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  1. Sounded more like it’s a special tray that specialized harvesters get we don’t actually know what the plan is since they were so vague.
  2. Possible that all the EK head chopping didn’t get the skulls in on time?
  3. This I would prefer as well.
  4. As dumb as it sounds, inverse the export bonus. Losers get more. Gives them a better chance to come into the next campaign more prepared. And since “winning is everything” the winners should not care if they get less. After all their logistics should be able to overcome the “disadvantage” in the next campaign. Maybe add a cosmetic to placate the whiners, I mean winners. Or add some pve or gathering bonus to the losing sides during winter. Increased rng drops, extra gathering pip, or something of the like. Though I feel like that would be too easy to game.
  5. This is something they really really need to address
  6. The April wipe and excessive grind patch really hurt. The ninja patch to blow up the discs that took for ever to grind. Wow classic and AAU. The lack of development in the areas of game design most are here for (dregs). Considering that all sides have seen drops in active players would say that losing is not a main cause. A lot of WHoA has been mia for couple months now. And chaos has the most active players still. February is a big month for ACE, let’s hope they don’t screw it up and make an uphill battle to large to overcome.
  7. On the first part. More likely WoWC and AAU have soaked up players from all games. Theme park games have ruined the ability for your average player to make up their own content. So they are constantly chasing the next DLC. On the second part. Getting punished for winning is asinine, agreed. To me doing such a thing would mean confirming the system in place is poorly designed. Considering how low population numbers have been the last year, you can’t really determine if the system is flawed or not. The game with a 100 players is vastly different from one with 1000 or even 10000. I hope 5.110 brings some healthy numbers into the game.
  8. No. All aspects of the game’s design needs to be tested. This includes stacked factions, hardcore vs casual interactions, and all the like. A lot of good data can be determined from the testing environment. Whether or not they choose to seize that opportunity is up to the dev team.
  9. Zatch was the one who informed us of the specifics of the bug after it killed a few of them attempting to take the fort. I haven’t played a slayer in months. I felt it should be made public.
  10. Duelist Slayer dynamite ability hits multiple times and apparently multiples based on number of people it hits. Can insta kill a small group
  11. This is what the 2nd/3rd campaign in a row you’ve chosen Order, the significantly under populated faction on NA? Can’t really cry about numbers when you are intentionally putting yourselves in that position. I only ever see 2 order guilds cooperating with each other. There’s some other small guilds and randoms out there, maybe try to get them working with you? Or befriend Vanguard from EU and have them show you how to steam roll. They do have the best stormcaller in the game after all. If you want better vessels there are several people in balance and chaos that would roll top end bodies for you. My necro is maxed and geared. I’d gladly roll you whatever you want, just bring me the ingredients (including philo stone, don’t have max alchemy yet). Have a fully maxed and geared jeweler as well, will roll those up for you too. Back capping is always going to happen. Most times it’s happening in an effort to find the player(s) doing it for PvP purposes. But points are the objective so capping is required if you want to win. Ragging on people for capping is petty. From fighting you guys, you’re tanky but lack burst dps. And what dps you do have isn’t focused together on one target. This game doesn’t play like others, it takes some time to break those bad tab target habits. Take the advice from players who’ve been here awhile. You’ll have more fun. And that’s what it’s all about.
  12. Guild banks are essential for release. They need to be finished well before launch. It’s a GvG/RvR game.
  13. Field surgeon is great. The purge and rescue are worth it. The heals are ok. As for putting it on a stealth class I’d agree not worth it. @Grillo As for being able to heal your stealth character. Agent provocateur has a great heal while in stealth. There is a minor that also increases how much stealth healing you get, the name escapes me. Knife Grinder has a bleed removal ability and descent attacks. Escape artist is great too for getting away, cc immunity and dodge regen.
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