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  1. I went to interact with this person, but started running away after pushing F, but not selecting one of the 3 options. Now it is stuck on my screen, even after I ran away. Once I pushed Esc a bunch, it finally went away. Was able to repeat this, the interaction should auto cancel, once you get so far away
  2. I can get in, but the hour I spent last night creating a Cleric, taking the free gold, sacrificing it to level and leveling to 30 is all gone. As well, the vendor with the free stuff is gone. Just hope the time all counts to get my 4 hours in.
  3. Just getting this thread on top
  4. Illusionist is good for the stealth.
  5. Hi Copran, thread moved on a lot so thought Id come and say Hi and respond. The values and unlocks were taken from the test server for version 5.8.3. Lots of changes to Disciplines too, mostly better. Enjoy.

  6. Could use some mature no drama players. Come on game launch.
  7. I like int, so healing modifier. Its listed as main stat.
  8. Wondering what crowns will be used for.
  9. Come on Launch

  10. So make an vassal for to place buildings and nothing else. Guess you don't want to delete it, as you may not be able to move it.
  11. Can't you unlock a major discipline at lvl 5? Only takes 10 points on the talent tree, for Druids anyway
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