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  1. Just wondering why the druids Sickle goes to the off hand? Is there anything that goes in the main hand, or is this just a show of good will to left handed people?
  2. doe it have any stats or is it just cosmetic?
  3. My Print Screen button stopped working and now I have to us the snipping tool. Anyone know how to fix this?
  4. I also think it will be a controller
  5. As long as I keep running up against a cliff, I do not fall, even when the grade is way too steep. I can also get up way higher than before, just by running up the steep hill. I was at the bottom
  6. Also, I can dash while falling with my Fae, but I cannot dash while falling with other races
  7. I also lost alot of time when they copied Live over. I also wish they had the free gold still as its a good chance to test out some builds. Also, I started a Fae Assissan and the graphics are a bit off as my FAE is all black. Though, black wings are cool.
  8. My Test load updated ok, but now it tells me "Login failed. Please try again. Generic/unknown HTTP error
  9. Come join us people Please
  10. That command is to split a stack. A stack all would be awesome
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