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    Zorph reacted to mandalore in The increasing PvE Requirement   
    I backed Ashes and wish I could get a refund.  I gave CU money as well but my hope is to not have to play RvRvR.  I want the dregs.  I want a political climate that is dynamic and shaped by the players.  I want meaningful PvP for the sake of assets and not just who's epeen is bigger (it's always mine). 
    What I don't want is a massive barrier to PvP from a half assed overly grindy PvE system that forces its self on me like a drunk Standford swimmer.  I don't want to spend more time smashing people that are behind and can't compete simply bc I am a no life neck beard (and I really am) bc the power curve is wildly uneven (a finished level 30 blue vessel with the right discs and some blue gear is a god compared to new players in less).  I don't want so spend hours farming for random drops that nobody wants (looking at you thorns based minor disciplines).  I don't want a game that fosters Uncle Bob while pretending to combat it and telling me thats a problem with a future fix. 
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    Zorph reacted to mandalore in The increasing PvE Requirement   
    I don't mean just the leveling curve.  I mean the endless random farming, how gear breaks farming gear, how sacrifice interacts with leveling (how bad the UI and wasted xp at cap is for sacrifice is an issue), how vessels don't sac, how higher tier vessels get less xp from sources, an endless standing in circles capture system, lack of mines for pvp centric players. 
    In SB the beta guilds had zero problem leveling on release and securing every start up server under a different warlord.  The SB PvE system was trash and it was avoidable or at least afk'd bc it was so bad.  They don't want us skipping the PvE here but its bad PvE and there's so much of it.  The barrier to get into competitive PvP is massive.  God's Reach, Faction, Dregs will all suffer from the same symptoms of Uncle BoB bc Uncle Bob is a built in intended feature.  The very nature of the game is carrying over knowledge, skills, organization, logistics and for some servers gear, vessels and stockpiles. 
    How much PvE is required to be competitive in PvP?  How long does it take to farm majors/minors, level a green+ vessel (the jump from white to green is waaaay too high), get a green set of gear from the 3-5 crafters you will need to befriend/trade with (they wont want gold so you will need to farm dust which is gated behind training) and then learn how your class plays and hope you picked the right class and talents or you have to do it all again?  How many new people are going to do that?  How many people will want to do all of that while getting smashed by people who have been doing it for years or months and know exactly what to do. 
    The faction servers now perfectly show what I suspect will happen come launch.  The established player base and long term active guilds have banded together and won every trial and won that by massive leads.  The Eu server is even more one sided than NA bc of less people.  How many new people are going to get smashed while jumping through all of those hoops and keep playing after a month? 
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    Zorph reacted to Ble in The increasing PvE Requirement   
    A walk through the most recent ways we've leveled:
    -XP for killing people in PvP/Captures - Removed
    -Arrows; make stacks and sac them - Removed
    -Frames - make/sac - Removed
    -Campfires/Hay/Soil - Reduced/Removed
    -Crafted Items General Reduction Of Sac Value
    -Zombie/Spider Gold Farm - Reduced/removed
    -Color Value of Sac Items/Vessel Color changes
    PVE Now the best Option to level
    -White Sac (Campfire/Ores) till it phases out.
    -Greatly decreased gold from humanoids only
    -Recipe Books
    -Farming of Level-appropriate ranked mobs
    On Test:
    Weigh of gold as pertains to leveling reduced.
    [Phroot added:]
    Major disc's - gated behind timed spawn and RNG. - Changed in 5.9
    Minor disc's - gated behind timed spawn and RNG. - Changed in 5.9
    Crafting Nec/Blacksmith/Leatherworker (include Woodworker if want a hunger shard fitted) - gated behind timed spawn and RNG (for tools, Googles, Hammer, Awl and Shard hammer). - Some PVE required for end-game crafting progression, I don't agree that everyone shoudl be able to make fully-kitted out gear right away. [/Phroot]
    If I'm being honest, not just trying to be negative, this game has the worst PvE experience I've ever encountered since July 1999 until May 2019 so basically in the past 20 years and the many many games I've played, this game has by far the worst PvE.
    Used to, you got a pass on this because Todd/Blair "this is not a PvE game, this is a PvP game" and so whenever anyone would post about PvE frustrations/problems, thats the general tone by which we as a community would respond.
    Now that you are MAKING us PvE, you need to be accountable to your PvE.  It's really really really lacking.  Not only bugged interactions, but it just feels like the whole PvE aspect of this game was a summer interns project.
    What are your plans around this?  Is this something that's going to be quickly phased out? 
    I'm not even mad about having to PvE - I'm ok with it.  If you are going to make us PvE, are there any plans to make PvE better?
    If you are going to phase out this PvE requirement, or phase in PvP XP or some other solution, why are you squeezing us so bad on leveling of vessels in the mean time?
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    Zorph got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Tankiest class race combo?   
    Go to crowfall.com and read news/articles:
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    Zorph got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Tankiest class race combo?   
    Reading over the descriptions.  It sounds to me Pit Fighter then Battle Rager should be the two most tanky if they use actives to stay invincible/berserker.  This also sounds like what people are experience in game.  Knight seems to be more offensive on paper, even though I picture them as the best base defense.  Templar seems to be more of a tank/support. 

    Champion/Pit Fighter

    Are you the scrappy sort that hates to see a fight end too soon? Your Ultimate power, Invincible Warrior, gives you a damage preventing barrier and healing over time for minimal soul power cost. Since the Pit Fighter passive (stackable five times!) gives you +100 attack power with every self-healing effect trigger, you’re well equipped to go the distance.

    Myrmidon/Battle Rager

    Tank your way to heroic legend with this Promotion Class. Tap into Invincible Storm to shrug off the damage caused by post-Whirlwind Berserk Crash. Even better, your passive power increases your maximum health by 50% of the Berserk Crash damage you avoided.  


    Grab your tower shield. With lots of shield improvements and increased health, you’ll be ready to rumble. Shieldsmanship is a passive that will raise your Shield Bash base damage by 100%. (Yes, 100%, that’s not a typo!) Furthermore, all successful shield attacks will grant you combo points that can be used for Shield Bash.


    Sometimes it pays to be the good guy. Your Paladin passive grants a stacking chance for critical heals to you with each ally you heal, Virtuous Light does away with the the need to maintain Righteousness, and Profound Devotion heals your allies and you for 50% of the damage you deal. The icing on the Paladin’s cake is a free 12-second healing circle thanks to the removal of Divine Light’s pip requirement. Enemies within that field periodically suffer 168 - 252 + 210% Fire Weapon damage

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    Zorph got a reaction from JamesGoblin in What do I do next?   
    Everyone has the ability to buy intermediate armor and make it.
    You will want to get an upgraded weapon.  You should be able to kill effectively with intermediate weapon/armor to level.  If you can group up it will speed it up, in particular if the mobs are on the higher side.
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    Zorph got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Crowfall's Biggest Problem: Losing Still Needs To Be FUN!   
    What if they did the following?

    Shorter campaigns, maybe 4 weeks to start ending on a weekend to have huge battles.
    Each season getting more points.  IE Winter giving the most points. They are doing this now.
    Give extra points losing team for capture of the winning team.  IE in 3 faction campaign.  Maybe 3rd place team gets 3x the points if first team is x amount ahead and 2nd place gets 2x the points.  Basically a catch up mechanic if a team is too far ahead.  Also makes team 2/3 focus the top team.  These numbers can be tweaked of course.  But basically making it so it is better to go up against the winning side to get points.  This will be very important in guild vs guild.  You don’t want mid level guilds thinking the lower level guilds are easy points.
    I don’t feel individuals should be rewarded in guild/faction campaign for their contribution. 
    I know many want the winning side to get rewards that carry over. I think this will create a very slippery slope.  Players won’t want to self-balance when they are risking losing rewards.  Winning teams will become run away winners.  I prefer cosmetics, name recognition, EK, VIP, etc… If there are exports.  Losing side are likely to just give up doing PvP and just try and gather resources for the next campaign.  If you know your going to lose why keep playing and be worse off next campaign.
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    Zorph got a reaction from Kraahk in Trying to update... Error#1   
    I had to run as admin on the test one.
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    Zorph reacted to yianni in 5.8.4 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/22/19   
    can we get free mats on TEST again please. it's kinda hard to test
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    Zorph reacted to mandalore in The power gap in CF: knowledge, builds, gear, etc.   
    I made a dev partner post bashing how ridiculous Elementalist is. 
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    Zorph reacted to Phr00t in 5.8.4 Patch   
    Will see how it plays out, but that seems excessive. 12s duration (It's a barrier that you can still damage through) 24s ICD might be okay but that still seems a significant nerf.
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    Zorph reacted to PopeUrban in 5.8.4 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports 02/15/2019   
    A bit hard to trap someone when they can just walk around the traps with no perception buffs or anything.
    A bit hard to sneak around when they can see you drop traps and you have the stealth movement speed of a snail on barbituates.
    On the brigand's client, the explosive and faerie traps appear to explode when they time out even though they simply vanish for everyone else that's watching. This is either a bug or it is now confirmed lore all Brigands have wicked PTSD.
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    Zorph got a reaction from Staff in 5.8.4 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports 02/15/2019   
    IMHO 12 seconds cool down and it lasting 12 seconds would be reasonable start.  That would be a 50% nerf.
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    Zorph got a reaction from damebix in 5.8.4 Patch   
    Confessor Talent Righteous Shield now has a 24 second cooldown on the Barrier Shield proc. Maybe they should have increased the time to 12 seconds and make it last 12 seconds.   This would be a 50% decrease in its power.
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    Zorph reacted to Phylor.the.Jester in 5.8.4 Snap Test Feedback and Bug Reports 02/15/2019   
    The 24 second ICD is a pretty unreasonable over nerf on Sanctifiers especially considering that the duration of the shield is still 8 seconds. Doubling the current ICD to 10 or even 12 seems pretty reasonable. If at 10, you don't even need to adjust the duration if you want to leave them in a situation where they can be uncovered by the barrier.
    The duration of the shield should at least last the length of the ICD or be pretty close to it.
  17. Haha
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    Zorph got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    IMHO – permanent rewards in games like this will always be an issue. 

    ·        If it is possible to set the table to win by top guilds joining they will.
    ·        If you change it to top 20 players that won’t “WIN” the rewards will always feel gimped and that the game isn’t for them.  We need casual players to make this game a success.  I know that is a smaller percent of the players now, but at launch hopefully we will have all types.
    ·        Even with it being the exact same reward other than one being gold and the other silver, people still moved to win. 
    ·        If you make it so only the top 20 win.  People will create alts and flip sides.  Do whatever it takes to win.
    My personal recommendation:

    ·        If you want to give rewards then, giver rewards based on participation.  Make it at a level most would be willing to hit, but may push some to play/test more.  IE maybe 100 points for 2 week campaign.  Playing on the losing side you have more opportunity to capture small locations.  
    ·        Keep permanent stats at launch so you can get badges people can see.   These can be for all kinds of stuff including all phases of the game (PvP, gathering, crafting).  Maybe give top finish, winning campaign, etc…  This is done in many games and seemed to be liked by many.
    How can you balance it out?

    ·        You need to find ways for the two losing factions to fight the top.   Some example give bonus points to the losing factions to fight the top faction?   IE Order and Chaos now both should get points for attacking Balance.  If one faction is far ahead, the other Gods should align so that fight against the winning faction.  IE Order and Chaos merge until within X points.  They do no damage to each other, possibly even share faction chat.
    ·        The other option is to work on the theory of order vs chaos with balance trying to keep the peace. 

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    Zorph reacted to Gradishar in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    Balance Achieved!

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    Zorph reacted to Staff in Uncle Bob via Mega Alliance?   
    perfectly balanced as all things should be
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    Zorph reacted to DocHollidaze in 5.8.3 Performance: Well job, ACE   
    I still have trouble loading more than 3 clients active in campaign worlds on a single computer. Please fix, this is unacceptable ACE. /s
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    Zorph reacted to PopeUrban in 5.8.3 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/13/19   
    Brigand is well and truly busted.
    2/3 of my traps are still pointless to place in stealth.
    As reported in the 5.8.2 thread, Explosive and Faerie traps are still exploding on time out and revealing the brigand. Being destealthed because I failed to deal damage is not fun. having shorter trap cooldown is a waste of time when 2/3 of my traps just blow my stealth. Placing even more of them is more dangerous to me than beneficial as a source of damage. Quick arming is useless, and the overall design of brigand is unplayable in this state.
    Lack of weapon discipline powers seriously hampers my utility and build options.
    Remember how you guys put binding arrows on master of Bows? Remember how it let me choose if I wanted to be a more pokey or slashy Brigand since I wasn't forced in to a major for a root, andcould choose between great ranged utility root of great energy sustain from resto? It was pretty great. I was playing around with melee majors and all kinds of fun stuff. I had options. I was using discs I always wanted to mess with but never had a chance. Since Weapon discs are gone, that's no more restoration slash or binding arrows, two powers that are VITAL to the performance of any brigand the moment stealth is gone. Skirmisher style builds REQUIRED the bow root and unlocks for maintaining range to restealth as dealing enough damage required discs like knife grinder or poisoner for the additional DoT action. Brawler stlye brigand REQUIRED restoration strike to keep energy topped up, even while running weapon finesse. I am wearing LEATHER. My options are either kite/dot or alpha. Without weapon powers and with busted traps I can't do either properly. Now I am pretty much forced in to at least one disc with several redundant powers. I can take one of the pow majors and get redundant damage powers and my root or mole hunter and get redundant antistealth and my root. This problem isn't unique to brigands but it has effectively pigeonholed brigands in to taking bow discs if they want any bow utility on "the bow class". Why weren't weapon disc powers migrated to talent nodes, and why don't disc powers require talent point investment? This talent update has actually reduced rather than expanded build diversity for not only brigands, but for everyone.
    Where's Gleeful Strike?
    5.8.1 brigand, after the +2 traps update, was fun. it was effective. And even then it was unplayable without slotting gleeful strike. With all of the problems you've just saddled the subclass with in regards to traps sabotaging the user and nerfed build diversity it is doubly so. Can you please return the 10% of my damage and my missing energy because you're forcing me to actually use a lot more energy and use a lot more melee and ranged powers than before anyway.
    5.8.1 Brigand was the most fun I've had on my ranger in crowfall ever. You slightly broke it in 5.8.2 and in 5.8.3 it is borderline unplayable. Please return my ability to stealth trap efficiently, build diversity, damage, and resource efficiency.
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    Zorph reacted to BarriaKarl in 5.8.3 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/13/19   
    I thought so. But locking 2 other promos out of the power because of that seems excessive.
    Seems they dont want stealth classes getting an extra avenue of getting into stealth. Which is fair. But maybe they could simply not allow two of such powers to be slotted? This way only characters really using stealth before would not be able to use invisibility.
    Would perhaps require some extra coding to get it working, but the ability of having powers exclude others out could have a lot of interesting uses.
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    Zorph reacted to vkromas in 5.8.3 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 2/13/19   
    This is a goof. I'll get a recipe made for it now and hopefully it'll make its way to live soon. My apologies! 
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    Zorph reacted to Zatch in Next Campaign   
    Why do you need a PVE server when you can just buy everything you need at Aerynth Traders. I was getting one-shot by Champions until I bought gear from there, now I am the Champion!
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