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  1. Hi, I want to up my 1vs1 game on my Swordsman Knight. Anybody up for duelling? I would prefer Warden, but I'll be grateful for anybody. I would do the duelling on Test Server so that we can quickly respec and no permanent damage is done. I am available mostly in the EU evenings and most of this weekend, but I am open to discussion about other times if need be. Sowelu
  2. Soon the pixel violence will ensue! Chaaarge!
  3. Hi, using block abilities (Knight and Templar) instead of dodge will much more likely kill you than help you survive. As it stands it's much better to roll with the dodge even at the cost of losing the damage reduction and class abilities tied to it. Solution: Make block skills available as powers (too). I would gladly sacrifice one slot to retain both the block and the roll. Or possibly make both somehow usable.
  4. This game is interesting because it's different. I think unless they also keep doing things differently in this area the game will end up dead with occasional blobs of hardcore players roaming it. More and more will drop it since it will be impossible for casuals to join and even elitists will eventually abandon it because they'll be stuck on a losing side with no hope of getting a victory. People are smart. They'll soon figure out what the few alpha guilds that make the campaign win are, and then they'll flock to them for an easy campaign win, thus snowballing it further. They'll wait until they see where the strongest guild went and then join that side. "Each campaign world exists for a set duration – typically 1 to 3 months" Source: https://crowfall.fandom.com/wiki/Campaign The campaign will be decided in about two weeks. What will you do then when you are on a weaker side? Go out to be steamrolled by the enemy that has more manpower and is hungrily waiting for someone to show up to tear them apart? Where will you get buddies? Most people won't be interested in getting slaughtered for the entertainment of the winning side and thus guilds will be deserted places with most people offline. Vast majority of players will log out and wait for the next campaign / game. If at all. Not many will tell you: "Hey, I don't want to play this game because it sucks to be losing all the time with no hope of ever getting some kills or a meaningful victory." But they won't log. You'll end up pugging at the temple. Against fully geared, TS organized enemy who is a coherent unit that has been fighting together for a long time. The game needs to be fun in the core in order to last. Balancing classes by 5% won't make it, adjusting victory points for getting a keep won't make it, new skins won't make it. What you need is the ability to log in and get a shot and have fun. It's the challenge that can be overcome that makes you engaged. If the challenge is too high or low, you won't be interested. The problem in modern MMO PvP is where the established elite few meet with the new guys. Most of the guys here, especially those who test the game now are going to belong to an elite group and are willing to go in a tight knit guild group against certain doom and at best get a shot at sniping an abandoned fort or a weaker group they catch unaware while roaming. Most of the players won't be like this. Elite ones will die out because of RL issues / other interests and new players will find the game a wall they can't get through. Gear gap + number (and probably organization) dominance. I think what you derogatively label as loser mechanics is actually a very important aspect of the game. It's what keeps guys on the weaker side playing. (And thus the population up.) The winners will be rather quickly bored as well because they will have nobody to kill. Then they will complain about population being too low. And everybody will be totally baffled as to how it's possible nobody wants to play this game. The selling point of this (or any other) game is: I am different. Crowfall acknowledged the stalemate problem on macro level and is addressing it by campaigns. That's really good. But you also need to address it at lower level. Unless you do, you'll fail. I just saw a recent stream about small meaningful rewards such as sacrificing items for gods. Why do you think they introduce them? Because they realize the problem of the stalemate. And that's again really good. I just don't think it will be enough. They were already ducking out when they were introducing it. I doubt they'll allow it to exceed some marginal 10% of point income. Have you guys ever played games with MMR? Ever noticed how it's the best fun to play against (actual) MMR close to your own? You have to work for the victory, but it's attainable. Another thing to consider is: Few elitists dominate the game -> People leave -> Population dwindles -> Game revenue plummets -> Less money for developers -> Less content -> More people leave -> ... I proposed a gradual system. The situation you describe is very artificial as the bonus would (as per my orginal proposal) kick in at let's say 20k to 30k so the hits wouldn't be so hard at first. Hmm thinking about it, why put a threshold there? Let's just do it a constant percentage depending on the score difference. That way the damage bonus would ramp up gradually instead of being a sudden leap. If you would ever get to a situation with 100k against 500k with these bonuses in, well, something would be quite bad... That kind of system would lead to closer matches and more interesting game. I don't dwell on specific numbers or thresholds. What I propose is a substantial bonus. The point about crafters is good, but this could easily be solved by giving them a buff that grants immunity from the damage effect for some time unless they attack themselves. Losers will be have worse participation loot. It's a game and it's supposed to be fun for everybody involved. It's not your choice to fight outnumbered if your side simply lacks the numbers. The same kind of response goes to the rest of your points. If you want to play the game and are stuck in underdog faction you don't have a meaningful choice. After some amount of trying (mileage will vary) you'll just log off until this campaign ends and you'll get a shot at something more interesting to play. I am quite sure that being logged off until the next campaign is not what this game is meant to be about. Lol, I see you got your snarky comments ready and are eager to use them. You are welcome not to reply to this thread. L2P argument already? rofl Now, seriously, if you can't reply in a respectful and constructive way, please refrain in posting in this thread. There are plenty others you can harass. I am interested in a civil discussion. Thank you. Yes, that's great. But I think this needs also addressing on lower level to compliment this. Yes. Also they shall die when I look at them.
  5. This is exactly the point. To disrupt the game. If you have a winning side, there needs to be something that changes things dramatically. Having an Alpha warrior single shot enemy stacks would be an incentive to go play when your side is losing 100k point to 300k points. While if the bonuses will be insiginificant, the change won't come. Your Alpha Warrior would just die against the vastly more powerful enemy. I could argue that the winning side has more manpower and thus can still kill the oneshotting Alpha Warrior quite easily since it had only damage bonus and not HP. Yes, some people would organize GvG and some like guerilla and fighting against the odds. But there is one thing that people find to be the essence of the fun: Winning. Whether in combat or by other means that give you that feeling. If you have a stalemate you can't really meaningfully influence, the fun quickly fades away. There is a reason why people generally find games with risk factor more fun than statistics. They can win. I have seen in all MMOs I played, how one side eventually dominates. The longer this lasts the less populated the other one becomes. If you put the bonuses on one map only, people can consciously choose whether they want to enter a map, where they can get more damage.
  6. The sides are unbalanced (as they will be when the game launches). I hope to see something like damage multiplier based on point difference after 30% or 50% difference in score. So if your side half the points than the enemy, you would do 2x damage. With 3x the difference you would do 3x damage. That would balance things out and make it more interesting. Please don't do the usual bonuses that can't really help you change anything - such as getting +20% points for capturing a keep (which you can't do because you are outnumbered in the first place). Nobody wants to go get slaughtered against stronger side. Best they can hope for is guerilla and ninja capping. However if you were dealing 2-3 times the enemy does, well... ...I am pretty sure people would be inclined to go out even when losing. Yes, it would mean one shots at some point. But it would be FUN and it would be MEANINGFUL and it would have actual IMPACT. And so what? The winning side would have to huddle in forts at worst until the losing side hits some threshold when the damage multiplier is more manageable. Maybe leave the bonus even some time after the threshold is reached (An hour? A day?) so that the losing side actually has means to change the situation and hope for win. And I wouldn't worry about the oneshots so much anyway, the winning side will be able to muster bigger blobs so they'll be still able to defeat the smaller side. Plus the winning side would still have to work for the victory even when leading, so it would be more interesting for them as well. I am pretty sure if you don't do something DRASTIC the interest will drop quite fast if the game becomes lopsided. You can exclude some zones from the damage bonus buff so that people can play GvG when they want to. Let's say you put the bonus on one map only.
  7. Hi, I am an older (38 years) EU player with RL obligations. This means I can play from roughly 18:00 CET till evening. I love group PvP (I always end up playing arenas in MMOs and I loved playing WvWvW in GW2 - this is probably the most epic experience I have ever had there and I would like to get the same kind of experience. A group with leadership and good communication and organization where everybody is doing their part. Preferably challenging larger, lesser organized groups and beating them. I am not too picky about group size, I am fine with anything from 2vs2 up to full zerg. As for the roles I have not decided yet. I am trying out an assassin at the moment, I briefly tried other classes as well and I am still figuring things out. I played dps, healer and tank roles in the past, enjoying them all. It depends on the group and being appreciated for the effort. What kind of people I want to play with? I prefer older players (let's say 25+) who are chill (meaning they don't rage too much and if they do, they get it together, apologize, admit they went overboard and life goes on), can laugh and they do it in a respectful manner. I prefer organized schedule and people letting know in advance if they will or will not participate. I play games to relax and have some friendly competition (and beer). I like to mix PvP with some gathering in this game, with focus on PvP and crafting being a past time. I hate people who don't come in time and don't let know others in advance. Waiting for others is the reason why I don't raid in MMOs. I am no pushover, been around toxic PvP chats / community for long enough, I am just not interested in that in a guild I am in. I am not too good with organizing people but I am not opposed to leading a group if need be (I lead some groups in GW2 and acted as coordinator in arenas in various MMOs). Leading is something I do when there is nobody able and willing and somebody needs to step up. I like CCs in MMOs and I believe they are the centerpiece of coordinated combat. Usually I am running quite a lot of alts, however I hope to overcome my altoholism in Crowfall and stick to two characters tops (combatant and crafter). Oh, and I prefer guild names with a bit of self respect so Holy Templars are fine, Nerfed Clowns not so much. I am happy to talk in English over Discord. I am also happy to give more details if need be. How I envision my time in Crowfall: I log on about 18:00 CET, there is an organized event starting / going on. We do the PvP part or perhaps some gathering if need be, being focused in PvP and having a nice chat while doing more relaxed activities. I log out before midnight with a good feeling that it was another great run.
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