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  1. We definitely need more treasures for our housing.
  2. We want a economy outside the campaign but limit how you use that economy to 30 items!
  3. Yall should come play Mortal Online 2!
  4. I would like to know where I can "build" a castle as well.
  5. What he means to say is yes, join one of the 3 massive alliances that dominate everything like you said.
  6. https://twitter.com/jtoddcoleman/status/1213490454643269632
  7. Come one come all to the land of no rule!
  8. You realize 3 different and soon 4 generations stream?
  9. Every subject lmao dudes the biggest troll on the forum
  10. <Question> @thomasblair While I love the 3 promotions per class, dont you think having the ability to tank/dps/self-sustain or heal for EVERY class doesn't make sense? For instance: Blackguards are insane and its just doesn't make sense that an assassin is anything more than a DPS. Too much sustain, barriers, defense etc.. Then some other classes seem to have promotions that are locked like the Earthkeeper. <Question> @Tyrant in what way is faction hopping a positive mechanic for this game in its current state? Even if everything in the Kickstarter was met on release. Faction hoping makes no sense. There is zero penalty wut?
  11. This is a good start for sure, way better than the current chat system.
  12. Still looking for new and veteran alike!
  13. This guy literally goes from post to post to counter anything that criticizes any aspect of this game what so ever. You are incredibly cringe!
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