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  1. I'm curious, now that I've played some and seen a little of what's being implemented. I bought into Crowfall as it was being presented (at the time mind you) as a sort of more advanced successor to a game called Shadowbane in the early 2000's. That may not have been a fair assessment, but the article stood and no one refuted it. This game, so far, has a vastly improved graphics and interaction with other players, but a skill and tech tree that's so incredibly convoluted it's difficult at best to even know where to put points. I'm curious to know if this level of intricacy is intended. I've always found that simplicity is so much easier to deal with in the long run and overcomplication just leads to endless problems. The basic rule of these types of games was always: Fighter kills Rogue; Rogue kills Mage; Mage kills Fighter. Not particularly precise, but a simple platform to build a more robust interaction without going insane. I realize this does not address crafting in any way, but most of us are here to play with and against others, that is the core of all of these games. I would appreciate any official response that might be available. I realize opinions abound and many would disagree with my rather simplistic approach. Thank you for any responses.
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