to help teach others as they come into it).  Considering I'm a newbie, I believe that I have a one time unique look at things that will help me target what my future videos will need to cover.

    I'm also open to "constructive" criticism too.  Please feel free to let me know what you think I can do better in my future videos, ...I'm always trying to improve.

    Anyway, I wanted to share it with everyone.  This video is simply an "Intro" video and I hope you guys enjoy.



    New Info: 2/20/19:  I have a new YouTube channel.  Link below.

    My YouTube Channel: David Ceegore YouTube Channel

    My Twitch.tv Channel: Ceegore on Twitch




  13. Anyone who thinks I might be a good fit with you please continue to pm me or reply here with your guild information.  I try to chat with and get to know everyone a bit before I join up and would like to speak with as many people as I can.  I've already made some really nice acquaintances and am having fun, however I haven't joined or decided with anyone yet, so please continue to post.  Just trying to find the right group for both myself and others before I commit.  Thank you! 

  14. Hello everyone, Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Please allow me a small amount of time to introduce myself.

    I'm a 36yo gamer who's also a husband and a father. That said I'm a huge gamer and really have a strong passion for the mmorpg genre. I've played WoW for years.....(many years).... and I've done everything you can think of in that game, from high-end raiding to naked gnome racing lol. So it goes without saying I have a lot of experience with online gaming, and have some very awesome memories.

    However, as it tends to, times change and I'm sick of playing these massive open world "multiplayer" games that feel like I'm the only one there and on a treadmill with no real sense of purpose.

    So over the past several weeks, I've been reading up A LOT on Crowfall, and trying to learn as much as I can about it.  And for so many reasons that I won’t go into here, I am more excited about this game than I’ve been about any in a long, long time.  To put it in the shortest terms, I honestly believe in this game and the devs behind it and want to get as involved with it as I can.  (FYI, I’ve recently started my own YouTube channel where the focus is on games and game-making, and I’ve decided that Crowfall is the game I’m going to cover on there as well.  I’m currently half-way through my first script on the matter).

    Anyway, I purchased the Pioneer pack last night and jumped in, and wow!  I really didn't want to stop playing, and can't wait unit I get home after work today to get back to it.  Which leads me to why I'm here now.

    I would really like to find a small "close-knit" group of people that I can get along with and we can have some fun together. I can be kinda quiet and shy until I get to know people, (not that you’d tell that from my videos), but I open up quickly.  I'm a huge lore nut and love stories, so playing solo is okay from time to time too, but I'd at least like to have a group opened up in a discord window on my other monitor to be a part of at the same time, if not within chat window.  

    I think my primary objectives to start with will be on working to become a legendary crafter.

    That said though, I’m not afraid to jump into the action when needed. 


    To wrap up:

    It's the friends and since of belonging that I'm longing for.

    Are there any active and friendly guilds out there that wouldn't mind having a newbie join up?



    I’m in the NA region, EST time zone, USA.

    I’m Casually Hardcore – you can expect to see me most every night from approx. 7pm – 11pm/12am.

    To begin with I’m looking to work on becoming a top level crafter for a guild.  I like supporting the team.  (While also crafting for myself and decking out my gear lol).

    Would be EXTREAMLY loyal and committed.

    Looking for mature guild.  (Like I said I’m a 36yo adult.  I want to have friends, hobby, and stress reliever, with no IRL drama due to gameplay.....in game politics is perfectly fine).

    Would you like to get a feel for who I am? My personality?

     As I stated earlier, I’ve only just started the channel, but you can look for Academy Arcade on YouTube, (might help to enter in “Academy Arcade Unity 3D” in the search bar)…new channel waiting on SEO to kick in.  There you can see my first couple of videos where I'm on camera and talk a lot.  Though I can be shy, this is the real me lol.  I plan to have my first Crowfall video uploaded by tomorrow evening, if you'd like to check that out. 


    Thanks for reading my wall of text if you have.  When I decide I’m going to take something seriously I mean it, and I’m looking for the right people.  Here’s looking forward to meeting you.


    TLDR; looking for friendly guild that is active, tight-knit, and doesn't mind a newb who's sick of playing mmos solo.


  15. 40 minutes ago, Avloren said:


    Right, as you discovered you can take your old package and upgrade it to a bigger one later. Just make sure you don't "unpack" it, which breaks it up into parts (buildings, skins, etc.) that show up on your account individually, it prevents you from upgrading. You don't need to unpack it for testing access anyway.

    If all else fails, e.g. if you accidentally unpack it or find you can't upgrade for some other reason, support@crowfall.com can usually sort it out for you.

    Be warned that testing is still pretty rough, note that it's "pre-alpha" (not even up to a full "alpha" yet, although it's very close).

    Thanks so much for the advise.  I just purchased my starter pack, currently downloading now.  I went ahead and got the pioneer pack as well.  To me getting to test and getting to be a part of the ground floor and watching the game evolve is half the fun. :-)  

  16. Hi everyone, names Xavross and I'm new here, but so very excited for the game.  One question though that I'm hoping someone can help me with.  I fully intend to purchase one of the packages so that I can get into the game and help test, plus support the games development.  However, I'm wondering, if I get the "patron" package at $50 can I later (in about a month...at payday), upgrade to the next tier the "pioneer" package?  I'm asking because I'd really like that package, but trying to stretch the ol'dollar.  Thanks all.  I'm looking forward to speaking with many of you both here and in-game. 

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