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  1. Good job Vanguard! Im proud to be part of this hardworking, Well playing bunch of people with a passion for pvp! Gotta love the Dregs!
  2. Awesome fights! Good job by our new recruits - Nice to follow your learning curve.
  3. Half elf and racial - WILDKIN RESORT.... is a big mistaken. Sorry for my language... but why put in a powerful heal - apparently with no cd... agaisnt such an important game mechanic as CC. Todd joked about it, he didnt seem to know and it happend before his eyes.... something not useful got some love and now become the strongest race ingame (so far). The extra passive slot was alot love aswell.... and could be worked with... but this - im shocked in my 20 years of MMO PVP experience... just shocked!
  4. I agree to having the Arbiter as support and dont make it a more prime healer, it’s ok as it is atm. Im playing it as an offhealer and with epic gear im at 1800 sp. Offcuz not as good as the crusader.But The arbiter fits in nicely in your group setup and makes cc a factor. I would like that all cc is effecting 5 players - Including illuminate. The support wish is directed towards a group based shield either as a hp shield or a one hit shield - just to make the class unique and supportive in a other way than healing. Well a slight increase in cc wouldnt hurt either - but probably to powerful 😁
  5. What i like about Vanguard, is the serious approach to pvp, and the depth in understanding the game mechanics. Another thing is the skill level of players and the dedication. And We do anything (almost) for a laugh, because things shouldnt be too serious - after allπŸ˜ƒπŸ€ πŸ”«
  6. Have to say great job people of KDS. We got a good coordination and structure going. The last effort about bringing us up to speed with gear and weapons, really shows the dedication of your guild - Im impressed. Sadly We need numbers to fight against - but that will for sure come later on! We are getting some other good experience about the game! Gotta love it! 🀘
  7. Im looking forward to this campaign! Malekai is with is! πŸ˜ƒ
  8. very good progress people! both in pvp and getting the gathering done. Excellent job in getting gear and good advices to our new people. Its important to feel welcome in our fellowship - we succeed in that discipline - and im glad to be part of it , after all everything comes down to having fun and meet people, new and oldies Our next step in this is to get the gathering and pvp in schedule - thats allready incoming - stay tuned! and sharp...
  9. Im really looking forward to play with you all again, Maybe as soon as 5.8? Allrdy had some really good times in Crowfall with KDS... and its only pre alpha! ?
  10. Hi there! - maybe its time to dust off that old KDS cloak off - and join the Crowfall massacre! looked the game up and looks very PROMising!
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