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  1. I really hope the events tab is temporary. There are so many natural game mechanics they can put in to encourage open world PVP. I talked a bit about this with the Thrall towns. These are perfect because you know the named thralls are going to spawn at nightfall, and you know where... so there's no need for an events tab. Once the thralls and players are dead the combat is done, and the victor goes home... Fantastic. They could do the same thing with the pigs. I don't know anyone who actually likes doing the escort mission. It's BORING, and the stupid pig pathing drives everyone crazy! Make the pigs spawn once or twice at daybreak or noon, and for gods sake put the location on the map if it isn't going to change Have everyone duke it out there, and have the pigs drop a token or something that you have to take to the caravansary / refinery. Hell, the token / object could even disable recall or even worse, your power tray until you turn it in. (Player escort instead of AI, also makes solo running A LOT harder) If you know where the enemy team is going, you may have a second shot at getting the resources if you die the first time
  2. (Holy Avenger) Suns of Worvan buff does not activate when (Force Mage) Force Shield is active. However, Force Shield will activate if Suns of Worvan is already active.
  3. I just wanted to give some positive feedback regarding the thrall towns. These were AWESOME for small scale PVP, and here's why: You knew when to show up (at nightfall) The towns had a much higher concentration of named thralls There was risk / reward for trying to attack the thralls It didn't make sense to bring dozens of people because there were other avenues to collecting souls There were potential rewards for killing people The environment provided obstacles for different types of fighting Overall, a really great idea.
  4. Sorry, we'll tell our guards not to spawn on you next time.
  5. Stealth is dropped when in a group with a Cleric, and either Holy or Vengenace Aura is lost.
  6. Hymn of restoration song is missing from the spellbook when Bard is taken on Druid
  7. Yeah I agree. Good discussion. I really should have been more specific to the combat targeting system rather than alliances. I see a lot of parallels to how everything worked in Shadowbane with the exception of how single targeting works in Crowfall. But to be fair, it seems like they are going for something new with single targets and basic attacks which has some pretty cool potential. I'm looking forward to the sanding and nut screwing.
  8. Treant Wood Stake does not show slow on enemies.
  9. Sounds like a cool long term solution. I was thinking of something more short term such as expanding the group size, or just the ability for a guild to be "neutral" towards another one which would turn off friendly fire.
  10. I think it would be helpful if Faction / Nation alliances were implemented so smaller guilds could have a chance at play testing the fort / keep mechanics. AFAIK, there isn't a clean way to increase group numbers without massing a zerg guild. Thoughts?
  11. Speed of D'Orion Boon does not increase Trailmaster movement speed. It may still increase Trailblazer movement speed by 15%. My character has the "Way of the Trails" upgrade to Trailblazer
  12. Guild symbols disappear when you get close to someone Before After
  13. Guild criteria: Region: NA, West Coast Atmosphere: Adult. 30+. Casual/Hardcore?: Casual gank squads are the best, will show up to a bane if it's after NA work hours Size: I like close fights and skirmishes, so I don't typically play in zergs unless one is trying to roll us. Ideally something between a group and a zerg Play-Style: Ranged Support (Scout) Commitment: Will play this exclusively if it's anything like Shadowbane Miscellaneous: I like creative people who experiment with builds and try to find strategic spec groups for various situations. Experience: Crowfall Played with Rome until they recently announced that they will not be playing Crowfall. Shadowbane - 2003 till death I played Shadowbane since inception on War, then moved to Mourning. Played a lot on Test as well. I pretty much exclusively played Scout. Aracoix con scout was probably my favorite because it was dumb Some of the guilds I played with Children of Twilight FA (brief) The Jaded Ones Gods Wrath Clan Voice-Chat services: I can use anything, but why aren't you using Discord?
  14. COVID-19 will be gone by February.
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