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  1. Sub Guilds?

    he says they did that in shadowbane so not sure if it will be that way here didn't hear that part before but that's where I got it from since its what he did before. He also says he would like to be able to do something like that here so we will see. This video was on the ramp up to 5.5 release.
  2. Sub Guilds?

    From the way it sounds when they mentioned it in Q&A sub-guilds just sound like a guild that joined together with another guild kind of like an alliance as they will have the ability to splinter off if politics go bad. They may have the ability to form within a guild so it should be interesting to see how they make it all work.
  3. Mini Map or Compas

    I haven’t had any issues finding team mates with the compass as it shows them on it as a dimand(or crooked square) which is small when they are far away and gets bigger as you get close to them and is colored brightly.
  4. Sounds good logged in and died in combat and then it wouldn't let me resurrect at my body and kept telling me to release from my crow so I couldn't even play lol. Was fun until then you guys are doing a good job with what your adding that I have seen so far. Spider Cannon is fun.