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  1. love the new graphics and updates to the temple/keeps/etc. looks essentially like a finished game. tho i find it strange that the lawn inside the forts/keep are unmowed. maybe you should hire Mowllusk's Mediocre Lawncare Services to help out. but really, seeing what has been accomplished makes the long wait worth it. i find it weird that forstguard doesnt get a debuff to their range like sanctifier does. not that i think either should have it. but with plate and all the armor buffs they get not sure its "balanced", guess see how it plays out. what is melee supposed to do against forstweaver? seems like its a death sentence to go after them especially forstguard. rdps will be able to just sit next to them with little worries of melee pressure. i like the change to stormcaller. tho gaias wail still doesnt work with any sort of dependable consistency. Lightning burst is very slow and too easy to dodge. also, why does the frostweaver get a cooler looking storm ability then a stormcaller...... seems like you nerfed the heck out of crit strike while not nerfing anti crit strike. really i think anti crit gear should reduce crit amount not crit strike. crit strike seems like its not going to be a useful stat to invest in until "late game" crafted bodies. alot of the forstweaver abilities are way overdone visual wise. going to be really irritating in large battles for everyone. especially whatever that pulsating green aura move is. also, very impressed at how fast you improved the servers between thursday, friday and saturday. p.s. please fix druid balls
  2. rez bug i think is related to leveling up while dead. since you still earn xp when dead. when you level you get full HP and mana.
  3. after typing /invite(space) would reset the chat field tool tips dont disappear if they appear at the moment of death rez's not working consistently
  4. @Pann do you know if we’ll be able to unbind the tab key from the chat window in 5.11? Really annoying that was the only function we couldn’t rebind, at least from what I came across.
  5. Gives me great pride to know i got that song stuck in your head.
  6. tact is lacking. we all are frustrated. D E R G S E R G S
  7. @Pann Dev diary?....press Y for Yes and N for No. *cough* DERGS *cough*
  8. It was very informative. Don’t think we need a redundant article
  9. Ble just assumes anyone not in WHoA is chaos, so he can attempt to make digs at them. Par for the course. Same ole broken record.
  10. Pretty sure OP is EU and not on chaos. And most of your rant seems to be referring to a comp that 2 guilds on Order run often.
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