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    Harzoo reacted to akram.ej in KDS in Crowfall [EU]   
    KDS Assassins Squad is looking for the new member. 
     Special Assassination and Tactical Squad , the Assassins are the shadow army of KDS . Highly trained, and highly disciplined, the Squad acts as a single entity Killing High value Targets in Team fights, Disrupting and sabotaging enemy Gathering Operations, as well as Intelligence Gathering.
    Every Assassin can be initiated in the ways of the squad but only a few can become members , as the Squad is as strong as the weakest member.
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    Harzoo reacted to KDSProm in KDS in Crowfall [EU]   
    The KDS Prophet has spoken:
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    Harzoo got a reaction from KDSProm in KDS in Crowfall [EU]   
    very good progress people! both in pvp and getting the gathering done. Excellent job  in getting gear and good advices to our new people. Its important to feel welcome in our fellowship - we succeed in that discipline - and im glad to be part of it , after all everything comes down to having fun and meet people, new and oldies   Our next step in this is to get the gathering and pvp in schedule - thats allready incoming - stay tuned! and sharp...  
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    Harzoo got a reaction from KDSProm in KDS in Crowfall [EU]   
    Hi there! - maybe its time to dust off that old KDS cloak off - and join the Crowfall massacre!
    looked the game up and looks very PROMising! 
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