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  1. Could even have notches on the sliders so you know how many pips you’re investing in!
  2. But again, only fun if it doesn’t mean that the dev decides the outcome of the campaign. I believe one of the major aspects of CF is players shaping the campaign worlds. Anything that takes that power away from players could become dangerous to the CF vision. Not saying stuff like this wouldn’t be fun. I can think of ways these things could work, I just don’t like them being at the whim of a GM. For example, having a summonable massive boss that failing campaign teams could bring about to basically say “we lost, but screw you”, could be a real blast. Imagine the chaos team banding together to summon some horrible monster they know will wipe them, but that will leave order and balance clinging for their lives as well. these concepts are fun ideas, I just cringe at giving GMs the power to decide a campaigns winner.
  3. I sort of like this idea. Major events can be extremely fun and introduce a lot of life into games that get repetitive. That said, having the fate of my campaign in the hands of a GM and whether or not they feel like playing god today... no thanks. Imagine how furious people would become with CF if their team was winning a campaign only to be stomped by a GM. A force they have basically no hope against since GMs would have unlimited resources. An important thing to think about with this is that events such as these take significant planning in order to ensure they are fun. Take a typical MMO dungeon for example. You could just make it wicked hard (think master raider level), but unless that’s the crowd you’re targeting, people will get frustrated and quit. You could make it super easy, but then it’s just boring for everyone. My point is, leaving these decisions up to how a GM is feeling that day could cause real problems. While it could be fun, it would take a lot to manage it appropriately. I agree that random PvE events could be fun, and could provide additional layers of strategic gameplay as you mentioned. I’m just iffy about having a GM control it at his/her whim.
  4. That’s a fair point, but I’m not thinking so much being able to adjust your skills to counter opposition so much as being able it invest in a larger variety of skills that would give you the ability to counter. (That still sounds confusing...) What I mean is, VIPs would have the ability to invest in multiple class/race skill lines that would enable them to swap classes to counter opposing teams while still maintaining a decent skill advantage. (Eg. investing in both confessor and myrmidon and switching out as needed). This gives them more flexibility than Non-VIP players who can only invest in one class/race skill line at a time, unless they overdiversify. That said, as Gummiel mentioned, there are mechanics for non-VIPs to otherwise catch up to VIPs in game. Though you have to wonder how much play time will be required in order to earn these things anyways. Too much investment may nullify their usefulness.
  5. Am I the only one with some concern that giving VIP extra skilling slots may be leaning toward p2w? I realize that skill line diversity won’t make any player super OP, but since this game has a lot of strategy and counterplay involved, allowing VIPs to have greater flexibility in their race/class build choices gives them a counterplay advantage. If VIPs can skill in multiple races/classes at a time, they have more options for countering enemy team builds compared to non-VIP players. As I said though, this advantage is not massive, but it is a tactics/counterplay advantage, right?
  6. I can just see all the people forgetting there’s a siege because somebody forgot to bank his stuff before running into battle. Doobers for everyone!!!
  7. Avendis

    Ranger issues

    I also experienced this issue with rapid fire today. Seems to depend on whether or not I’m coming out of another animation... maybe...
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