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  1. I had to run as admin on the test one.
  2. Everyone has the ability to buy intermediate armor and make it. You will want to get an upgraded weapon. You should be able to kill effectively with intermediate weapon/armor to level. If you can group up it will speed it up, in particular if the mobs are on the higher side.
  3. Zorph

    5.8.4 Patch

    Confessor: Confessor Talent Righteous Shield now has a 24 second cooldown on the Barrier Shield proc. Maybe they should have increased the time to 12 seconds and make it last 12 seconds. This would be a 50% decrease in its power.
  4. IMHO – permanent rewards in games like this will always be an issue. · If it is possible to set the table to win by top guilds joining they will. · If you change it to top 20 players that won’t “WIN” the rewards will always feel gimped and that the game isn’t for them. We need casual players to make this game a success. I know that is a smaller percent of the players now, but at launch hopefully we will have all types. · Even with it being the exact same reward other than one being gold and the other silver, people still moved to win. · If you make it so only the top 20 win. People will create alts and flip sides. Do whatever it takes to win. My personal recommendation: · If you want to give rewards then, giver rewards based on participation. Make it at a level most would be willing to hit, but may push some to play/test more. IE maybe 100 points for 2 week campaign. Playing on the losing side you have more opportunity to capture small locations. · Keep permanent stats at launch so you can get badges people can see. These can be for all kinds of stuff including all phases of the game (PvP, gathering, crafting). Maybe give top finish, winning campaign, etc… This is done in many games and seemed to be liked by many. How can you balance it out? · You need to find ways for the two losing factions to fight the top. Some example give bonus points to the losing factions to fight the top faction? IE Order and Chaos now both should get points for attacking Balance. If one faction is far ahead, the other Gods should align so that fight against the winning faction. IE Order and Chaos merge until within X points. They do no damage to each other, possibly even share faction chat. · The other option is to work on the theory of order vs chaos with balance trying to keep the peace.
  5. You won't be able to equip them. Basically paper weights. Who knows if they will put them back in. I agree if there is still away to craft they need to remove that recipe.
  6. Zorph

    leap needs fixing

    Champion leap is very poor and needs to be looked at. Myrm's leap is so much better.
  7. Think of how uneven it would be if the reward was only for the winner? This is basically only for a small cosmetic difference gold vs silver. Who knows silver might look better in your inventory slot J I am very concern with this rewards and the initial reviews. They will say that alpha/beta testers were given x reward for testing. People hate when others have any advantage when they buy a game on day one. It doesn’t matter the amount BTW.
  8. From my understanding all you have to do is be on the leaderboard. You don't have to be on the top.
  9. Zorph

    Strength stat

    I would need to know the formula to guarantee it is better to go int. You could test out a base Elken vs High Elf to verify. It should be a pretty quick test.
  10. Zorph

    Strength stat

    Melee gain attack power with strength Casters gain attack power with int So if you are looking for damage Int is going to help the most.
  11. Does anyone play this? I don't see many comments on it at all.
  12. So I am testing out a sanctifier. The 7m seems to be very limiting. I don’t have high end plate yet. Does it help enough to stay in the fights during sieges? I know many skip the final ability, but I am guessing that will be adjusted. How is the survivability of inquisitor? I really enjoy the ability of the confessor. A dead dps does no dps. Last question – If you went sanctifier or inquisitor what is the second stat you would want if you put int as the first? Is there a page explaining all the stats?
  13. I didn't get in last night, but it sounds like they are cleaning up "exploits". Campfire items in the beginning area not giving experience. Lower durability giving less experience. I am guessing they will continue to fix any item that gives more experience than the rest. I think soil is one of the ones giving higher experience. IMHO - I think the talent tree is a home run and great idea. But this games goal is PvP with gathering/crafting be integral. I don't see it ever competing against PvE games with quest for leveling. It isn't fun in this game at all. Did the address in the call yesterday? I was at work and only able to listen to the first half.
  14. Making an entertaining PvE experience takes a ton of time and effort. Leveling in this game is far from fun, IMHO. I talked to a person who did it solo and they said it took 6-8 hours to level to 30. I know it can be done much quicker and the community will always find the fastest way to do it. But the truth is it isn't fun. Making armor/weapons you feel like your accomplishing something. Leveling just seems like a chore you have to do to play. I think they should give people level 30 for the basic vessel. Eventually have a good starting area that helps you get ready, but that will be down the road.
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