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  1. All above are correct - Farm gold! Visit the Exploration Discipline vendor in your temple and buy and equip the logging Disc. (Optional) Also buy a belt while you are there. Once the logger is equipped you can now use 'Intermediate Runetools' as well as the basic ones. To craft intermediate tools go to a Runemaking Crafting Bench. Combine a basic Axe with 3 dust and 3 Ore (You can buy Ore from the vendors across the hall if you don't have any). While Logging (Probably in Gods Reach with these tools) you will occasionally drop Green quality logging Discs (o
  2. Problems with PayPal payments usually happen because: We didn’t receive authorization from PayPal to charge your account. Our security system flagged the payment as unusual activity. If funds were withdrawn, the transaction will instantly be refunded to your PayPal account. There’s an issue with your funding source. You might need to update your payment sources in PayPal. If you didn’t find the answer you needed above, please contact us. https://help.xsolla.com/payment/paypal They have a live chat on that page. Hope that helps
  3. Respect. Been a pleasure to fight you. Good Hunting wherever you go. Rain
  4. Welcome Chauncey!
  5. Judging by most stories. myths legends and hollywood movies when you either teleport or time travel you arrive naked and covered in translucent goo. Surely the gods of teleport are working hard enough to transport a single hamster, let alone the 17 metric tonnes of stone and 45 hammers they are also carrying.
  6. 1st World problem! "Binding Sigil" runecrafter recipie multiple only goes to 2 !! make it 20/50
  7. I found I could craft my own Blue, but once equipped could not craft anymore. Something to do with the recipe reduction ? I get the Green Assemble button then the same thing as Harry
  8. Just to add to the Q&A debate on chests at outposts to drive offhours PvP - My suggestion would be to have an Outpost only proc a loot chest on Full outpost capture. This would give opponents time to respond to Event channel notifications and therefore hopefully create fights. I guess you would also need a mechanism to stop it being 'gamed' like a maximum of one chest per hour ?
  9. Welcome Lonar! The East India Trading Company [EITC]
  10. To be come a Pro Harvester you will want to use the most 'Advanced Tools' But, you will need to train your skill with tools before you can use them. Consult your 'Basic Exploration' training to unlock Knives, Axes, Picks and Hammers alongside abilities to harvest much sought after rare commodities, such as gems and minerals, heartwood and blood!
  11. Banking Issue. Using any of the filters or search bugs the bank contents view so that: 1. Can only see one, usually crafted item, regardless of filter 2. On 'ALL' can only see items from a certain letter onwards 3. On Vault screen see nothing in the Campaign bank window. Logout required to restore. I think its 100% of the time
  12. My preference would be to able to choose how many pips I use and not be forced into polishing the stat I don't care about. In the Elven Arm example above, I would put 10 into Str and leave Dex with zero pips. Thus ensuring all my polish ends up in the stat I want. It seems counter intuitive for a better trained or geared Crafter to be less able to produce more desirable end results on many recipies than another crafter with exactly 10 pips.
  13. Some great responses from the vets, however I'd like to point out (and maybe I notice this more as an archer) . 1. The crosshair and the hitbox are seperate mechanics - Dont take me word for it,look at the new confessor spam, the targets affected are not always related to the crosshair. Same with any pboe, conal front aoe, melee defensive frontal or cones. They are allpositional, not crosshair. 2. The crosshair is an information gathering tool - for me its usually range to target maagement, and secodarily checking their debuffs. Obvs I could ad checking the rank of a tree befo
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