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  1. Field surgeon is great. The purge and rescue are worth it. The heals are ok. As for putting it on a stealth class I’d agree not worth it. @Grillo As for being able to heal your stealth character. Agent provocateur has a great heal while in stealth. There is a minor that also increases how much stealth healing you get, the name escapes me. Knife Grinder has a bleed removal ability and descent attacks. Escape artist is great too for getting away, cc immunity and dodge regen.
  2. Not resistant. Just low priority currently. Thralls are planned from my understanding. Some of the current features are for QoL (discipline combined for example). Before dropped gear there was only crafted gear. Personally would still prefer no dropped gear. Rare items to put into crafted gear is 👍🏼
  3. On half elf ranger if you’re in ranged tray you have a higher jump than normal. Also the animation for dropping the archer stake is significantly longer than when in melee tray. On cleric, for abilities that require you to activate then place (ex hand of gods) instead of placing that ability you can hit another ability that will be placed instead. You can use this to extend the range of abilities. If one ability has a 30m range and another 20m, you can activate the 30m then place the 20m at the 30m range. Have not tested this on any other class.
  4. What if it’s poorly implemented? What if uncle bob is too easy to achieve? What if there is no place for small guilds? I could keep going with what if questions cause we don’t really know. Only assumptions and hopes. Im all for target rich environments, so hopefully dregs is the place to be. But I suspect it will be mostly Zerg PvP.
  5. As others have said in other threads, between GR (joveth), infected, and cw the population is too spread out. Multiple times I’ve seen 4-6x the people in GR over cw and infected combined, trials or not. Should put a level cap or something on GR so people have to go into cw or infected to finish leveling. I would suggest 24 or lower. Also remove all resources/reduce to common only, remove war tribe bosses from GR, and limit dropped gear to green or lower. Additionally remove the min level requirement for infected and make it so only blues or lower drop. The idea should to incentivize players to play in cw beyond circle standing and keep fights.
  6. Just took the survey. Why ask us how likely we are to play a game mode (dregs) that isn’t implemented and we have little information about? How are we supposed to give meaningful feedback. I literally selected 4 on every one of the dregs questions.
  7. That’s not at all your job as a tester. You’re supposed to provide feedback. Asking them to give a simple yes/no isn’t something difficult for them. Additionally even them asking this silly question is a waste of their time. Far easier for them to do nothing and stay working on 5.11. And as to your comment about building on maps that should be coming with 5.11 as it will be necessary for dregs. Hopefully stonemasons will finally have an impactful purpose.
  8. 1 large zone. 1 keep (neutral to start and all walls up). 4-6 forts (rotating windows of 30 min during prime time). War tribes in the same zone as well. Thats what I’d like to see with this current population but idk how well the servers would handle that. PvP would be constant. Keep sieges would always be an all out war. #nomoreRunFall
  9. This was my assumption. Which is a bit redonk.
  10. @Pann can you kids make a decision already. I think there’s enough feedback from the different wipe threads to make the choice. Feels like the population is suffering at your indecisiveness.
  11. I don’t complain about uncle bob. Advancements already gated behind resources. And currently no one is able to control resources to the point of stifling the resource acquisition of others. Too big of worlds, too many resource spots, and too few people playing in them. Either way your right about it being a moot point.
  12. Still have to grind resources in the current system too. And you want to control the resources. So don’t really see what your point is... people will complain regardless of what anyone does. My proposed system is merely to remove the timed gate. Which theoretically would allow more people to enjoy the game at a faster pace. Instead of waiting 3+ months for the “experience” to actually begin
  13. Too many minors are passives. Minors should just be a singular bonus, whether it be a passive, a power, or a stat bonus. I do like the weapon passive as mentioned above (SB style I guess). But currently as they are 3/4ths of them are near useless. Even the crafting ones only have a couple outside of techniques that are useful. It definitely needs a good looking over. Maybe something someone can play around over the next couple months until 5.11.
  14. Stream plus email sent out. Cheap easy announcement. Any sort of “obligation” is covered.
  15. At launch from zero will occur one time and never be relevant again. What’s to test there? And it has been tested. Last December i believe. There is far more value in testing imbalance in current environment then there is in a fresh one. Since 99.99999% of the game will be played with such “imbalance”. You really feel that 0.00001% is worth testing for the falsely perceived notion it will make things fair? What happens 2 months after this wipe and the next round of new people cry again? Another wipe? A loop that solves nothing. Buy me an account, I won’t start any passives, and I guarantee you I’ll be able to go out there and kill people with older accounts. I’ll just use dropped gear and hit knot wood for dust with basic tools to get whatever else I need.
  16. Change what attributes effect which stats. Con and spirit have no purpose in the attribute to skill calculations for crafting and essentially harvesting. Make use of them. Adjust drop rates so it takes a greater amount of time to acquire the resources. Advantages/disadvantages system at creation can also play into it. Can’t be a max crafter without taking the specific craft advantage. Which automatically applies a disadvantage that makes them worse at a craft with same attributes requirements. Disciplines still apply in this system. Techniques passive for instance limit one toon for maxing multiple crafts. Could also remove exploration slots and turn them into majors/minors. Further driving the specialization of a specific toon. A great deal of complexity can be added without skill trees and ranks. And sorry but if player A invests more time into the game than player B they deserve to progress faster.
  17. Again I have said absolutely nothing about skill caps or ranking up. Nor am I arguing for it. Vessel attributes and gear stats equal skill. The grinding is obtaining the materials to make better gear/vessels.
  18. The grinding chores already exist. Still going to need to harvest/trade the mats to make the better vessel and gear. Adjust base values so that a white vessel and gear can’t be max. Would need to do it so some combination of epic/leggo is needed to be “max”. If you feel it’s to easy to obtain those mats adjust drop rate. And to my understanding, correct me of I’m wrong, most of us are going to get limited to 3 toon slots at launch. Buying additional slots is a cheaper (more accessible) option than another account. I don’t see how allowing a faster path to “relevance” promotes the no lifers. We aren’t talking about a rank up system.
  19. Theyll never stop that. I’d argue it would be more finically beneficial to do it this way. People will need more accounts or character slots to be able to do it all. That’s a pay day for each. And if an individual wants to take on that task, more power to them. Easier to build around a guild.
  20. Yep. Time locked training is stupid. It creates a barrier to entry, real or imagined. It will always limit the potential customer base. “Catch up” mechanics just prove the system as designed is flawed. Remove passive training. Add the advantages/disadvantages at character creation. Crafting/gathering/combat stats solely rely on individual toon attributes, gear, and advantages/disadvantages. Change base values of gear to match the difference. Greatly reduces the “grind” to compete. Makes the game more fun right from the get go.
  21. I don’t see how a passive skill wipe now would benefit the development of the game. Most likely it would cause your testing population to take another major dip as they decide to just wait for 5.11 full wipe. Also agree the training speed knob should be more accessible to the devs.
  22. Loading screens have been really slow this patch. Server performance greatly reduces whenever a handful if people are putting into the zone. People loading in/out definitely seems to be the worst offender. Fires cause lag spikes when more than 20 people in the same area.
  23. CU realized very early that the engine they planned on going with wasn’t going to cut it. So they delayed everything to build one from scratch. If you play it you can see why it was a good decision. The schedule is like a more traditional one. It’s only up at certain times, usually while I’m at work 😔. They focus test everyone. Take it down to work on it. Running a live 24/7 service during pre alpha is what’s out of the ordinary not a test schedule. And they are direct competitors in the niche they are attempting to fill. So absolutely get compared.
  24. Besides CF I also follow what’s going on with CU. They are always pumping out info. I get regular emails, what seems like daily streams, and articles telling me what they’re up to. They drive testers towards actually testing the game. The community clearly feels much more engaged with the development. It’s an entirely different environment than CF. I don’t test CU as often as I’d like (server schedule and mine don’t jive) but I feel far more informed on where they are taking CU than I do on a game (CF) I play all the time. ACE community engagement is weak, always seems like the minimum effort. It doesn’t take that much effort to put an article out once a week on the happenings of the game. Anyone who says it takes a lot either over thinks it or hasn’t actually done it before.
  25. You can add all the silly socks you want. If there is a reward and a scoring system in place then all the majority will care about is getting said reward or being on the top of the scoreboard.
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