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  1. Unable to use any of the general crafting tables in the order temple
  2. When using a starter recurve bow and starter arrows I am unable to make multiple quick shots. There seems to be some kind of cooldown timer that lasts about the time it takes to fully draw. Meaning I am unable to begin the next shot immediately if I release early. Assassin sharpshooter using a starter recurve. Wil report back on a high tension later today
  3. I hope the tracking mechanic is more of a mini game and not a giant floating arrow pointing to anyone within 1km
  4. Uzziah said we would be 400k ahead on keeps alone so even if balance had been scored correctly the whole time I guess it really would have come down to forts, camps and towers to make up the last 250k. Everything had to go just right but there was a path
  5. Oh of course you're going to defend with your full force every chance. The same way you'll attack with as many as your leaders are willing to risk. Anyone suggesting otherwise is being disingenuous. Yeah it was a decent showing, we are really enjoying our new alliance though activity usually drops off when the big stuff hits test and after a push in campaign. We're pacing ourselves and saving the cheerleading for later, when it's time to test the rule set our guild favors.
  6. Sure Phr00t, On April 22nd Balance had about 70 active defenders in Aerynth. Order was unable to completely zone in and had to send people off. Blazzen reviewed one of his shadow plays and wrote down names. I rendered my own and agreed. Ask your faction leaders, I'm sure someone has the unlisted link. It's all in the last poorly made socks show thread that ran on for 17 some pages about a week ago. Defending with 35 is viable when your opponent can only bring roughly equal numbers and you have the wall/guard advantage with another 20 people in your back pocket. That's part of playing to crush vs playing for growth and good fights. Last campaign was the first time that balance was in danger of losing. Order only needed to win Aerynth and then Thracia on the final day to clinch the win. It was a lot closer than some people realize. So GG, if you'll take one. I had fun. The next campaign will probably be more of the same since nothing changes other than the rune gate layout
  7. Ble has a nice response, though it's missing at least one key point, and that has always been a hot button when we talk about it here on the forums. A few of the others, the crafting, harvest, gathering, discs probably not. The leading and executuon, yeah mostly. Our failure at Aerynth was my fault and I own that one. Attacking keeps is difficult and defenders have a huge advantage. On 4/20 balance learned that one too when order was defending outnumbered, go watch monchiez video. That's game mechanics. We dont have the super gear, numbers, or anything else to pad our mistakes. Were walking the razors edge over here. Right now order is a new alliance fighting an uphill battle but that's what the order guilds signed up for.
  8. This is a valid point but we should also ask ourselves: If these things are inherently unfun, how long will the game last once the initial lookie loos drop in, decide they don't like it and move on? If this system ACE has developed only works above a certain threshold we're going to reach a point where the game falls off completely. Since this is Pre-alpha it seems they should be testing that too. Maybe making campaign worlds smaller until it reaches critical mass and people start complaining about having too much PVP. OP has a good point. ACE should be playing to their strengths instead of building such an all encompassing world. I know Jtodd is an old DnD player so I'd like to remind him that ; Just like building a DnD character if you focus on everything you won't be great at anything. We want you to build a Great PVP throne war game. Your players will forgive you if there are no quests, if the monster AI is janky, if the crafting is a little sub par. As long as you can deliver on some outstanding PVP and set the stage for large territory wars with good performance you will keep your niche audience. In my opinion the fundamental design and game mechanics are absolutely imperative. It's like having a badass house with great fixtures and surfaces but a crappy floor plan. This is why so many testers are weighing in. We're standing in circles for points out here
  9. Consider that for a moment. You are a new player and just finished grinding up a character plus gear, took a colossal ass kicking and now have to decide if it's worth doing all over again so you can be have a shot at being competitive in the next campaign. Think about small fledgling guilds that have to gear 7 or 8 crafters plus characters. There is an entire entourage that comes with a new campaign. I think we take it for granted and make it work because we have been through it many times and have a system down for it. I'm going to wager a significant number of players will put the game down and move on to something that is easier to access and that's bad for us. As for shallow curve, hell yeah. Right now it's actually not too bad with goggles out and gear semi suspended at the blue ish level due to low pips on crafters
  10. Nobody is bent out of shape, trolly McJunior. I'm having more fun than you are. Being fourth the replies. Ble, you dont see the current population spread as a problem. Got it, say no more. I do have a questionable mentality but it doesnt include participation ribbons. Healthy population could only mean one thing and that's pretty clear.
  11. Blazzen wrapped that up about a hundred pages ago when he was kind enough to generate lists of people from a siege video. There is no contesting the numbers comment. Balance can always bring more when it counts. It doesn't diminish your skills, abilities, or accomplishments. Hey balance is winning wooooowooo. Just own it already. You troll squad neophites need to back it up a step and take some cleansing breaths, get a snack, maybe do some ergo stretching because this is silly. Of course he thinks order is the most elite fighting force in the game, that's an opinion. We are certainly the best looking. How fragile is your ego? Major upset after major upset? Well no not really but we have had a few mighty duck moments, enough to keep people busy having fun which was the goal we set when we left our home faction of I dont even know how many years to kickstart Order again. It was a great move btw and hey, you're all welcome. Unless you want to go back to zone locking and showing up two hours early for siege every night? Yeah naw? Didn't think so. So here's my question for the devs: Player behavior indicates that winning is more rewarding than the actual rewards and reward scarcity isn't working. Do you believe that this will continue to be a problem at scale and what other measures are you prepared to take in order to promote a healthy population and competition?
  12. He is also talking about the 420 siege on Thracia as documented by Monchiez. 5 days ago.
  13. I like the concept of small groups being able to survive longer but what happens when the larger, more organized force is also running the heavy tank meta?
  14. I'll not question your guinecian perspective and shall be careful to never wear a skirt in your presence.
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