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  1. They should leave it alone so nobody else plays the character. Then we can form The Six Knights of Crowfall
  2. @Eth'kal Please feel free to sign the following post
  3. Noble Blood / Oath of Will should be single cast. See:
  4. Sign this thread if you agree, and I will reference it in the 6.300 feedback. Anyone is welcome to sign. @Ranik@Gzas@Arkdin@Arkade@Brightdance
  5. 4 people who logged into the test campaign were bugged at 8:30 CST. Could not use abilities, could not damage monsters.
  6. I may be taking this out of context, but this is what I typically reference "I will say as a caveat to this is when you give people hard choices and you give them this amount of variety in builds, there are builds that are going to be good, and there are gonna be builds that are bad, and there are going to be builds that are great and builds that are terrible. That is part of the design approach. You embrace the fact that not all builds are created equal. Now we still do have our overriding idea that no build should be the best, no one build should be the best in every situation, but y
  7. You're right, I shouldn't have given that as an example. You need to make the case that devotion shouldn't ever be taken on any templar. Otherwise your suggestions will be overlooked because folks have already found situational utility in it.
  8. @Arkdin Can you hold my stuff for me? I have something I need to take care of.
  9. Are we playing a game, or simply testing a bunch of systems? For better or for worse, Crowfall has become a collection of systems which have the potential of becoming a game (or multiple games) if the design team gives us the tools to define the rules. As we all continue to give feedback on the various systems, we can't help but notice that the connections and rules between these systems isn't, well, satisfactory. In the rule-set ACE is defining for Crowfall Campaigns, the only real players are the guild leaders, and the objective is to get the most amount of points possible before time
  10. I'm with MrErad on this one. It's hard to justify a design change like that. An ability that works well in certain situations is what the design team is aiming for. If you told me that the ability is terrible in every situation then we could probably talk about why. I would start with something along the lines of a 200 healing cap does not scale at all against the damage scaling everyone will obtain via vessels and gear.
  11. Please remove the restriction that prevents people from sending private messages to players in another faction. This design choice forces players to communicate outside of the game. Ad-Hoc cooperation requires in game communication.
  12. Bane circles were great, but that was a different game. This one you're supposed to annihilate everyone so you can get a reward.
  13. "Get Behind Me" (Damage Reduction) while using block on Stalwart does not work properly when multiple people use it at the same time. The effect is canceled if the LAST person who uses block stops blocking, regardless of whether other people are still blocking.
  14. Casting Blast of Leaves on a Knight (Dryad) makes none of your abilities work on ANY of your characters, and requires a full game restart to fix.
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