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  1. Around 10 of us from Synapse were trying out builds for around 2 weeks before launch, but never played before then. Can't speak for others.
  2. I don't mind tab targeting when dual targeting is involved or there are a heap of players on screen or the game is running at low fps. Out of curiosity, have there been any free targeting MMOs that have a dual target system?
  3. Yeah that's right, it's just (IMO) they probably should avoid showing that to the general public who can only look at the shinies. After seeing 500 odd bots in the same area for myself I'm pretty confident in their engine, once they put in some non-poorly made socksty animations it'll be a great show for the public. Gotta see how the engine and everything is going to scale with more/higher res models, skills and animations. That's actually the main thing that concerns me about crowfall is theirs has been done the other way, use an existing engine and if that's going to support like 100 people on screen smoothly. So far it hasn't been great on that front but there is plenty of time to improve.
  4. Way too early to say anything real about animations or graphics. Gotta wait until they implement non-placeholder versions. That being said, I'd take mobility with a little bit of strange look over full animation locked moves. CU is going for a really risky setup with a fair few never done before in an MMO things (CUBE, AIR, Full physics systems) but that could pay off if they manage to get it all working for launch. My concern is all that working with latency, CF is going a pretty safe route using an existing engine that works and not much that should be affected too badly by latency. Right now I'm hedging my bets and have both CF and CU backed.
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