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  1. please fix the patcher. getting old having to hit the wrench every single time. yes ive reinstalled teh game a couple of times in an effort to fix this. yes i run it as admin. never had this issue on the test client version of dregs.
  2. Personally I think the divine favor is silly. The grand majority of cards make it feel like the best way to victory is completely avoiding all PvP. It’s the exact opposite of a PvP centric game. It’s also silly that second place in conquest gets the same amount of favor points as first place. Also the cards are too vague sometimes. Winters glory card, which brazier in the temples or out in the world at their outposts, who knows? Better more accurate descriptions are needed. Also if I were someone who cared about winning the campaign this game would burn me out as is. I totally understand why W and HoA moved on to other games for the time being. And I wouldn’t be surprised if things remain the same more will choose that path as well. I remember that part in the Kickstarter about not wanting to grind and wanting to play to crush. Well there’s lots of unrewarding grind and crushing your enemy means nothing.
  3. I hate GR. I want it’s removal entirely. But that’s not a battle that’s winnable with the amount of resources they’ve wasted on it already. And I have maintained that resources should be heavily nerfed in it. Give us something to fight over besides 3 chiefs or organized scrims. At least discipline thralls would get more people out there to fight with.
  4. The meta is socking boring right now. I fully agree on that. And I want every class to have a place in the game from beginning to end. But balance should always be based on end game not early game. I can’t think of a single mmo ever that has full balance from early to late game. If you buff melee then you have to buff healers. And since on day 1 my SC was almost at all the important stat caps besides Crit strike, buffing every class to that level makes the concept of early/late game irrelevant. Which in all honesty would be the preferred for me but also removes progression that others enjoy So the alternative is nerfing ranged down to melee current level. We all know nerfing is not something that is done well traditionally. But it’s probably the easier/faster solution. But balancing for late game should also naturally make early game better. Then there’s also the crafting issue. Crafted mail/plate have significantly higher armor values than war tribe. So what do you do there? Nerf that as well? Almost 2 months in and every crafter besides RC and necro are still irrelevant. The entirety of the system is heavily unbalanced. (Still maintain that war tribe gear was the worst thing for this game in the past year or so). Its just a shame they are going to make us wait months for all facets of the game to be relevant after making us wait months for this incredibly unbalanced patch. And more of a shame is they’ll likely push it to live before that.
  5. Melee will be relevant in mid to late game. I really hope they don’t try to balance based on early game. Wait til crafted blue is the norm then balance.
  6. You might want to revisit those stat priorities on some of the classes.
  7. Imagine being in an alpha game and comparing it to long standing fully released.
  8. fatal lance on archmage doesnt seem to be applying execution damage. 4 rounds using the starter weapons taking the target from 100 to about 10% hp. archer promo does not give quiver proficiency. also Gaea's Inspiration is supposed to be a passive right? do not see any it in passive list.
  9. Give us lower quality graves so we can get green body parts. Can we get like R2-4 in Gods Reach please? Why is flawed assembly still a thing? Every crafter hates it. Let’s us roll still just lower the pips we can use or something of the like. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  10. Statue God buffs drop off when you pick up new ones. Two would stay up. When replaced it was not consistent as to which.
  11. Stop claiming classes need to be buffed or nerfed based off of current meta unless they are functionally useless even in end game. Scaling will happen at different rates for different macro roles. Ranged dps is way ahead of melee and healers. As crafted vessels and gear come in the following weeks that gap will close quickly. Early game is such a short time frame it should not be considered when balancing classes. Just make sure when we are all in blue+ again that the classes get balanced accordingly. ......... Also don’t nerf at all. Buff the under performing classes.
  12. Natures Grace at make will get you 16%. That’s only if you are completely uninterrupted. Which wouldn’t be the case if you were in need of it. Waste of a talent point imo
  13. oneply

    Druid Healer Ult

    Friendly party leashes are a really fun healer mechanic. I would definitely be a fan of that.
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