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  1. Just a quick couple question really BUT currently EK's can be launched and only stay online any length of time if someone is in them. Are there plans for me being able to launch an EK and A.) have it running while I'm online (even if its another character playing a campaign) or B.) being able to set launch it log off an it stay online long time, or even better schedule it to come on an off all time. By plans I mean lot later in development etc. I can see them being limited now due to pre-alpha or is current mechanics how they plan to have them work? I'm wanting to build an EK for my guild to use but hard when I have to be the one launching it all time or is there a way to allow certain people (ie my entire guild ) launch the EK without me either being online or when im playing campaign? Thanks
  2. I've got a workaround! If you skill all the way into Themed vendors they do actually work, I've attached to side of lodge throne room successfully, the dock part of the general vendor wont attach to anything at all so far I seen. But tried about 3 themed vendors and they work fine to outside. Crafting stations work on the Platform recipe in tier 2 of of skills, so sure the vendor stalls will too. Found out after not playing for couple days and though meh why not skill into the whole skill set for vendors and test
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