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  1. RIP chaos NA

    Not to derail too much, but at no point did I state we were Sauron, or immortal evil gods, or anything remotely close to that. Only that even evil immortal gods need time to recoup. Good Tolkien lore knowledge display though
  2. RIP chaos NA

    Even Sauron needed some time to recoup. Keep thinking Chaos is done. You're absolutely right
  3. Howdy! When considering what bonuses to crafting, does "Crit Hit Chance" modify crit heal chance? For example, a metal bar made of Tin-Tin-Tin lists as Crit Hit + Support. Will that increase my chance to land a crit heal? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for doing this Given that we're in pre-alpha and trying to test features, why can't we respec vessels (for a fee, or free)? Having to level new vessels of the same class because of a misclick doesn't seem like a good use of play-tester time. Are there any plans for voice-chat? There are hints in game, and a great discussion in the General section.
  5. Confessor Talent/Skill Tree needs work

    I have to agree that it's a poorly thought out placement of skills. At the very least, there should either be a warning when investing in the range extension, or a refund of any points spent there when picking the final 8m skill. Also, to point out, platefessors lose 80% of their range, and gain Plate + 20% dmg. While plate does allow us to survive more hits, it also makes us take more hits. Is 20% damage worth 34m range and maybe 3-5 more swings? Hard to say. In terms of "you messed up, reroll" there's a thread about CW and SB and the "let us mess up our toons, it's fun". While I like the idea of less hand holding; 1) Don't set us up to fail (like the Confessor tree example). That's poor design, not poor choices. Most players won't be like "aaaah ya got me! Well played ArtCraft!". 2) Keep in mind that CW will need a healthy player base in order to survive, not just the 17 diehard SB fans. A good way to ramp up churn is to frustrate your players. Whether we like it or not, the current gamer doesn't have a long attention span with the vast number of options at their disposal. If we don't want CW to look like Albion, we need to make it easier for new players to get a foothold and actually participate in the game. I think it's pretty clear that the Devs acknowledge they need to rework a bunch of stuff, so it's good to flag these issues so they don't overlook it. Also, allowing Alchemists or whatever to craft a respec potion would be a good way to restrict it. You could bury it deep in the tree, and make it expensive. That way, you'll need to live with bad decisions for a while, but not have to reroll. Also, given that we're in Pre-Alpha, I don't really understand the point of no respecs. They give us all Discs for free, why not allow us to test these mechanics and builds for them without the hassle of leveling up a new vessel?
  6. Sanctifier Advice

    Ah fair enough, it says sing for 12s and I figured it would cause us to stop moving Any advice on talent points?
  7. Sanctifier Advice

    Howdy all! Decided to roll a confessor sanctifier and I'd love some advice since there doesn't seem to be anything out there. I'm on a Nethari and have put all points into Int. Here's a screen of my build, I still have 6 points left and I'm not entirely sure where to put them. I grabbed everything in the starter line (off screen) and then maxed out anything to do with crit or armor. Is there anything I haven't taken that's a must? Also, in terms of Disciplines, I've been looking and none seem too amazing... what are people going for? Maybe Militant Mage + Mudman? Troubadore? Would I ever stand still for 12s though? For Minors, I assume Demon Pack, Elven Eyes and Mortal Sin / Expansive Mind? Any help is appreciated!
  8. Known Issue: Dev Tracker

    Any word on this? With the new push to bring in more players (me being one of them) I think it's very important to have a clear source to follow the devs and all the progress being made.
  9. I'm fresh meat here. I mean 1 death that I inflicted on myself, never been in a fight fresh. Granted I've been away for the holidays (still am) but I've spent most of my time trying to scoure these forums, Reddit, the interwebs, and YT for information about the game and the class I'm interested in. I have to say I've been gaming since gaming, and rarely have I ever had so much trouble finding information about a game. Let me qualify that so I'm not misunderstood. When I ask questions, I get answers, and they're generally solid answers. The community here is great! The issue is this is a different enough game that it's not entirely straightforward what questions should be asked. A lot of this stuff has to be stumbled upon. The learning curve is very shallow and takes a long time. The rapid nature of updates means that most of the advice found here is out of date. Most YT videos are old and there are few sources that tie together the multiple systems this game uses. It takes a long time to understand enough to just start focusing on the gameplay. Heck I've spoken to folks who've been in the game a week and didn't know about account training. That's not "git gud" that's poor game mechanics communication. It's about knowing what to ask, not about asking questions. So just reflecting on what you did wrong isn't enough if you don't know there are other options. While this post doesn't touch stealth, I literally have not seen a single enemy player yet, it does reflect on the potential Old | New player divide. Just a perspective of a new player here.
  10. Armor utility

    Perfect, thank you! So it sounds like the devs have some balancing to do with regards to making Leather more attractive. Until then I gather that LW is more for supplying other professions with needed mats. Are there other professions that mirror this state? I can start a new thread for that to keep it neat
  11. Armor utility

    Cool thank you By You mean that classes are generally limited to either leather, chain or plate unless they unlock certain abilities to wear a class up. Otherwise you can always wear types below your max. Right?
  12. Armor utility

    So just to make sure I'm clear. There are tiers of armor and classes, right? Tiers: Basic>intermediate>etc. Class: Leather>Chain>Plate ?
  13. Armor utility

    Ah, sorry for the nomenclature mistake, I'm away from my client. If leather is the lightest tier armor then what I said does not apply haha
  14. Armor utility

    Thanks everyone for weighing in! Very helpful info. It's my experience that early in game development, armor bonuses and utility is hard to get just right. Mid tier armor is usually the hardest. Cloth should mostly buff attack while heavy does defense. Mid falls short of both and so it's hard to make it attractive. I was hoping that it would shine in its own right rather than primarily being another support/synergy craft (like Alchemy & Runecrafting). I'll bet that super high end leathercrafters will make bank, but if I'm being honest I likely won't be able to invest enough to be one of them.
  15. Armor utility

    Would you say that people using decent leather armor are at an advantage compared to folks using basic or no armor? Does it noticably prolong your survivability?