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  1. I am making a push for the Crow Circle. I have 125 followers at 200 I will be giving away a patron package with a quarter horse figurine. If your looking to have a second account or know people you want to get the game spread the word. You can check out my past broadcast of catch me when I am live Wednesday-Saturday 9:00pm-1:00am EST and decide for yourself. Constructive criticism is welcome. https://www.twitch.tv/jastorin
  2. The whole reason there is no auto loot is to make it more dangerous and add more risk to farming npcs for gold or leather. If you don’t want a loot window then it would pry spawn on the ground and you would need to run over it to pick it up. That’s just going by the two ways they have of acquiring items. Loot window or runing over it after it drops. Just running by and getting slowed for a second doesn’t seem likely as they said it would take a few seconds. you can’t compare this game to a game like dauntless as Crowfall really has three focuses and not just one gathering, crafting and PvP. All three make up the whole and each one can be a full time playstyle. So saying it is a PvP game is only 1/3 right.
  3. If it’s anything like other survival games I think we will see grabbing from it a few times and getting a main thing that it will drop like fiber or something then some random stuff like food and seeds and the rest of the ruined plant will fall to the ground after there is nothing left. Like Conan Exiles or Arc. Those are way more in line with Crowfall survival style than Skyrim imo.
  4. In game name: Jastorin Times primarily available (Include Timezone): Eastern Time. Wednesday through Saturday 9pm-12am What 'role' do you want to play in game? going to run two accounts at launch one for pvp and harvesting and one for crafting. Pry do Templar or knight for pvp and cleric or druid for crafting account still trying them out to decide. I am a streamer looking for a home and place to get into a community EK and be in a place I can learn from other people that can help keep me straight on info and fill me in on stuff I might not know.
  5. I have a lot to learn about the classes as they don’t seem to work the way that I read about them working. I haven’t mastered any yet so this was an eye opener for me. Thank you guys:
  6. Block-This is the defining ability for the knight. It has seen a lot of changes, both good and bad, since it was introduced. At this point, it's less about mitigating damage than it is avoiding CC. It is supposed to also provide protection for players behind the knight, but we have yet to see that in game. In all, it is still a valuable ability. that’s from state of the knight 5.6. I guess I am going off of old info as it doesn’t seem to help the people behind them. I was just talking about filling roles in a group and group play. As knights are suppose to be tanks and have a lot of control/stun abilities. The heal I was talking about is pry a passive from a discipline.
  7. I guess what I am trying to say is if your a tank and your focused on getting yourself between your team and the hard hitters to block the damage more than dealing it how useful is doing more damage and having bonus healing if your blocking as much as possible and charging around the field and chain pulling people off of your group while a healer heals?
  8. Well in the case of the knight isn’t it based on health for how much they heal once they drop to 20%? I am talking about those playing as meat shields since right now most builds are based on none group play from what I am hearing. Isn’t the knights block for those behind him as well? i mean more health for blocking while a healer heals you. Does the healing bonus apply to heals received from other players from leather?
  9. I will have to go back and look but I thought they increased the health on plate and made the shields better for 5.5 to make tanks feel more like tanks in all plate with shields.
  10. I thought plate was meant to have more health? Why would it be a problem if it gave more than leather?
  11. One last question I know we were talking about the Templar but I was thinking more from a healer prospective with increasing support power for survivability of the group and myself vs damage dealing. As a Templar the increased damage would help with healing so it makes sensel does this also apply to a cleric which is more healing focused with its base kit?
  12. This is good info thank you all.
  13. So those disciplines are just bad then is what your saying. Seems odd to have them if they aren’t worth taking are they planning to buff or remove them?
  14. I am not sure the disciplines that give attack and support power work with multiple types equipped if so they need to change the wording.
  15. Let’s say you usually play assassin or ranger but decide to play human Templar. Your skills are in leather so you would benefit more from a leather chest. You want your heals to be good so you get the minor from the spider queen to increase your support power. Then you get the uniform and matching leather to increase your heals on two fronts from attack power and support power. In this case all leather would be what you wanted. If your skills were in mail then all mail or plate then all plate and once you were up in the chivalry tree you would get the added plate skill from there for your armor to suffer less decay. This is the best example I can come up with hope it helps.
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