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  1. An ancient problem that's plagued mankind is how to land a spell on a circle strafing opponent while the keyboard only turns so fast. Someday, we may solve this mystery.
  2. Balance is impossible because any increase or decrease, like a weapon that does more damage, creates imbalance. The idea that FPS are balanced is an illusion because someone with an AWP has an advantage over someone with a pistol. So the solution is to build a game with skill based mechanics like aim, rhythm, timing, knowledge, preparation, etc, then reward power during and after the combat. You have buffs during combat for playing rhythmically or being more accurate, and gear for "winning", both rewarded based on skill rationally within the world like bonus damage for a direct hit, or gear from looting someone, not from a menu. This allows good players to shine, generate more media and publicity (pvp videos and epic moments), actually more "balanced" for esports, allows for imbalance and expands your creative limits, makes the game feel satisfying and rewarding since success is earned, not random, among many other benefits. So how do you actually do this in Crowfall? Everything is a gradient. Contrast is good. Size, shape, color, damage, effects, speed, trajectory, frequency. Everything can be altered and awarded. Examples: A frostball travels and does damage. A direct hit does 2x damage and snares. Less accuracy does less damage with no snare. Killing a player with a greater power level, defined by visuals and ability, not just a number despite underlying math, results in obtaining some of what they have, while they lose some. Both of those are skill based rewards that remove the need for balance while improving the game simultaneously. What about esports? How can that be competitive? Just because the world doesn't function like a basketball court doesn't mean it can't be competitive. And the "arena" concept is a disease in MMO's unless it fits rationally in the world like something players would organize. Any demonstration of skill will keep people interested. And ironically, Crowfall would be more competitive since more skill is being measured. FPS mostly focuses on aim, and Crowfall can be much more without unnecessary complexity. So an esports event would just be focusing on select teams playing the game as they normally would with everyone watching, instead of everyone playing online themselves.
  3. Underlying art by Sandara. And its not to insult or nullify UI artists. Many UI's still look and function beautifully. I just think there's better ways to communicate information to the player and interface with the world, if that's what you're trying to build.
  4. Minimal is best. The rock looks like a rock. You harvest it with something to break it with. The rock doesn't need to tell you this. You should know this by equipping different items and seeing if they break the rock. Not only does it reduce the developers amount of work but its more rational, fun, mysterious, and exciting than reading text on the screen that immediately pulls you out of the world, assuming you ever could immerse past all the notifications to begin with. So mine them.
  5. Hey I saw the awesome Q and A video and was so happy to hear that you're making harvesting more action based and rational. Could I please help you test it? I have the mindset you're talking about. I've pvped since Everquest in multiple games and genres so i'm used to the worst and save the salt for my potatos. I wasn't sure where else to ask so please message me, or ignore me. lol "Good" comp too. Can give specs if needed.
  6. A good MMO doesn't exist right now. Just quite gaming and do other things until Crowfall comes out. You're better off anyway since gaming is a complete waste of time, despite the appeal of Crowfall that I can't seem to ignore. Otherwise, i'd suggest SMITE, agar.io, or SNES roms.
  7. They could reduce the rate of digging. Trenches would be practical during a siege, but digging a tunnel under their base would take a day or more. Players could make some interesting "real time maps" as they dig down, build up, and use abilities to create bridges, walls, waterways, natural elements, floating and moving objects, etc. I'd love to see the landscape change as the battle continues, especially vertically. However, the time and resource restriction must be tuned so the landscape doesn't look like the messy room of a 5 year old, or so strict that there's nothing but a trench and a bridge.
  8. No, because it forces ranged to stand on top of the enemy to kill them. If you want a downed state, then restrict revive to specific classes and let us kill them with damage even if they're down. I'd rather fight than worry about reviving teammates, especially the bad ones that die over and over. And if I don't try to revive, then our team is at a disadvantage. Those who like reviving can play the "medic" class and focus on that, while DPS can focus on killing the enemy.
  9. That's an interesting idea. I can't stand Tera because of the excessive animation lock, but I know some people like it. And I prefer no cooldowns so that combat speed is determined by the player and it feels more fluid. Before assuming it won't work, try to understand and imagine the gameplay. Here's the idea I just came up with: No spammable hard CC. Its only awarded from combos or skill checks, as explained previously. Soft CC, like snares, can be spammed but they have a short to medium duration, and you're sacrificing something else, like damage, if you spam it. Basic damage abilities don't do much damage if spammed, and do significantly more damage if you follow up with the same ability or another ability rhythmically. For instance, if you spam Q to do a sword attack, it attacks as fast as you can press it, but only does 5 damage per hit. If you press Q once every second, it does 5 damage on the first hit, then 20 damage on the second hit if timed correctly. If you press Q once every second, but use a shield bash on the second hit instead, it does 50 damage and makes them flinch. That's only an example, but you get the idea. The player is not mechanically restricted, but they get rewarded for using abilities intelligently and skillfully (timing, rhythm, combos) instead of spamming them. It also makes spamming it pointless and unrewarding. The animation starts over every time the button is pressed. Try to imagine what that looks like. Someone who just presses Q as fast as they can would look goofy and do little damage as the sword doesn't complete the swing, but someone who's timing their abilities and playing fluently will not only look amazing, but they'll be doing the most damage with occasional CC they earned from playing well. Animation lock and cooldowns makes the game feel clunky and slow because the character doesn't respond to keypresses--like playing with lag. Without them, the player is free to move and use abilities, while being rewarded for using them correctly. Note: A .1 second cooldown is still required to prevent bot spam, but it should still be faster than the fastest human keypress.
  10. Some gifs I made for an older thread.
  11. I agree about dying during stunlock. That problem exists with the current system as long as the game has stuns. With my system, stuns are only awarded for doing the hardest moves that require more than pressing a button. Defensive abilities, like blocking or a trinket, can still be used. Combat is one of the most important aspects of MMO's, and some skill is measured with traditional combat like positioning, aim, builds, and strategy, but it could be so much better. It could be more epic and fluid with a reasonably higher skill cap. I want Crowfall to give me the tools to express myself as if I was fighting in real life with abilities from a fantasy world. I want to fight gracefully with skill and speed, not just stand there spamming damage and CC while waiting for cooldowns with the same slow and boring combat that's been used in every other MMO. The main purpose of this post is to inspire ArtCraft and present practical ideas to push the boundaries of combat mechanics, regardless of whether or not they use them. My expectations are high, but I know perfection is impossible, so I have no doubts that the devs will still deliver something amazing.
  12. So you press one button to charge or stun someone, and if they're near a cliff it knocks them off? Any scrub can do that. People do it in WoW all the time. That type of oversimplified combat is the same as all other MMO's, and it makes the line between pros and scrubs unrecognizable. Simple abilities, like pressing a button to charge, are required as a base mechanic, but there's room for improvement to measure and reward the best players. Example of a base ability: Press Q to charge. It knocks people away. Some skill is measured with positioning like knocking them off a cliff or into your teammates tornado. How to improve it: Press Q to charge. Press Q again when hitting the enemy to crit. If you press it exactly when you hit them, you crit for 500 damage. If you press it when you almost hit them, you crit less (partial reward). When you hit them, a "rhythm counter" starts. If you use "2h sword attack" exactly 1 second after your charge hits, you cause them to flinch. If your teammate hits them with a spell exactly when your charge hits, they are knocked to the ground (2 second stun). Try to imagine the scenario. The best players will time their abilities along with their friends to do the most damage and CC possible, while being recognized by how it looks. Bad players will just charge and mash the other abilities carelessly. That example relies mostly on timing, rhythm, and cooperation, but there's other skill based mechanics that can be used, and many other ways to improve it. However, unnecessary complication is still possible, and here's an example: Press Q five times and do a 360 before hitting the enemy to crit for 9001 damage. That's pointless and illogical.
  13. I love fantasy, but i'm tired of games. I want a world with fear, mystery, struggle, and a sense of realism like original Everquest. Crowfall won't satisfy that vision, but at least it will be a better game than what we currently have.
  14. Example? Preset combos are unavoidable because combat mechanics have to be programmed. Dynamic combat comes from having more options and a higher skill cap. A fireball that remains a fireball throughout the entire game doesn't provide many options, nor is it hard to use. And giving the player 4 basic abilities is like giving a crayon to a digital painter. They could still express themselves, but there's no potential for them to produce what they could with a tablet. I want Crowfall to give me a tablet, not a crayon. That means there should be other ways to use a fireball with proportionate rewards, not just by shooting it. Right, but that's not all they'd be good at, assuming the game allows it. Measuring skill goes far beyond basic ability sequences. Implementing twitch elements and skill based mechanics doesn't nullify other aspects of the game like tactics, organization, positioning, and builds.
  15. CC is more detrimental than straight damage or debuffs, so it should only be awarded from doing something harder than pressing a button. That can be measured in many ways like two players using an ability at the same time, landing a mid air fireball, etc. Otherwise, scrubs will have access to something they don't deserve. An extreme example is giving everyone a one shot ability. It's hard to tell who's good if everyone can one shot their enemy, or stun them, so easily.
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