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  1. The fun apart about it being apart of the world is ganking people on their way. Moving it to an ek is the same issue so many other PvP mmos shot themselves in the foot with when battlegrounds became a thing. current format we can do the eks ourselves, which is what I was alluding to.
  2. I’ve missed one siege this campaign. Your logic is only valid if there were more than 1 craft limited by no keep. The advantage to the keep should only be the crafting buff. If they limited other crafting it would also be acceptable. I’d like to see proof that your claim is their intention and not just an oversight with low priority.
  3. All the tools are already at our disposal. While I’m a fan of arenas in a game it’s mostly done wrong. It should be in the open world, should require you to travel to it (no direct port), and be protected by guards that only attack players attacking each other outside the arena. However guards should be killable but respawn without players money. Players/teams would have to pay to enter the competition. Payout would go to top 3 players/teams. Would create interesting battles in, around, and on the way. But never ever ever queue and city in the city arenas. That ruins games.
  4. Our support is weak. We need to organize a picket line. Let em know we mean business. #jewelcraftingmatters friends and enemies unite for a just cause! We shall prevail! Not like its hard, there’s empty houses.....
  5. I’m pretty sure we had less than 20 in that. Several of our squad got queued. So that’s less than 50 of order and chaos combined. 🤔
  6. Are you sure zones are still capped at 100? Feels like there’s been more people in the siege fights than past campaigns. Maybe that’s just the slide show effects I get 🤷🏻‍♀️ Doesnt really matter how many numbers there are. When performance is this bad (was playable before this campaign patch) there is no test of skill. Spam skills hope when the next slide appears you’re still by your healer or alive. Literally 10v10 battle in a zone with 20 people has as much lag as the previous campaign with the zone capped and everyone in the tree room. There is a way to test/prove this. And there have been arranged battles in past campaigns with more even numbers. It may be considerably more even odds than you think. Be a lot more interesting dueling it out in EKs than the laggy campaigns.
  7. Devs hate the rangers. Facts are facts
  8. Well....could add skinning other players and humanoid mobs in there....
  9. Not that complicated. Ancients/bosses = motherload but you’re still missing the point. What 1 person can provide for their effort in gathering is not anywhere near equal when it comes to skinning. Then add in durability loss and the new mob skills removing the face tank aspect. Motherloads don’t really address the issue. It will remain the far less efficient gathering skill. Imo, adding dust/embers to the drop table for skinning will silence most complaints. Giving a slight boost to the colored drop rate at night would go a long way too.
  10. I challenge the devs to gear a 20 man guild in blue armor, split up in 3rds. 1/3 leather 1/3 mail 1/3 plate. Actually play the game in the same area as the rest of us. Leather padding included, no cheating. Willing to bet it would take one day of that bullsquat until you make changes. At least make it so dust explodes out while I skin.
  11. Please put a jewelcrafting table in the forts. Kind of unfair that every other table is available. Especially now that crafting points are a thing.
  12. My computer was some what out of date when I built in 2012. Some tweaking of the video card settings fixed my fps drop issues. There’s some lag issues when first approaching large groups of people. But it’s playable for me, mostly plagued by loading screen issues. Newest one with this patch is getting stuck at “loading terrain...99.4%”
  13. I want the wipe, not just gear but skills. I get why they aren’t doing skills. Talk about an equalizer tho. 4.5 hours to siege, every single player has no skills no gear and a level 1 white. May your super glue be sturdy.
  14. As stated above moving resources into EKs to craft and then onto toons in the campaign. But also it’s nice to not need a bank buddy to move a character from a campaign into an ek and then back.
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