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  1. Sides seem to be VERY unbalanced. You'll have to deal with this before the game starts or it will ruin the whole game. There is an annoying delay between you can see and actually gather items dropped from harvesting (playing with 12ms and I still have to wait like a second before it registers that I am trying it pick it up)
  2. It seems it's still impossible to hit most green bullseyes when skinning. The problem seems to be that they appear beyond the dead animal body hitbox and so skinning over it doesn't register.
  3. I enjoyed the game, it was definitely more polished than the last time. Especially textures, that were missing back then. I met a group of very nice people who boosted me to max level (30) in about 2 hours. I wonder if this will be the same when the game launches. I guess the XP is boosted for now. I actually don't mind it, leveling in PvP game can be seen as kind of redundant and apart from teaching us the class mechanics it serves no real purpose. There was one thing I found very frustrating. I couldn't find the Spirit bank and I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out what's going on. If a kind player didn't explain it to another player in chat I would have probably given up. The problem is that the drag and drop that works in other parts of the game doesn't work. You need to right click the item to get it into the new bank. And vice versa, you have to click specifically the icon to get it out. This needs to be at least better explained or even better, changed. I was playing an assassin and I found it hard to get behind the enemy for backstabs because it was hard to see anything in a group fight and my movement was blocked. Also I was missing a clear visual cue whether the attack was a successful backstab or a normal attack.
  4. Thanks for the pointers. I might come beck sooner than the last time. I must admit you are scaring me a bit with the You-need-a-guild. That was the reason why I quit Albion Online. Is this game headed the same direction? That you need to be in a guild and zerg / gank in order to be successful? That you need to go to zones you can't survive alone for crafting materials? That would be a total turnoff for me. I was hoping to be doing some crafting and joining random zergs when I have time. I am not opposed to joining a guild, but I won't have time to take it too seriously (as in Raiding rules).
  5. I found the game to be in better stat than I played it last time. I really appreciated the fact that you can now hit the critical marker when gathering much easier. The game also felt somehow more fluid. I liked that you left me the points I have accumulated. I find it disappointing that I can't see what an ability actually does in the talent tree. You gain [Whatever] just doesn't cut it when making an informed decision. Even though I have played the game before and I have crafted items I still find it confusing as hell. What I miss is a clear connection what is for what and what it least to. What you can craft right now and what you need special place to craft in. It's just randomly tossed into crafting screen for now. I don't like the fact that my kill points are wasted after filling a skill tree to 100%. I found it much better when you had clear definitions of advanced classes in the skill trees. No I just have to guess what talents I should pick and how they synergize. I need to read a LOT of information to get a general idea what the talent tree ultimate class is. Don't get me wrong, I DO like that you have point system instead of nowadays usual a), b) or c). It's just it would be much better if you put some color below the branch, maybe a nice image symbolizing / depicting what the branch is for and toss in a short description. I played only until the faction temple, didn't feel like going further for now. I spent maybe an hour just getting there. Browsing through all the stuff. I've considered this game to be just a phase before other games that I actually care about come out, but I am always surprised how much time I spend in the game. That's a good sign. I think I might invest more time than planned into it after all.
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