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  1. Can’t we have a Dev Diary about what players actually want to know? Instead of rehashing what had already been said in a stream or two?
  2. The last time they slowed to 1 the forums blew up. I really don’t think 1 is the way the should go but it be worth getting the ragefest out of the way as early as possible. Personally think 3 is a solid rate to stick with come launch. But we’ll see how it is with the new trees.
  3. Just amazes me how people twist and turn what p2w is. It explains a lot about stuff and things.
  4. Last I tried EKs were not accessible on test (would not launch). When 5.110 hits are we going to be able to access them again?
  5. Day 1 was a mad house. Guilds took over entire sections. Surprisingly the majority of guilds played nice with each other and didn’t encroach. Joveth as it is couldn’t handle a super small playerbase leveling at the same time. If even half the people who say they’re coming back for dregs do, joveth server will crash hard! Hopefully they take the necessary steps in preparation.
  6. Did you level a toon on the first day of the last item wipe? Also should really remove all captains/chiefs/kings from joveth and maybe allow just captains in infected. It is far too lucrative to hang out in GR as it is and they need to take greater steps to encourage people to go to campaign.
  7. They need to do something to make Zerg/blob busting possible. This is the easiest solution.
  8. No Gods Reach! Remove level restrictions on campaign and let’s go back to the old days. R10 spider pit ftw!
  9. 100% they would do a lot for the game to change that. I don’t necessarily think all aoe powers should get the treatment but a lot of them should.
  10. Why would you want to do anything else? There are dozens of wow clones with a generic amount of unsatisfying activities to do. Not every mmo needs to have it to be successful. There are clearly numerous people who signed onto to CF with the expectation of not having to do all that “extra” content.
  11. The non PvP content is prepping for PvP. (Gathering/Crafting)
  12. If people only read thru threads before posting... Also badges are not p2w. Don’t make up definitions for established terms please and thank you.
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