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  1. Well of course we don't, but that it's required to get decent performance out of this game is my point.
  2. Thanks a ton! It's very disconcerting that we need to change bios settings to play a game. Hopefully this gets fixed before launch. Last time I had to edit machine settings for a game was probably around shadowbane 😛
  3. For your consideration (not sure I fully agree with my argument, but try it on for size): I think fundamentally, healing is useful insofar as it allows more damage to be done to your enemy. If healing doesn't result in more damage, then it did not directly contribute to the war effort: For example, if you're running around with a mate and they take fall damage, and you heal them... well, it saved them a run-back or whatever, but that is a few steps removed from adding points to your faction/clan. If healing does result in more damage, then it directly contributed to the w
  4. Well, only in the most trivial of senses. Willing assumes you have the *free* time devout to this goal. Sure, people could quit their jobs and sacrifice friendships and so on to play the game. It can be interpreted as willing, but that's not any metric to go by. I might be as willing as anyone to invest time, but I just don't have it. Or not enough other people who I want to play with / want to play with me. In these cases the game still needs to work, be playable, and fun. This is a well known issue and millions of dollars have been spent trying to correct for "no-lifers" / peo
  5. I agree. And this is bad news for the longevity of such a game. "It's lonely at the top" is not just a saying. Conan Exiles is a great recent example of exhaustive predation that seems somewhat analogous to the current situation. Large guilds crush smaller ones and solo-duo players to the point where they don't want to play anymore. That leaves large guilds with no one to fight. I guarantee that Balance is bored AF right now because there's no one to fight... in a fighting game. Restarting the game, or wiping, or whatever is not an answer because it doesn't address all the points you
  6. Nope, not at all. In fact, when I posted I had no information on the size and composition of the winning side. In fact, it doesn't matter. The numbers are what they are. Whether it's 3 people or 300. There's a problem here. And what I saw from the devs is "we need a better carrot". I don't think that even an ambrosia carrot will make a difference. Folks didn't stop playing because they thought the reward wasn't worth the effort. They stopped because they were demoralized given the current system and mechanics. That's not something more shines can fix. That's a design issue, not a loot / r
  7. @Oaths thanks, I was so excited when I saw that thread. Alas, it's a dumpster fire of accusations and politics. No headway was made on the issue at hand and so now it's locked. My point is that CF is a competitive PvP game and we just got a taste of how mega guilds are gonna play it (@mandalore: no, dude, I'm not saying Balance is a mega guild, I'm saying when it goes live, the big no lifers are gonna step in and this will be a daily special. Just look at pretty much any CPvP game out there (Atlas, Conan, Ark, etc.). If folks think this was bad, there are guilds out there that will school
  8. Is it even realistically possible to lose? On paper, perhaps, if everyone in Balance stopped caring and the other factions capped and held, but... I'm pretty sure this is not going to be uncommon occurrence at live regardless of how many catch up points can be gotten. When the mega competitive 200 person guilds show up and sit on a side, I can't see how any amount of attrition will matter. Perhaps there needs to be some "Finger of God" moments that shake things up?
  9. Thanks! But I mean, seems like they should make an announcement on their official forums, no? This is clearly something that affects everyone. Seems pretty standard to communicate big oopsies with your dedicated customers.
  10. I also agree that a leveling system is a good mechanic to have in. But it's a PvP game, why not give XP for PvP? To curtail collusion: Track how many times a particular player has killed a particular player and give DR --> 0xp after X kills in Y time. and / or, track each player and give them an XP pool that grows the longer they haven't been killed (a' la forts and keeps). and / or, track each player and only give out flat XP for X deaths in Y time. and / or, only give out XP if there was an actual fight (both parities did and took damage)
  11. Well that's my point. And yes, our "jobs" here is to playtest and provide feedback. So complaining when things are a chore and not fun is part of that task. Don't accept a ludicrous system like this. There are a million ways to make it better and more fun to play. So saying "you have it easy now" is no solution at all. Why would anyone want to go through this with a blue vessel? Players will at best tolerate it, not enjoy it. Games should be fun, no?
  12. I completely agree, but the current system doesn't encourage this. There are so many ways to encourage players to go out and not stay in EKs or the temple area. Heck, even removing sacrifice pits from those spots would do it.
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