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  1. Yup! As the @Jah said, unfortunately, there is nothing to do ... there are still few players in Alpha, when BETA arrives, it will change. We are already doing it, with time we organize it!
  2. We are not talking about you, we are talking about two other guilds!
  3. I don't feel good about slaughtering a small guild, I even discussed it with my guild, (Our guild walking with 12 players and 2 guys walking alone on the map, I don't think it's cool I prefer to leave them alive, example!) receiving ZERG from one guild is OK, but from two relatively large guilds I find it boring. But it's like you said, whoever does the ZERG thinks it's wonderful, whoever takes the ZERG already complains!
  4. I'm not proposing anything, this is MMO! I just wanted to know the opinion of the community, because two large guilds come together to kill a small one, I think it's kind of strange.
  5. We saw that it was 2v1 because they surrounded us and killed us, after killing, they just looked at each other. It is not difficult to identify that they are allies, they simply do not attack, they have killed their objective and they do not attack.
  6. forum was made to discuss things about the game, if you feel uncomfortable just do not enter and comment.
  7. I think Winterblades was doing ZERG with so many people that the guilds started and made an alliance to face these Zergs.
  8. Yes, I understand your point of view, but there are other large guilds with an alliance, the proposal of DREGS is that the guilds fight for SIEGES, but two large guilds are doing ZERG and handing SIEGES between them! there are two guilds that are still big in my view, so it’s very complicated against one, imagine two ZERG guilds with 15 players each. I don't just talk to you, but right after that we take ZERG between two other great guilds.
  9. What do you think about the alliances that are taking place at DREGS? A large alliance running on the map is ok, but joining two large guilds to zerg the map is difficult! We were finalizing a guild in the fort and another guild arrived '' alliance '' to help them kill us and kill us. Then again, we started a fight and again another guild helped to kill us. Small guilds already have some difficulty facing these large guilds, so two allies, impossible.
  10. Ashes vai demorar ainda, lá para 2023, sem falar que o preço dele está absurdo hahaha!
  11. Quando conseguir comprar nos avise aqui!
  12. Bom dia Guys, suave? Criei este tópico para recepcionar novos players BRs, que sei que ficam meio perdidos no game e também não acham muitos players BRs! Temos uma Guilda BR ativa no game (YggBrasil), caso vc seja um novo players no game, da um alô ou pergunte aqui no chat a dúvida que tenha ou queira jogar junto conosco, fiz esse Tópico exatamente para ajudar e receber novos players BRs! Att. UDeadPRO
  13. Fala irmão, suave? Compra via GPAY, pela Google, usando o cartão de crédito do mesmo jeito, lá você vai conseguir comprar o game. Alguns estão com problemas de comprar com cartão direto. Seleciona a forma de pagamento via GPay (Google Pay). Espero ter ajudado, e seja bem vindo!
  14. I don't understand, people don't read the forum and ask Todd the same questions. Yes, there will be a DREGS on LIVE before the BETA. And no, LIVE won't be without an update for so long, Todd said that "We will never leave this big gap between the two again"
  15. To tell you the truth, I am very confused haha, because if there is a DRESG on LIVE, players will want to evolve on the server to participate, that would divide the time of many between TEST and LIVE!
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