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  1. rhank you very much for the clarification can op add this to the original post so others (like me) dont get confused?
  2. let me rephrase. By funding he meant funding through investors and their own funds since as of 1/7/15 kickstarter and crowdfunding hadnt started yet. Sorry i wasnt clear bout that.
  3. ah. I see. He meant the funding they recieved pre kickstarter. Sometimes my brain gets confused lol.
  4. My prediction for the total amount on 1/7/15 from crowdfunding was 0 dollars since the kickstarter hadnt started yet. if you meant 1/7/16, my guess is 3.5mil
  5. Yay i can talk again lol. Not that i post often anyway. Back to silently reading i go lol
  6. Ok. I do believe there are quests. You plant a seed. Grow a tree. Kill anyone that is not an ally whom is trying to steal your trees fruit. Plant more seeds. Defend those trees too. Or, as a sidequest, find someone elses tree, attack, steal their fruit, burn their tree down (along with any structures near said tree). So far this is the questline I have been able to gather from the devs. If their are more i havent seen any hints at those. This is just my theory though. I am often wrong.
  7. lol muchas gracias. Ive seen lehend of balance and icey wiz posting often as well as a few others. Not alone at all.
  8. obviously not from work on my phone i wont, since i cant even post in a legible manner lol. What i will kick in game though will be seen when the game goes live. I for one look forward to the action.
  9. Well. That post failed lol. It put my text in with yours iridian lol. Id fix it but im at work on my phone so ill just leave my mess.
  10. Um. Uh oh. Bad subject to bring up lol. Im sorry to break the news but this is a pvp game. There will be some pve content, but it will be to enhance the pvp experience. The forums here are kind of hostile towards any and all requests for anything pve, so i apologize in advance for anything they may say to you. Welcome to crowfall though
  11. I thought so too. It has a gothic feel to it and does not say bloodstone to me at all.
  12. sorry, I should have mentioned I am on my phone. No access to computer till I get home from vacay lol
  13. there was a bloodstone in the badges dont stink topic, the first few pages.
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