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  1. Nice work Alty cant wait to have more ingame possibilities to work together with your guild
  2. hehe Racoon is kinda more flat-headed. THe wombat has a "Round face". Dont ask me how often i had this discussion xD
  3. Greetings folks, the best ideas are born out of brainstorming with others, so today it happened that we were talking about centaures and how to call their babys ( i think "Foals" was the outcome) the conversation continued to find new thematics and it went from intern and extern organs tooo UNICORNS ! Can we make style stuff to get via Shop to change the appearance of the character? Or make it like a Hallowen event where you can buy it Global Chat have a good one with kind regards dkuhf Combat Wombat Guild - Apply now for brainless fun !
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