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  1. Thanks APE! You pretty much hit the nail on the head. I know that this game has always been designed around the intention of making people work together. I'm for it. However, that should be more of a sliding scale and not feel overly forced at every turn. I want to contribute to crafters, rather than be one. However, when I need something, I want to go to a crafter for higher tier needs than to trouble them for basic stuff. PvP should be the metric that pulls people to work together. I shouldn't be forced to be handcuffed to others for everything. As far as the crafting, I want to explore and feel like I'm doing something. Instead, it's simply a matter of just letting my passives raise and that could take months. Hurry up and wait is the mantra, I guess.
  2. Guy down below explained his frustration better than I did. You all got hung up on the self sufficient phrase and really missed the point. This game is needlessly complex in areas that make no sense. Almost nothing about this game is intuitive. That fact alone is going to scare off a lot of people who come here looking for a great PvP game to call home when Open Beta begins unless this gets reworked and streamlined.
  3. To your point, due to the sprawl of crafting, almost EVERYONE will need to be a crafter just to cover the basics. What I'm sure is an all too common scenario.... "Hey, need to get a sword made.... Is the blacksmith on? Ok, great! Can I get a sword made? Need the Leatherworker, Woodworker, and possibly the Runecrafter. Cool! Are they on? Nope." !@#@#$%!!!!!! Look, ACE raised over 30+ mill over the last 5 years. They're going to need a LOT more people to join in this game to make things work. Do you think this game will appeal to enough people for it to survive?
  4. PvP is what most of us are here for and will also be why the majority of new blood will sign up. Thank you for pointing that out. On the flipside, just numbers, but ACE has had between 30-40mil in funding, right? If this is going to remain a VERY niche game, then those numbers aren't going to add up. The crafting system can be robust AND enjoyable/intuitive at the same time.
  5. I think there's a whole continent of middle ground between where we could be and where they currently are. If you want this game to serve a niche population, you have it. If you want this game to support thousands of people looking to have fun, we're nowhere near that currently.
  6. Having played Shadowbane, I've been a backer of this game for several years. However, I haven't played much except for a few peeks to see where the game is at. When I got the email for an invite to Phase Two I figured it was time to once again take a look. Consider me to be one of the thousands that we all hope to see join in the action when Open Beta begins. The game has a lot of potential, and I see the light, but as it stands, it is simply not fun and does not deliver on the premises that made me want to become a backer. -Passive System: I thought this system was put into place to help the casual players and to creat a ceiling for a level playing field. Instead, I'm faced with all kinds of gated hurdles and I don't feel that I can play catch up with those who are weeks ahead of me. I get frustrated with checking points every few days and irritated when I cap a tree and have thousands of wasted points. Give us general points that we can spend and let me respec if necessary. I thought this system was going to help alleviate the "Keeping up with the Jones" mentality. It doesn't do that. -Crafting: This has to be the worst system I have yet to see. I'm so frustrated by this system that I can't even provide details. Simply, it is unnecessarily complex, time consuming and reliant on too many other metrics to be anywhere near enjoyable. I don't wish to be a master crafter. I just want to be self sufficient. This facet is too important to be so bad. -Guides and Tutorials: I know Phase 3 is supposed to implement this, but as complex/unintuitive as this game is, the time ACE will have to spend to make this comprehensive would be better spent making the game more straightforward and eliminating the things that are simply not fun. When this game goes into Open Beta, we all hope to see thousands of players join in to make this game great. However, I'm betting a large percentage of those players won't care for the steep learning curve and will not tolerate the overly difficult systems in place. There's simply too much unnecessary crap that isn't fun. If it isn't fun, fix it, or get rid of it.
  7. Long time listener, first time caller. Having played Shadowbane, I've been a backer for over two years. However, I have been waiting for the game to mature before playing, so when I got my email to join Phase Two of the Testing, I figured that it might be time to circle back to have a look. I knew going in that Test would have some imbalances, bugs, whatever. What I found was that the same poorly made dergse crafting system is still in place after two years. I don't even want to be a master crafter. I just want to make basic gear/items to be self sufficient. Just about every part of the crafting system makes me want to Alt F4. It's nowhere near intuitive and I spent at least an hour searching for relevant info to help me get started. It is unnecessarily complex at every turn. Far too time consuming. Anyone enjoy making bandages? This system needs serious work. I don't even know where to begin. All I know is that I want no part of it.
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