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  1. It sure would be interesting to see some dregs FF mechanics similar to the way EKs work now. Group only.
  2. Having a blast in Last Oasis so you take your time!
  3. Ahh but the difference is that as pvpers most of us are very familliar with the mechanics of the class. I can pick up a knight, level it, slot my discs and be pretty much good to go minus some stats and armor. A crafter that knows his trade inside and out is completely fubar until the passive training catches up. Think of it like I don't get my class abilities until passive training catches up and so I am forced to run around with only lmb attacks and one or two basic skills.
  4. Hey @thomasblair Has anyone suggested adding crafting and harvesting bonuses to the tables for wartribe gear? From a balance perspective it does seem to make sense that crafters and harvesters should be able to benefit from these pve drops as much as the combat guys. Also, from my experience in crafting the flawed assembly mechanic is exceptionally punishing, especially on a final assembly with a lot of components. Can we find a way to spend additional resources to reroll a flawed final assembly at least?
  5. What causes camera hitching and what is the fix for it? What do the next round of UI changes look like? Will we ever be able to open individual windows or leave an individual element open while moving? What is the likelyhood of ever seeing in game voice communication? Proximity communication specifically. Will you please share some information about how the game will be optimized and how it will benefit performance? What does the timeline look like for class balance changes and how will you be approaching that? Will you be removing any promotions? Given the large amoun
  6. "Careful with that torch, small one, all our work may yet go up in flames."
  7. Blessed communication. Thanks @jtoddcoleman. The community is very appreciative of the update, even if it isn't the good news everyone was hoping for.
  8. @Pann The world is a mess today. Let's recap: Tom Hanks, Dow Jones, toilet paper, travel ban, NHL and NBA seasons canceled, no dergs, DoD restrictions, and its raining so hard in socal that people are actually driving the speed limit. I could really use a hero right now! Please open your heart and let that light shine. Oh and is it true that today is the 5 year kickstarter anniversary? I'm not trying to pile on, I'm just really trying to pile on here. ;] Edit: I'm so starved for content, I actually resorted to watching a Zybak video. Be the Hero Pann!
  9. You may rise above this by sharing the Centaur slide. Soothe these beasts by sharing the details of the chosen people of the gods!
  10. I hope the tracking mechanic is more of a mini game and not a giant floating arrow pointing to anyone within 1km
  11. Uzziah said we would be 400k ahead on keeps alone so even if balance had been scored correctly the whole time I guess it really would have come down to forts, camps and towers to make up the last 250k. Everything had to go just right but there was a path
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