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  1. true. they used the campaign worlds as testing for their BR. its like AoC in reverse. some brilliant use of time.
  2. so they added a battle royal with its own gearing system.....what has the point been of the last 4 or so years of development?
  3. but thats the whole point of infected. its a safe area for you to learn the game and get what you need to enter into the campaigns. which in reality is not very much. you can also try making friends with other guilds to get help....you know utilize the alliance system. the community is receptive to people who want to get better and play the game.
  4. i wish theyd listen about restricting infected to only uncommon or lower quality items/resources.
  5. i dont think you get it. now the person who spends the most time grinding has all the advantage. the playing field was relatively even. no matter if bad players want to blame their poor play on passives or not the advantage was slight and diminished with time. this isnt my job this is for fun. and those same players that cry passives will just give up when this system doesnt do anything for them either. creating unrewarding grinds to create "content" is just lazy and poor design. we've already got dozens of those kind of MMOs and more on the way. it doesnt retain players long term. and y
  6. i want to play this game 👆 not a korean grind fest.
  7. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). Your community engagement the last few months has been awesome and very refreshing. Please keep that up. And does Gordon ever sleep? You’ve made all the classes useful in some form of combat. But not all promos are viable. It’s been nice not having to tell someone the class they want to play is junk across the board. Helps player retention. Love how easy is to level. Please please don’t ever make it a grind. I like the domains concept. Tho I think there needs to be a bit more refining to get the domains tha
  8. was in passives screen explo menu. my basics is at 74%. i saw that the command tree said it was select-able so i clicked select. error 424 window popped up. clicked closse and my screen went to this. i can click on EK, GR, and campaign stuff. and i was able to enter into campaign with no issues.
  9. Aimed Multi-Purpose Shot is not doing the 400+400% damage. it is the same as the other 2 basics in damage. my combat log is repeated the same the whole way through.
  10. the being able to switch around during a campaign is just silly. definitely exploitable
  11. i mean. you'd have a chance to get the fort you originally put all that time into
  12. If Richard taggert or whatever that center fort in okan zull is called is open again before campaign is up you guys are more than welcome to come put a hole in it and see how it goes with the guards.
  13. Rapid Shot does a lot of damage in a short time. It’s not a charge ability so a haste quiver doesn’t effect it. There’s no reason to buff this skill in any way. Knowing when to use bonding arrow and when not to is important. If you feel it isn’t worth it you’re probably not using at the ideal time. Ricochet Shot is a great ability. I’ve secured many kills with it. Not one you use often but one that helps a lot at the right time. I do agree that a snipe ability would be nice for a discipline called sharpshooter. The 3 different stake abilities are all pivotal to their promos m
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