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  1. While we're at it Crow is technically a racial slur if you dig real hard and go back to the 1800s. Don't believe me? Look it up. And Cro is one of the spellings for a female prostitute in Australia between the 1940s and 70s. COINCIDENCE?! Yes. It custard is. The inspiration for this race is clearly redwallian, and the origins of this race have ties to European culture. I think banning Italian based names for a guinea pig based race, on the idea that it could be construed wrong is not a good level of hyper-vigilance to be on. Calling the developers out for "racism" is d
  2. I support this mechanic and think it's simple, and important to execute. Each God has an Emissary NPC at it's statue shrine in Gods Reach. You spend divine favor there on things like resource seeds, guild wide harvesting buffs (1 hour or timed), guild wide durability reduction buffs (timed), and each god has it's own rewards available. It would really change the way people engage with campaigns in a positive way. It also gives a group inclusion goal, and naturally limits the number of rewards doled out to a guild like J. Todd wanted to do.
  3. “Small gang, big package.” This post, and its motto, is still under development.The Meta Cartel will not be held responsible for any offense, death, or moving back in with your parents resulting from reading this. We are a mostly PVP trying to be high skill guild interested in absorbing every tiny bit of information in the game, and using that to come up with fun and innovative ways to use comparatively small numbers to win against the odds. We may try new or odd things together if it seems like it will work. That's how you set new Metas. Many of us stream, and are passionate
  4. I really hate to dissagree with JTodd here, or... well ever. Butttt.... I don't think people will work together just because it's in their best interest, or because they are in a guild together. That's part of the whole political drama that will play out in a "throne war" game. TL;DR; I don't like just being a naysayer, which is why I suggested a solution in response to the last FotW here. Using overflow could be bad because buildings take up lots of room. Maybe the spirit bank will be getting pages or something, but I really hope we don't fall into the pay extra for inventory trap.
  5. Those are good points. I will need to incorporate that into my future thoughts about the topic. Also to clarify when I said deleting all the work of others by removing the parcels I meant the placement and setup, not the actual items... I see how that my have been worded in a bad way now.
  6. More specifically. I meant the ACTIVE movement of the item. NOT that the monarch or noble shouldn't be able to move the items of people under them. If I, as the owner of the item am moving it, I would rather you not cancel my action. You could re-deed the item and problem solved. I do understand what you are saying though, and it could work either way, that's just my view.
  7. I meant specifically the movement. It's your item and you should be able to decide if you want to move it or not IMO. People shouldn't outrank your ability to move your owned items. They could remove them from their land though.
  8. While the pre-check for movement seems like a good idea, I have to disagree about canceling move orders. If someone is moving a thing and you want it out of your way, you can: wait, or "delete" the object (aka. re-deed it). It is important to keep the objects in question under the sole control of the owner. On a related note, we listened to this Fotw and discussed it at length on stream last night. I'll detail some of my main thoughts and concerns. Banning: As a monarch, one of your nobles (Mr. Baddie Pants) has done something bad, and you need to ban him from your realm. Mr. B
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