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  1. Well, Bug on the weaponsmith CRAFT! When you choose the WOOD ELF skin to create an axe, it comes with weight, even without putting it in the craft.
  2. In patch 6.2 they took an average of 2 weeks to go up! So I think it must be more or less that!
  3. I agree with some things, Only the drop of loot that I don’t see from my side and from everyone who works, it costs you to craft a good piece of equipment for your character and lose it in 5 minutes, an example, it’s very frustrating! but the game economy is half dead, yes, they need to adjust the economy.
  4. An interesting one would be, offline increases 1 point every 10 seconds, online up to 1.5 points every 10 seconds, or something like that, but this is not the biggest problem for me! but how to keep players active. Currently we only have DREGS as the main content of the game. Only that, it will reach a point in the game that people will get sick of doing just that, an arena for example, I would play hours and hours in the arena, thus dividing the time in farm, craft and DREGS, it would be more things to do inside about the game! Need more content besides DREGS.
  5. Only I still think they should put at least one arena, 5x5 or 3x3, with rank and some rewards? It would be very interesting
  6. yup, what i realized in small scale pvp, paladin and cleric only. (5x5)
  7. Yes, I realized that he is doing a lot of damage, but also paper, our group takes a very easy one. and what we tested in our group died easy too.
  8. Hey guys, how are you? So, as some know, I play a lot of healers, and in patch 6.1, I played a lot of Frost Healer! so far ok! I've been testing the healers in this new patch, and I felt a HUGE difficulty playing with ''Frost, Confessor, Druid'' Frost: had a very big nerf, his self heling is very bad, I tried some variations of builds, but all of them were not healing well himself, so he died quickly in PvP. My build was getting 1600 support power but very low healing. Druid: is even healing well, but what killed him was taking the Noble Purporse out of mejors and putt
  9. I don't know when you started playing, but there was a FULL WIPE a few months ago, and 2 MONTHS only after the FULL WIPE, we had another FULL WIPE! we farmed a lot in those two months and saved many items to suffer WIPE! part, game in development!
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