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  1. Top 5 likes: 1) 6 man groups and the build diversity that comes with it 2) the water Top 5 dislikes: 1) game affiliates that purposely make the game not fun to play just to win a stupid siege. 2) with really small zone caps you need to limit the number of players a guild/alliance can bring into a campaign. 3) performance in large scale fights is a total joke and near unplayable. And you need to pay for better servers 4) the UI still sucks 5) why can’t we have raids?! This is suppose to be a big fight PvP game. This has become common place for the last 2 decades of the genre Question for devs: I’m reading through these posts and noticing a lot of the same issues the testers have been bringing up since I joined back in 5.8. Is there going to finally be some effort to address them (many many fantastic ideas have been proposed)?
  2. 6th slot justifies alot of classes, and reducing to 5 kicks the viability of several classes out the window. sometimes you need to go with the community desires. 6 player groups flat out make the game better. just fix the numbers on that knob so that 5 isnt even on there.
  3. true. they used the campaign worlds as testing for their BR. its like AoC in reverse. some brilliant use of time.
  4. so they added a battle royal with its own gearing system.....what has the point been of the last 4 or so years of development?
  5. but thats the whole point of infected. its a safe area for you to learn the game and get what you need to enter into the campaigns. which in reality is not very much. you can also try making friends with other guilds to get help....you know utilize the alliance system. the community is receptive to people who want to get better and play the game.
  6. i wish theyd listen about restricting infected to only uncommon or lower quality items/resources.
  7. i dont think you get it. now the person who spends the most time grinding has all the advantage. the playing field was relatively even. no matter if bad players want to blame their poor play on passives or not the advantage was slight and diminished with time. this isnt my job this is for fun. and those same players that cry passives will just give up when this system doesnt do anything for them either. creating unrewarding grinds to create "content" is just lazy and poor design. we've already got dozens of those kind of MMOs and more on the way. it doesnt retain players long term. and you definitely have to do alot of resource gathering to support a war machine. unless you think your war tribe gear is still relevant 3 months into the game.
  8. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). Your community engagement the last few months has been awesome and very refreshing. Please keep that up. And does Gordon ever sleep? You’ve made all the classes useful in some form of combat. But not all promos are viable. It’s been nice not having to tell someone the class they want to play is junk across the board. Helps player retention. Love how easy is to level. Please please don’t ever make it a grind. I like the domains concept. Tho I think there needs to be a bit more refining to get the domains that actually benefits the promo in the right place. It does take away from that 1-2 mandatory/optimal build issue which is great. Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? The skill bar for combat has been dropped considerably. I’m 5.100 and before the good players/guilds were the ones who could get on target quickly and burst someone down. From 5.12 to current there’s been a steady shift from a game of skill to a drop AoEs game. I know we wanted a better bunker buster than Archdruid but now that’s all there is. The aoe puddles being available on every class takes away from the specializing aspect of the game 40% healers required for viability is not fun. People wanting to main healers is a big minority in any mmo. And then basically being forced to play one so you can be competitive makes people just not want to log in. No raids. Would really be nice to have raid groups (multiple 5 man groups) and have a UI that allows the raid leader to shuffle people around. The crafter soul proc is bad. It was taking me 15-20 junk items to get 1 soul. Another guildie crafter 42 items before he got 1. It might not feel as bad when starting completely over from a full wipe. Top 5 bugs on LIVE (that we may have missed and wish would be fixed). Please be specific and constructive. The door bug is aids. This should be #1 but the hitching is awful. Frames have been notably better but the hitching is as bad as it’s ever been in my time here. When crafting sometimes the UI bugs out and whether you large or small reroll it skips straight to naming the item. So if you large reroll you don’t get to small reroll and it skips past. If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? Do you even sturdy bro?! When was the last time you logged into Crowfall? Yesterday Feedback for Tiggs on this weekly forum post if any.
  9. i mean. you'd have a chance to get the fort you originally put all that time into
  10. If Richard taggert or whatever that center fort in okan zull is called is open again before campaign is up you guys are more than welcome to come put a hole in it and see how it goes with the guards.
  11. Has no bearing on the conversation. Archdruid is overshadowed by Frostguard and Archmage. You’re asking why you see less stealthers than non stealthers? I would venture to say cause you can see one and not the other. Slayer has bugs. Some mechanics are not working correctly and have been confirmed as such by devs. Cause the damage output is high enough to demand 2 healers per 5man. Has been this way for a long time sadly. And naturally a overpowered tank mage with broken mechanics making them even stronger would be favored. Have you played mmos before?. Can you explain why making Dynamite 1000 soul power is “stupid”? Or restoring the dodge back to 13m?
  12. The 500 soul power ult should be switched to 1000 soul power. And the old guinny dodge (13m-ish) was just fine. Easy fixes. Comparative to the other 2 stealth classes and the other duelist promos, slayer is an almost no risk/setup class. Seems rather non engaging to me. The best part of ganking was the rush knowing if you screw up its over. Slayer doesn’t have that rush at all.
  13. Volatile ice is supposed to take like 1.25s to go off. As my understanding there is a bug that it goes off instantly. That needs to be addressed before any nerfing happens. But even when it was working melee was still junk. Frigid ice has conditions in order for it to work (a very good thing imo) and is easy to spot then maneuver around. I don’t know/think of frigid as an issue when it comes to melee. But since every FG spams volatile instead hard to tell.
  14. Except a duelist has to hit their target to get those pips. Not just use mana that it can self regen. I do agree that fixing the volatile bug should be the first step before nerfing. Tho there is no reason a tank mage should ever have that much damage output. Lower the damage for the base kit and have a talent node in the AM promo that buffs the damage.
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