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  1. was in passives screen explo menu. my basics is at 74%. i saw that the command tree said it was select-able so i clicked select. error 424 window popped up. clicked closse and my screen went to this. i can click on EK, GR, and campaign stuff. and i was able to enter into campaign with no issues.
  2. Aimed Multi-Purpose Shot is not doing the 400+400% damage. it is the same as the other 2 basics in damage. my combat log is repeated the same the whole way through.
  3. this is no good. can double lunge into keeps
  4. the being able to switch around during a campaign is just silly. definitely exploitable
  5. i mean. you'd have a chance to get the fort you originally put all that time into
  6. If Richard taggert or whatever that center fort in okan zull is called is open again before campaign is up you guys are more than welcome to come put a hole in it and see how it goes with the guards.
  7. Rapid Shot does a lot of damage in a short time. It’s not a charge ability so a haste quiver doesn’t effect it. There’s no reason to buff this skill in any way. Knowing when to use bonding arrow and when not to is important. If you feel it isn’t worth it you’re probably not using at the ideal time. Ricochet Shot is a great ability. I’ve secured many kills with it. Not one you use often but one that helps a lot at the right time. I do agree that a snipe ability would be nice for a discipline called sharpshooter. The 3 different stake abilities are all pivotal to their promos m
  8. Has no bearing on the conversation. Archdruid is overshadowed by Frostguard and Archmage. You’re asking why you see less stealthers than non stealthers? I would venture to say cause you can see one and not the other. Slayer has bugs. Some mechanics are not working correctly and have been confirmed as such by devs. Cause the damage output is high enough to demand 2 healers per 5man. Has been this way for a long time sadly. And naturally a overpowered tank mage with broken mechanics making them even stronger would be favored. Have you played mmos before?. Can you exp
  9. The 500 soul power ult should be switched to 1000 soul power. And the old guinny dodge (13m-ish) was just fine. Easy fixes. Comparative to the other 2 stealth classes and the other duelist promos, slayer is an almost no risk/setup class. Seems rather non engaging to me. The best part of ganking was the rush knowing if you screw up its over. Slayer doesn’t have that rush at all.
  10. Volatile ice is supposed to take like 1.25s to go off. As my understanding there is a bug that it goes off instantly. That needs to be addressed before any nerfing happens. But even when it was working melee was still junk. Frigid ice has conditions in order for it to work (a very good thing imo) and is easy to spot then maneuver around. I don’t know/think of frigid as an issue when it comes to melee. But since every FG spams volatile instead hard to tell.
  11. Except a duelist has to hit their target to get those pips. Not just use mana that it can self regen. I do agree that fixing the volatile bug should be the first step before nerfing. Tho there is no reason a tank mage should ever have that much damage output. Lower the damage for the base kit and have a talent node in the AM promo that buffs the damage.
  12. assassins are a whole other issue. theyre the only melee in a all around bad spot. probably the worst of any class in the game. but like myrms, champs, knights, are in a great spot dps wise. they just cant deal with the AoE spam
  13. How does nerfing all range classes help make melee relevant again? The problem stems from overpowered Frostguards that are tanky and have ridiculous damage output and the Aurora Emitter hitting like a truck from Stormcallers. Confessors and Archers damage is similar to that of 5.100 and they never made melee irrelevant. There is literally two powers causing all the issues, Volatile Ice and Aurora Emitter. ACE is making this way more complicated than it actually is. TTK doesnt need to be longer by any means. Archer damage comes at a cost, they are very squishy and their DPS uptime is low. Confe
  14. Honestly when I started playing in 5.8 I thought the game just needed polishing and dregs. It felt sandboxy and fully PvP driven. The amount of pve grind to be PvP ready that’s been added since the war tribe update has been a set back to my understanding of what this game advertises itself to be. The fact you can “win” a campaign by doing your best to avoid PvP is asinine in a “PvP game”
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