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  2. At this point, the only issue that has been addressed is the incoming FvF, and you can look at any metrics available to see that the game has been a resounding failure to this point. As far as the devs not taking our feedback... That's just a observation considering most of the same issues that exist have been brought up countless times over the past couple years. And have still not been addressed and (again) were not even mentioned in these dev blogs. #fixyourcustardingchat
  3. I'm glad that they're bringing FvF... And I'm anxious to see what changes they have (lets see if they actually fix any of the broken things that they have refused to for years); however, I also wonder what makes him think that they're "building" a playerbase in Brazil and Australia? Am I missing something or are they just trying to pedal this delusional idea that the game has just hit the ground running and so many people are excited to come play it in it's current state? From what I've seen all indications are that this game is dead on arrival and it'll take more than an FvF to bring anybody back to the game. At this point, I don't think I'll feel optimistic until they actually own up to the fact that aspects of the game are absolutely horrible. Until they show that they're actually concerned about the player base as a whole and will take objective feedback to make the game good I'm just going to operate assuming the game will continue to crash and burn.
  4. While that idea isn't wrong... The problem is... If you don't get content outside of the starter world, the game will continue to lose players and not gain these players that he says they need to create this content. You have to have the content in game before you can get the players to come play it. If you want to get more aussies in the game, show them that there is content for them to participate in. The same concept goes for every other part of the game. They 'released' the game in a soft launch beta form, called it launched and are acting like more people will want to come play. Nobody else is coming to play until the game is better than it currently is... And if your only answer to the current players is "sorry, not sorry" then you'll lose them before that ever happens. Bottom line: It's not up to players, it's up to the devs to create the content...
  5. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). The group and solo combat The class trees The warfare group harvesting Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? Lack of FvF, because it prevents non-elite guilds from participating in campaigns. The in-game chat, because it makes communicating in-game almost impossible The clunkiness, the flow of using abilities and that getting CC'd during an animation will stop an ability but cost the cooldown timer The in game UI, because it's just not up to industry standard, especially for a $30 game (or however much it cost) The siege window, it needs to be changed to have areas or zones be active instead of random keeps throughout the campaign Top 5 bugs on LIVE (that we may have missed and wish would be fixed). Please be specific and constructive. Game crashing on close If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? Be nice, seriously don't be a jerk. I would just ask why it feels like the feedback of the elite few are valued over the larger player base and how that issue can be addressed?
  6. Is the server empty? Or full of noobs? I don't understand...
  7. Faction vs Faction wont fix zergs, it's unlikely anything will... What FvF does, is give new players, who don't feel like the can compete against zerg guilds that have 5 years experience in the game, a place to start experiencing actual campaigns without beating their head against a wall. Right now, you're either in the elite, or you're sitting in the newb world grinding because you don't feel like you can play with the elite.
  8. I agree, his response to that issue was kind of rude to the people who are supporting the game in those regions.
  9. No mention of the 2 biggest issues affecting my game experience... The lack of faction vs faction campaign and the chat window that makes communicating in game even slightly viable.
  10. Have you guys found any CC Immunity available to Confessors (particularly Sanctifier)? Or any other way to counter CC chains? This is probably the only thing I'm struggling with is the CC chains that I tend to get hit with during a fight. I've been looking for a discipline or something that can help me get into combat and get off my combos without getting CC'd out of it.
  11. I think the game's success required that they have more content that could be consistent. As much as I love the game itself, the actual fun content is few and far between which made it hard to want to spend the time to progress in the game. Hunger Dome gives a fun and on-demand content loop that focuses around the game's best feature, the group pvp. I think the key is to make sure that the Hunger Dome mode is connected to the persistent world in a balanced way. If it doesn't benefit the persistent game than a lot of people will see it as a waste of time compared to grinding for progress, but if it's the best way to get reward/loot/resources then the campaigns will die. If they can manage to interconnect the modes in a balanced manner and make sieging less of a job then I think the game has a legitimate future and I think without something more than mass pvp, harvesting and crafting the game didn't have a future.
  12. I think that having areas instead of random keeps/forts spread throughout the world has a better chance of creating a better war scenario than the current iteration. I don't think reducing it to 15 minutes is a good idea, but the 60 minute time window doesn't make for good fights. I wouldn't mind forts being 24/7 and keeps being a set timer. Right now, I don't find campaign pvp fun at all, which makes the bulk of the game not very fun, and I think they need to find a better way to encourage fun pvp engagements. This is my opinion, but I hope that ACE is looking for ways to really improve the system.
  13. I agree, but even now the whole "wait till there's 5 minutes left and ninja cap" is not really any better. I think tying keeps to nearby forts and making them vulnerable at the same time windows could change the way guilds approach them and create more dynamic fights.
  14. They also said they were going to create siege times for different time zones in the same campaign. The campaigns do need more variability, but as it is they'd still be zergfests.
  15. I definitely would like to see better time frames to siege, but I'd also really like to see the way sieges are handled within that timer. Right now it's just big zergs going fort to fort and keep to keep and it's lame.
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