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  1. Having a blast in Last Oasis so you take your time!
  2. Known Issues link leads to a post from Feb 20th. Do we have a list of current knowns?
  3. Continuing on with the passive skill training conversation here. The crux of the issue is the whole thing is far too linear and overly restricts choices. I have seen discussion within the community about purchasing additional accounts and training each on for a specific armor type. Can you imagine needing to purchase multiple copies of a game in order to enjoy classes of different archetypes? We can do better with this system. Breaking down the categories and allowing multiple branches of the tree to train at the same time would help. Training costs or training speed need to be modified
  4. Ahh but the difference is that as pvpers most of us are very familliar with the mechanics of the class. I can pick up a knight, level it, slot my discs and be pretty much good to go minus some stats and armor. A crafter that knows his trade inside and out is completely fubar until the passive training catches up. Think of it like I don't get my class abilities until passive training catches up and so I am forced to run around with only lmb attacks and one or two basic skills.
  5. Hey @thomasblair Has anyone suggested adding crafting and harvesting bonuses to the tables for wartribe gear? From a balance perspective it does seem to make sense that crafters and harvesters should be able to benefit from these pve drops as much as the combat guys. Also, from my experience in crafting the flawed assembly mechanic is exceptionally punishing, especially on a final assembly with a lot of components. Can we find a way to spend additional resources to reroll a flawed final assembly at least?
  6. What causes camera hitching and what is the fix for it? What do the next round of UI changes look like? Will we ever be able to open individual windows or leave an individual element open while moving? What is the likelyhood of ever seeing in game voice communication? Proximity communication specifically. Will you please share some information about how the game will be optimized and how it will benefit performance? What does the timeline look like for class balance changes and how will you be approaching that? Will you be removing any promotions? Given the large amoun
  7. I haven't been able to reproduce this but was chain pulled by a Knight mob while beaming a player and got locked into the spell. couldn't move, couldn't break it, had to sit there for a good 20 seconds at 100% essence beaming nothing and not taking essence burn in the life tray. also occasionally having 100% esence in life tray with no essence burn. especially after leveling. Leveling caps essence.
  8. Bark Skin visual effect persists until the druid uses another ability or recieves another spell effet Blood Pact in the Druid death tray is broken. It costs 4 essence to cast. When active all abilities still cost essence instead of health Noble purpose is not proccing or granting essence when the druid is in the death tray While testing overwhelming odds I noticed that the values in the "Armor Mitigations" window are not updating from the buff. The information in the details pane is correct. If I had access to an EK I could test to see which mitigation value the game is using
  9. Earthkeeper Oaken Guard ability is not proccing the heal when the barrier breaks. See the attached video. Also, will you consider applying this working effect to the entire group? As the premier druid healer it's a very lackluster ability and a bad choice between a weak heal on a self barrier or providing a barrier to your entire group. Most Earthkeepers don't take it. Giving the entire group a barrier that procs a small hot is much more appealing.
  10. LP is awful as far as content goes, but that doesn't make his points any less valid. The average game has about an hour and a half to draw players in and show them why it is fun and worth the players time. Exploring the game systems should be rewarding and make the player feel progressively more powerful. Conflict drives this entire game and gives everything meaning and there is not enough, soon enough. There is also a ton of lore that the players aren't getting and we don't feel like a part of that story. This is a PVP game and for new players coming up through GR, there is no PVP for a long
  11. Hello Team, I've spent the last two days digesting the changes that you have made and have tried to really step back and look at the bigger Crowfall picture and how it compares to the state of current games. I played pretty much nightly from 5.4.3 through 5.9, checked out for a long time, and came back 3 weeks ago. Here is my attempt at an unbiased feedback: The UI: It is much improved aesthetically and it feels like final artwork. It sill needs much more flexibility. The ability to scale, setting transparency, docking windows, the ability to open only the windows I want. I do
  12. In the Talent Tree clicking or mouseing over an [Ability] doesn't always provide it's description. Sometimes mousing over after clicking the node works, sometimes I have to click into the title window. There seems to be some kind of hidden power blocking the way. I checked in multiple talent trees and it looks like a green butterfly orb power with two red second steps. I tried to shadowplay the bug and put it on youtube for you but it seems like there is something with the focus window and my talent tree doesn't appear or update correctly in the rip. My mouse moves but the talent tree or nodes
  13. also experienced: Chat window stopped working. Wasn't able to tab, channels did not update, and joining a group did not create a new channel. Unable to use /invite command after the server chugged, had to manually interact with other player (Old bug with chat server iirc) Knight chain not dragging npc characters when very small terrain obstructions were present Poor AI performance or movement after leashing on other players. Short, halting steps and slow movement
  14. I had enough time to level my Centaur Knight to level 16. In that time I felt like his base movement speed was acceptable with Trailmaster on but it seemed very muddy and slow in combat. It may be the animation not matching the speed or it could have been the server performance but it was a minor frustration. In PVP it may become more of an issue. Several times the chain attack failed to pull my target when there was only a small elevation change Knight trees looked unchanged with the exception of the node that provided weapon damage, leaving the sentinel and swordsman in the sa
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