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  1. Horrible lag spikes today (seen even numbers like 700+ and 900+). Client crashed.
  2. Hi, using block abilities (Knight and Templar) instead of dodge will much more likely kill you than help you survive. As it stands it's much better to roll with the dodge even at the cost of losing the damage reduction and class abilities tied to it. Solution: Make block skills available as powers (too). I would gladly sacrifice one slot to retain both the block and the roll. Or possibly make both somehow usable.
  3. The game is crashing very often these days for me. It used to be 100% stable before and now it's crashing irregularly, with an estimated average once per hour. (So too often) I assume it must have been some update within the last month. The game freezes and then after a while a window pops-up saying Unity 2019 something has crashed. My mainboard drivers (and everything that goes with it) are up do date, so is graphics.
  4. Stuck in combat after trying to gather and missed the outline of the tree / animal / whatever. This is super annoying. Do it so that you won't initiate cobbat unless you are at least trying to aim at enemy. I am a bit lazy with pointing while gathering and now it's become a small hell after having to wait until combat runs out so that I can actually gather. Stuck in combat in general. Cooldowns broken and stuck on Pit Fighter. Rewards pop over dialogues. Annoying to have to wait until they disappear so that I can read the dialogue. Critical skinning on a
  5. This game is interesting because it's different. I think unless they also keep doing things differently in this area the game will end up dead with occasional blobs of hardcore players roaming it. More and more will drop it since it will be impossible for casuals to join and even elitists will eventually abandon it because they'll be stuck on a losing side with no hope of getting a victory. People are smart. They'll soon figure out what the few alpha guilds that make the campaign win are, and then they'll flock to them for an easy campaign win, thus snowballing it further. They'll wait until t
  6. This is exactly the point. To disrupt the game. If you have a winning side, there needs to be something that changes things dramatically. Having an Alpha warrior single shot enemy stacks would be an incentive to go play when your side is losing 100k point to 300k points. While if the bonuses will be insiginificant, the change won't come. Your Alpha Warrior would just die against the vastly more powerful enemy. I could argue that the winning side has more manpower and thus can still kill the oneshotting Alpha Warrior quite easily since it had only damage bonus and not HP. Yes, some people
  7. The sides are unbalanced (as they will be when the game launches). I hope to see something like damage multiplier based on point difference after 30% or 50% difference in score. So if your side half the points than the enemy, you would do 2x damage. With 3x the difference you would do 3x damage. That would balance things out and make it more interesting. Please don't do the usual bonuses that can't really help you change anything - such as getting +20% points for capturing a keep (which you can't do because you are outnumbered in the first place). Nobody wants to go get slaughtered against st
  8. Hi, I am an older (38 years) EU player with RL obligations. This means I can play from roughly 18:00 CET till evening. I love group PvP (I always end up playing arenas in MMOs and I loved playing WvWvW in GW2 - this is probably the most epic experience I have ever had there and I would like to get the same kind of experience. A group with leadership and good communication and organization where everybody is doing their part. Preferably challenging larger, lesser organized groups and beating them. I am not too picky about group size, I am fine with anything from 2vs2
  9. Sides seem to be VERY unbalanced. You'll have to deal with this before the game starts or it will ruin the whole game. There is an annoying delay between you can see and actually gather items dropped from harvesting (playing with 12ms and I still have to wait like a second before it registers that I am trying it pick it up)
  10. It seems it's still impossible to hit most green bullseyes when skinning. The problem seems to be that they appear beyond the dead animal body hitbox and so skinning over it doesn't register.
  11. I enjoyed the game, it was definitely more polished than the last time. Especially textures, that were missing back then. I met a group of very nice people who boosted me to max level (30) in about 2 hours. I wonder if this will be the same when the game launches. I guess the XP is boosted for now. I actually don't mind it, leveling in PvP game can be seen as kind of redundant and apart from teaching us the class mechanics it serves no real purpose. There was one thing I found very frustrating. I couldn't find the Spirit bank and I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out what's
  12. Thanks for the pointers. I might come beck sooner than the last time. I must admit you are scaring me a bit with the You-need-a-guild. That was the reason why I quit Albion Online. Is this game headed the same direction? That you need to be in a guild and zerg / gank in order to be successful? That you need to go to zones you can't survive alone for crafting materials? That would be a total turnoff for me. I was hoping to be doing some crafting and joining random zergs when I have time. I am not opposed to joining a guild, but I won't have time to take it too seriously (as in Raiding rule
  13. I found the game to be in better stat than I played it last time. I really appreciated the fact that you can now hit the critical marker when gathering much easier. The game also felt somehow more fluid. I liked that you left me the points I have accumulated. I find it disappointing that I can't see what an ability actually does in the talent tree. You gain [Whatever] just doesn't cut it when making an informed decision. Even though I have played the game before and I have crafted items I still find it confusing as hell. What I miss is a clear connection what is for what and wha
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