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  1. Such a good post, so many valid points. I don't think all the guilds will fail but a lot of guilds will definitely be tested and are every time a new option is offered in the gaming community. The days of solid loyal members are very rare. I would love to find a guild to call home myself. Great observations and advice Maj, very impressive.
  2. I agree with this, lets stop fighting each other and start fighting the water! Down with H2O, beat it with a paddle! Honestly though soultamer makes a good point. You will always have toxic players regardless of whether they are into PvP or PvE some will stay and some will go, sometimes you just have to let them wash over you and move on to either more constructive topics or enjoy the game on your own terms. Speculation on the potential toxicity level of players at this point or at any other is fairly moot. Its an aspect that is apart of the MMO community now and its a small portion that you have to look past. Everyone has their own code of conduct that they abide by.
  3. Its a menu for an in game restaurant. Ill have the Maeve Squid and a Zalena Serpent Stout. Thanks!
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