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  1. Sure! But like earlier in the post you have to wait for the game to come out ;-;
  2. Sure! But the game won't be out for a little bit so you'll have to wait until then
  3. I never recieved the email, I checked pretty much everywhere.
  4. Sure, you can go to the website provided, I will be working on it before the game starts. I hope too see you in gamewhen it begins
  5. Where you can find our Order talking! You can make an account, talk and communicate within the guild http://thedragonbloodorder.enjin.com/?welcome
  6. Ty it took a whole hour of agruing just for that LOL
  7. We are the Dragon Blood Order. As the Eternal Dragon Tulvir was fighting the measly humans, a Hero struck deafining blow to the great Dragon's stomach. Then as the blood flowed from Tulvir's wound, the Dragon drew his last breath, he blew the last of his life into the body of a human with the soul of a Dragon who was later known as Carinth. She later created The Dragon Blood Order to find the guild that killed Tulvir and seek revenge. Now centuries later the guild has change directions from a path to revenge, to protecting it's weak and it's homeland. So now you know our story, are you willing to join? We have a fourm where our guild can talk! http://thedragonbloodorder.enjin.com/?welcome We are a laidback guild that plans for Party's, questing, meet and greets, and much more for the upcoming gameplay, So come play with us!
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