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  1. hmm when i die in campaign mode , and i fly in crow mode ,i cant ressurect there where i died ,plus it not shows me exact light stream where i died when i klick iam resurrect in temple it brings me back to beginners place
  2. i know at the moment we are in pre alpha but i got to set this topic up correct me if iam wrong right now we just have two passive skill lines that just allow us to concentrate on mining,jobs or fighting / warrior, pathes but the whole thing comes up when u use to buy two account one account concentrates itself on harvesting while the other account concentrates on being an warrior for sieging with the momentary passive skill system i myself in reallife become an crow while my 2 accounts are the vessels , but that takes up to pay for the additional account even if the developers give us the two other pathes back to skill it will allows us as gamers to use an kind of game Breaking mechanik to have most of harvesting and job skills for me it seems like an kind of unwilling pay to win modus operandi if guilds start to use that out they can get an big bonus on bringing up the best vessels ,and the best gear in possible "no time" just to dominate the servers and win shortime since th4ey started to skill and lvl up (don´t know how much using that since the beginning or after a wipe al the time) i cant imagine(oh yes i can) what happens when they give us the two other pathes back how far that can go for me i personally love the game and yet in pre alpha i can say its the best and only pvp siege game out and i dont want to see that happens to the game. ,like i said correct me if iam wrong or having an paranoidal distortion sesure attack in pre alpha 🙂 cause i was reading about people talking about having multiple account´s ,on the battlefield that´s unfair and that all because of the passive skillsystem ,i love the passive skillsystem because if i want to take an break and be offline for an month or too the system skills me automaticly ,love u developers for that but it seems it has no abuse defence yet. Delete this topic if it is unwanted or completly incorrect because of paranoidal distortion sesure attack in pre alpha 🙂 didn´t know if u should post it under bug section so i was putting it to general disussion iam sorry for missing gramatikk and stuff but it´s late for me and i had no sleep so please be kind
  3. thank you all nice i will try that out
  4. Have an Question ,in what Stats i should put the Points in most and does it change when i have higher Vessels? can some one post stats for best Ranger build Archer would be nice
  5. thx i didn´t noticed that yet ^^
  6. i would like the Kind of Idea when there would be Gathering Bags for cooking ,alchemy leathering etc where u can put in the stuff u gathered and the actual normal inventory ist just for produced things ,or things that are already crafted.i would think that would be nice to have just extra bags for raw gathered materials
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