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  1. I just want to make sure I understand: we're quietly pretending the obvious and fatal link between the utter disaster that was SWTOR and the total wildcard that is Crowfall doesn't exist, right?
  2. You expound endlessly on other matters, presenting yourself as some expert in the ways of game design and development. Maybe you could take your own advice; develop any non-zero amount of humility whatsoever; recognize the limitations of your knowledge and understanding; and have fewer, less-extreme opinions about game design. You know as little about it as you do about game financing.
  3. While everything is subject to change entirely, what they've released is a real and clear indication of the thinking of the designers, not merely in terms of kind but of degree. In that light, one might entirely reasonably be concerned, and even disappointed, with what they're seeing, without assuming that it's release-ready. You are being condescending, but in reality it's you who demonstrates naiveté. Do you honestly not realize that the current ranger set is a first approximation of what they currently intend the ranger to be?
  4. All the more reason it is vital that there be no Friendly Immunity in this game. Sadly, with the "this game has to accommodate all 'styles' of 'PvP*'!!1" crowd gaining dominant influence, I expect there will be damn few situations without Friendly Immunity. * Translation: "honorable" duels, matched-team instances, and PvE
  5. I keep hoping for any information at all that is specifically about the Campaign Worlds and PvP, but the waiting is a whip.
  6. They one time used the term "MMORPG", and then immediately qualified it out of existence. And they aren't saying Crowfall is a hybrid, they're saying... well here: Corvin used the MMORPG monicker to justify his assertions that this game must include various aspects that are typically found in existing RPGs. But this game isn't at all an RPG by the standards Corvin is applying. ACE said as much in that quote. Yes, they one time used the "RPG" term, but immediately made it clear that this game is as much an RPG as the other games I listed (which few people would ever describe as RPGs). Moreover, just because the game is going to have "elements in common with strategy games" doesn't make it an anything/RTS hybrid. It's its own game style, which they are calling "Throne War Simulator". The clear and obvious point, here, is that any assertion that this game will or must contain any given aspect of any other game, due to it being lumped into some ambiguous and arbitrary category that ACE doesn't even subscribe to, is entirely baseless.
  7. If all you're going to do is insist that what you think is "fact", without any evidence or reasoning to support it, then you have nothing useful to say.
  8. Do we consider Eve Online, Rust, Ark, or Reign of Kings to be RPGs? If so, then Crowfall is an RPG, to that extent. However, if we allow "RPG" to include those games, then everything Corvin predicated his post on goes right out the window. It's not like there's a formal definition of RPG, so if you want to include Eve Online, Rust, Ark, and Reign of Kings, then Corvin's claims have no basis. If you exclude Eve Online, Rust, Ark, and Reign of Kings then you must exclude Crowfall.
  9. When has ACE ever claimed that this is an RPG in any way, much less an RPG/RTS hybrid?
  10. There are numerous examples of how to leverage the Google API to load calendar data into a calendar widget. You could probably find a usable Angular controller and directive for this, so you don't have to write the code yourself. See this thread for another example of why you should just write the minimal code instead of blaming Google: Playtest Schedule Calendar Widget Doesn't Load in Firefox
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