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  1. I'm so hyped! I can't wait to be the awesome potion making tinkerer!
  2. Thats awesome! I kinda think that each item should have a set value or weight, so you can only take home that set value but could choose what to take, and you could have that in the lore maybe by maybe allowing each person to build have own transport or whatever to get their spoils to their home, thats quality is based on how well they did in the campaign. Like if they were really poor, theirs would be crummy, but if they won outright, theirs would be fricken awesome! Cool ideas overall though!
  3. Good job guys! I'm so hyped for this game! Do ya'll think that we can make it to both of the stretch goals by Monday?
  4. dang it! I already pledged all of the extra money I earned this month! If i had a better job I would totally pledge more though! Im so hyped!
  5. Can I join this guild? I played wiz when I was younger and have a level 90 myth so I think I fit the criteria? Also I am in beta group 6 despite joining in mid January.
  6. Hey guys! I was just wondering what beta groups everyone else is in and when y'all signed up for crowfall. I signed up in late January, back when the countdown was at about forty days and I'm in beta group 6! How about all of y'all?
  7. If it is allowed, could I possible focus more on our base/guild hall or wherever we can construct, and possibly all craft some sort of potion or gear rather than being an assassin? I honestly prefer strategy to action, and making a hidden yet tactful base would be a lot of fun for me.
  8. I kinda think that a subscription model with no shop would be good, just because i think that f2p invites a lot more bots and also cash markets are kinda overpowered and useless sometimes. Even if they only sold ascetic items, wouldn't it be cooler and more rewarding to do some crafting or even discover a recipe to craft it so it has more value and is a mark of skill rather than real life wealth?
  9. This sounds like the greatest thing ever! I'm super excited for this game now!
  10. I kinda am curious as to how ranged combat (bows, siege weapons, and maybe guns?) will work. It sorta just seems awkward to me to have to aim at something from an over the shoulder view, and switching to a first person to scope in or aim more accurately if that is possible kinda seems awkward too. I sorta wish I knew more about how this is gonna work. Maybe it would be better in first person like ESO?
  11. This looks really cool! I kinda hope we can change the perspective were viewing from though!
  12. apparently Im in beta group five Less bugs for me i guess?
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