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  1. If you’ve spent any time on test right when they post a new patch you would not want that on live.
  2. So why not max passives on test server. As surelia pointed out, you’re really not testing the full capacity of it without the passives.
  3. It would be a lot easier. Especially if this was just a temp system and not the end goal. Different rarities are drops now. Have seen a couple epic minors as drops.
  4. Also, seems like the duelist issues may be solved? Impale definitely works like it should. And pips always get used. Redirect pain seemed fine and inconceivable too.
  5. Right now if you make a vessel the name you put on it will be its name on your list. So hopefully your necro doesn’t think they’re funny.
  6. I always add 2-3 months on whatever roadmap deadline is put on there when it comes to development. it happens
  7. ACE would do a lot for themselves if they would publish a roadmap. News/Progress updates would not be as necessary cause we could play the game and see the progress related to the road map. It gives a clear path for the devs, investors, and players to follow.
  8. This is like the same cry fest as the last wipe thread and the one before that and the one before that and so on. Passive training is a sucky time locked gate we are probably stuck with. There has to be catch up mechanics built in to make up for terrible system the devs are fixated on. Those are coming at some point. So I ask all you crying for a passive wipe, how does wiping passive skills help the devs identify issues with crafting, gathering, or combat related to passives? I do think in a pre-alpha state the pace of passive point gain should be greatly increased. Or start off new accounts with the 259k max for each of the 3 basic trees. Would cut a significant amount of wasted time in testing out I do hope that next wipe they go to whatever pace they plan on for launch. They need to see how horrible of an experience it will create the first 6 months. Now let’s complain about something more worthy like the stupid screen effects implemented in 5.100 please!
  9. Full wipe means passive skill too. So you didn’t lose. Theres some crafting changes so I understand not wanting to wipe passives yet. The vault change requires the inventory wipe. I wouldn’t want them to waste time make code to transfer from old to new. When they do the next full wipe they need to go to what they plan for launch. Whatever that may be.
  10. Druid Bears dont always disappear with time. had to spam the ability to repeat it. seemed like about 1/4 would do it. my group was unable to see the bears as well the Water Spirits power from Naiad major disc does not work at all. the dummies dont pick them up. a guildie and i killed a bunch of war tribes last night. he was able to see my orbs and pick them up. there is no sound tho please bring back the sound. i do like the look of the new balls (the one looks like an atom)
  11. Semantics is usually used when the argument being represented is known to have weak ground to stand on. Inb4 “what does weak ground mean?”
  12. When attacking a Minotaur (player) I get a dizzy debuff regardless of where I hit them and what ability I use. Also, is snare supposed to slow or root? A snare I would expect to root over slow.
  13. Don’t forget to also protect the keep from another faction possibly taking it.
  14. i didnt accuse anyone. as you can see it was admitted. how is this not shady dealings? along with putting alts/mains to follow us around and report on our movements it just shows how ridiculous you kids can be. and then those alts give out free kills. back in the days of /who we always knew when your forces were showing up cause a lil hamster would run out there to give a free kill. zero sly to go along with the dribble. to question whether or not you would have used those alts to prevent a legitimate Order attack is not out of line. the sun can be blinding, might not see what comes until its upon you. @clams none of this is meant for you, youve all been nothing but classy in my book.
  15. Again having to organize something with the people on. Instead of just going into a zone and battling whoever may be there.
  16. Are you sure you want people to start documenting those activities. I’m not accusing anyone here. But I know there are a lot of abuses going on, regardless of faction/guild The hypocrisy is amusing. you had chaos alts in the keep to prevent order from taking it. What if a legit group came in there to take Roetham? You can claim you were only there to stop uxas 2 alts but we know the more likely outcome.
  17. The basic/intermediate mystical staff was removed from the crafting list. It was there before this patch. Can we have back please? Or please put them in the vendor
  18. Can we please get a ffa zone on test? Would make it easier to test PvP elements instead of having to organize it with the limited people on.
  19. the only people outside of CF who would watch are gamers that would completely understand with 0 context what is going on in every video shared. or you know, a blurb can be written to add the context....
  20. Ah man. Can you pm me the troll response? I want to laugh. I’ve seen plenty of war stories with no real context and horrid voice chat going on.
  21. Nope but a 2 second search on YouTube gave plenty of results in the last week. If you were following along with the drama of the Trial of Cybele I would think the taking of Roethams keep in the winter would be the video to share. Or how about all the epic battles we had at Soldiers Fort. Literally the most action all campaign was there. Idk warstory of the week sounds like what was the best story of the previous week. If you want I’ll start recording the slideshow I see in these battles. Bet it would be exciting to watch 🙄
  22. It’s a progression. I’m sure the loot windows staying open is unintended. A lot have people have asked for being able to type/etc while running. I guess I don’t find hitting ESC annoying
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