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  1. Guild criteria: Region: NA, West Coast Atmosphere: Adult. 30+. Casual/Hardcore?: Casual gank squads are the best, will show up to a bane if it's after NA work hours Size: I like close fights and skirmishes, so I don't typically play in zergs unless one is trying to roll us. Ideally something between a group and a zerg Play-Style: Ranged Support (Scout) Commitment: Will play this exclusively if it's anything like Shadowbane Miscellaneous: I like people who experiment with builds and try to find broken characters before they are patched Experience: Shadowbane - 2003 till death I played Shadowbane since inception on War, then moved to Mourning. Played a lot on Test as well. I pretty much exclusively played Scout. Aracoix con scout was probably my favorite because it was dumb I have a crap memory of 2003/2004, so I probably don't remember you. Some of the guilds I played with Children of Twilight FA (brief) The Jaded Ones Gods Wrath Clan Voice-Chat services: I can use anything, but why aren't you using Discord? Citizen of Rome
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