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  1. Region: EU (Polish player, can talk english/polish). Playing mostly at evenings, from 7 PM GMT+1 until night. Casual/Hardcore?: Hardcore, probably PvX which means I'm gonna do everything in this game. Size: 30 cm I want to be with squad of players dedicated to this game. Play-Style: DPS probably, but haven't touched game yet. I like carry my team. If there will be commander/general type of rank - I will be there. Commitment: Few hours daily actually, more when I estabilish my business. Miscellaneous: Male 21, stable life. Experience: Guild Wars 2 - 5000 hours, done basically everything there. Still playing sometimes. Diablo 3 - 300 hours, started at season 10, played mostly solo. 4story - 5000 hours - played since 2009 until Guild Wars 2 lunched. Good old times. FPS games like CS/Overwatch/Battlefield 3 - school times, also played some at home - around 2000 hours in shotters. Voice-Chat services: Wouldn't play without that! Its required most of the times when you wanna play efficiently. Greetings, Octa
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