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  1. He is also talking about the 420 siege on Thracia as documented by Monchiez. 5 days ago.
  2. I like the concept of small groups being able to survive longer but what happens when the larger, more organized force is also running the heavy tank meta?
  3. I'll not question your guinecian perspective and shall be careful to never wear a skirt in your presence.
  4. So now that we are 12 pages deep are you guys ready to slap backs and pass out some GF's? I find myself agreeing with Jah on many of these points and think that far too many people take the opinion or one person and apply it as some kind of universal faction wide belief. The amount of of e-peening and chest thumping rivals old shadowbane forums. Do you repeat posters need some validation? Ok. Here let me soothe your rage. W and HoA are superior to the order alliance. Better organized, better geared, better class comps. They are playing the game to the fullest , have every advantage, and deserve to win campaigns. There ya go, can we move beyond this now? I think this game is far more enjoyable when you can log in and play without feeling like you have to defend you or your guilds honor in the court of public opinion here on the forums. This is pre-alpha after all. I wouldn't expect a fair fight out of anyone that offered it anyway. Isn't that part of play to crush? I always assume we are walking into the worst scenario possible and plan for it. Lots of people expect others to fight honorably despite all odds when they would never hold themselves to the same standards.
  5. Well if by counting in discord you mean dropping a shadow play into Vegas and going through it writing down names then yeah, we did count people last night. I'd be glad to share all of that information with you, but it's a waste of time. I'm sure you'll just move the goalpost and continue thumping your chest while pretending that anyone from the other faction that has an opinion counter to yours is a complete idiot. And to be honest it really doesn't matter. We are going to continue soldiering on and finding ways to make it fun. We play the classes we enjoy and savor our victories. To me, and most other order players, the scoreboard doesnt matter enough to go full potato on the meta. I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish here @Andius. Everyone knows what the numbers are and it doesnt change the way we play. These guys are trolling you. The reality is that we win our share of even or slightly outnumbered fights but balance can always bring more for for the big shabang at the end, just like in Aerynth last night. I cant control that. The devs probably cant design a system to control it, that just the way it is.
  6. I can't decide if making the pre-alpha testing environment competitive is a stoked genius or cretinous. On one hand you have a large community of people that are focused on playing and winning the game by any means necessary (In every faction), which often includes using known bugs/exploits. I personally feel that many of the newfound bugs have a great possibility of being kept secret and thus used to keep the competitive edge as it is human nature to use every advantage available in this environment. On the other hand people are generally awful at keeping secrets and it seems that every major exploitable bug, reported or not, eventually bubbles to the surface and becomes so common that any tester deals with it on a daily basis. Example: Centaur or mino champs running up to a fort corner and boinging right over the wall like a gazelle, No double jumping or dodge glide required. Add to this the time it takes to resolve these bugs (weeks, months, sometimes much longer) and you have a lot of people playing what is essentially a game of finding and exploiting bugs/game conditions. It's an interesting social experiment but it makes me wonder if we are here to provide game feedback and report bugs or if we are only burning the barn down while passing through. I've heard that backers numbers are somewhere in the 50k range but we only seem to pull about 300 during peak hours. Maybe some of you seasoned beta testers could share some thoughts because I doubt they would ever address something like the above in a live stream on an article.
  7. Also please allow us to remove the recall button from position 8 in the survival tray. it always reappears
  8. Is it true that camp fragments are numbered and may only be assembled when the entire run is completed
  9. There appear to be no such rules so I shall have to make them up as we go along: For crimes against RP and elflihood in general I sentence you, Nerion, Squire to Lord Panzer, Arch Shadow of the unofficial and quite casual faction of the Undead Lords, Keepers of the Dead and Heralds of our Dark Lord; to public shaming and humiliation by Bannination at the stake of public opinion until they flesh is burnt to ash and they bones are quenched in the tears of a thousand forum accounts Period.
  10. Wait until login servers appear to be performing poorly an hour before siege every night.
  11. How could you omit the part where two fae battle to the death atop the keep amid the glowing branches of the ToL; The wind screaming and hail lashing savagely against their wings, threatening to sweep them from the ramparts and dash them against the stone walls below in a gruesome and merciless display of natural savagery
  12. Sure you could look at the gathering portion of it as time thrown away. For me, In a 7 day campaign, I spent about the first day (5 hours) gathering and organizing, the second day crafting (about another 5 hours for our 6-7 actives) and the last 5 not worrying about a damn thing and PVPing my ass off. I guess it depends on how potato you want to be with your gear. Staff had his white set rolled in the first 4 hour hours of the first day and has been running that ever since. Even less commitment to the gathering and crafting portion. I agree with your sentiment on the rng farming. I wish we had multiple avenues for getting things (mount, discs, levels, belt attachments). That being said I feel like this short campaign is a sort of last hurrah for our old ways of life. The next campaign I suspect we will all be spending too much time farming monsters for that 3% chance to get a Demons Pact and oh by the way it's only available at night. Talk about throwing time away.
  13. Nerion defined the solo healer meta a looooong time ago. you can be #2
  14. For those of you that are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the impending wipe, you are missing some of the best fights in 5.8. The Zone locking two faction zergfest was killing the fun for me( and probably you) so this is a nice change of pace. The no import Quick campaign is doing exactly what I hoped it would, getting people into "Acceptable" gear and out into the field. People have been running with good enough and what they have instead of sitting back for a week and min/maxing a complete set. Now for the feels: Congratulations to CC and FoE for pulling together and being good enemies. I like seeing your coordination and more survivable groups. Thank you -W- for providing tough fights, as always. Great job on Keep defense last night HoA. We boxed your ears in the field but you showed us how it's done in the tree room. You earned it last night and though I'd take any chance to turn any one of you into a crow, you have my respect. I hope we can continue to find this medium scale fighting for at least the rest of this campaign. I hope that our Devs can figure out a way to provide different levels of conflict that doesn't always escalate into a +1 competition. It does, of course, go without saying that I am supremely proud of the ragtag Order misfits who are equally skilled, coordinated, and arguably better looking. It's been fun. 07 Chroma
  15. Also Poisoner disc making all your dropped food poisoned. Snack on them apples, zerglets.
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