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  1. Hello Devs. My name is Lucas and my nickname in the game is UDeadPRO. I wanted to give you some tips, for Crowfall, I really like the idea of the game, but i will give my opinion about some things. I dont know of you plan to add different biomes in the game, but its something that would attract a lot of attention from the community and future players, but my idea would be to divide the content in each biome, for exemple, in a desert map, we can find tribes from Urgu, as thay are more crude, and combine with this biome, so you can also find stones as they already exist in the game, and ores. In the forest you will find trees and animals as is common and tribes like the Satyr or Embarri. The Aracoix, as they are wizards, stay on a darker map, with magic, magic trees, more purple. I Strongly believe in CrowFall, and that will compete with the best MMO that exists today. I hope you like the idea.
  2. Bem provável que não, comunidade BR está bem pouca ainda para eles liberarem o server novamente, só se a comunidade crescer muuuuito no game ao ponto de ter uma gameplay interessante mesmo com servers dividido!
  3. Fala irmão, então, eu jogo desde 2017, dei uma parada e voltei a pouco tempo, já temos uma Guilda com 40 Players, só aguardando a beta, estamos ansiosos pra caramba, mas essa demora ta foda!
  4. I think the information about the development of the game is bad, it doesn't tell us much, my guild keeps asking me all the time about the Beta, anxious to play, but I always say that I don't know, that there is no information, that there is no date, there are some people who already got discouraged from my Guild, but I stay close! (Sry, my english is bad)
  5. Ninguém está jogando por enquanto.... paradão.
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