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  1. To quote Blixtev's check-in (notes are being looked at): Crafting - Common and up quality experimentations now all have 10 Pips as the maximum amount of PiPs allowed per experimentation line. (Should help shrink the deltas between the crafted quality levels)
  2. We're interested in locations with too much collision (getting stuck on objects) or falling into holes that you can't get out of.
  3. One thing missing from the patch notes is the new temple. We'd like feedback on issues with it. We added a new parcel with a spiral path to the top of a plateau, which may have issues that we were not able to find. Ranks 6-8 are intended for God's Reach. During testing, we found that advancing to level 30 on rank 5 NPC's was extremely grindy. Higher level vessels need higher rank NPC's, as well. Resources are a separate issue that we will discuss.
  4. I haven't worked on Dregs. I'm focused on campaign maps. However, the system is designed to work with siege parcels.
  5. Did I put in the wrong publish values? 5.8.1 and 5.8.2 are what they're supposed to be.
  6. The landing points on a runegate parcel are randomized and spread out around the central gate (256x256 meters). It's not easy to camp the landing points with a small number of players. Since we haven't had neutral runegates, we haven't had concentrated combat at an outgoing gate. It's something I'd like to see tested in 5.8. Like a constant barrage of tornadoes flying across the gates?
  7. It's not fun, when it's the only gate between you and your destination and you can't rally help to break the camp. We'll keep an eye on camping issues. However, camping a gate is a valid tactic to reduce support from arriving, when a keep is under siege. The next map we have designed has multiple gates on the beachhead going to different zones (however, this can change...we haven't tested it, yet). All of the zones have at least three or more gates leading into them. If someone on your faction lets you know that a gate is camped, you can go around the zone through other gates and then gate back towards your destination from a different direction. Your faction could choose to counter a gate camp by circling around behind them or simply continue on to your destination.
  8. I remember using those, too, until I wrote my own map system for myself (I used to play Eve a lot). In other news, the Clusterizer is done today, aside from a bug I need to track down in the next few minutes.
  9. I haven't seen any planning for being able to gate between zones without a rune gate. I think there were some water cooler design discussions, but I'm not aware of a design that has been written up for personal gates. Our current system teleports players from the gate onto a 256x256 meter rune gate parcel. The landing points around that parcel are random (much like landing around a gate in Eve randomly places your ship).
  10. How it's displayed is currently being planned, so where the data is displayed and how it will be displayed is still up in the air. We definitely want the campaign information on the cluster map and the zone map. I haven't worked on fog of war. I know it was turned off, because we only stored fog of war data for one zone. With the cluster system, you could explore part of one zone, gate to another zone, and the fog of war would be explored for an area you hadn't visited. I don't know what solution will be made for that issue.
  11. Right now, we're not placing multiple gates to different zones on a gate parcel. It's been discussed, but my current process is a separate gate parcel for going to a specific zone. I haven't written the rune gate placement system, yet (I did some planning today, though). What I'd like to do is name the parcel "Gate to <insert zone name here>", so it's clear where the gate goes. On top of that, I have a design for placing the gate in the world nearest to the cardinal direction that it shows on the cluster map. For example, if a gate goes to a zone to the northeast, then the gate should be placed in the zone on the northeast of the landmass. The connection line on the cluster map should give you a clue to run to the northeast until you find the gate. Admittedly, some odd shaped maps might mean you need to explore more than usual to find the gate.
  12. Adventure zones are meant to have more "dungeons" (forests, canyons, etc) than siege zones. Adventure zones will still have areas you can conquer (outposts/forts), but not as many (or any) siege keeps. 5.7 includes our new rune gates, which allow players to move between the different types of zones.
  13. We kicked off a team to explore what the final cluster map will look like. So, our plans are being planned. Should they be auto-generated or painted by hand? I prefer auto-generated, but we need to prototype the cluster map out and see how good it looks.
  14. There's no room to put any nodes at the base of the 3x3 mountains. They stretch out to the edge of the parcel. We definitely asked for them, prior to using the parcel set in the map. Also, the rank sprinkling system doesn't detect if there are used nodes on the parcel it modifies.
  15. Whoops. I logged in to the wrong account, yesterday. After that, the forums were not available internally for me, so I couldn't post any more responses (or change out my account).
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