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  1. Hi Copran, thread moved on a lot so thought Id come and say Hi and respond. The values and unlocks were taken from the test server for version 5.8.3. Lots of changes to Disciplines too, mostly better. Enjoy.

  2. Is what J to the D and Barry said in last weeks streamcast. All right, I may have paraphrased slightly, for succinctness, but I have 2, no 3.... some points: I know the game is amazing in its complexity, but what the abilities do ain't. For people who have played a computer game before the process goes something like.. Spend talent points, load new ability, try it on dummy/piggy/wolf > Like it, keep it, Done. > Underwhelmed, remove from bar, regret, reroll, regrind Done. In later levels the abilities are often modified either directly by " Thorns just got Thornier" type talents or indirectly by new achetype tree choices, e.g. buff Support power by tiny amounts spending 6 to 9 talent points, then blamo gain +650 by choosing 3rd tree. The choices we make later in the tree often make SOME of the choices we made earlier irrelevant/sub-optimal. The talents I choose ultimately, will need to support me/my team as I further the Throne war against other players, what I learn from Soloing or even Grouping cats/spiders often has little relevance to what I will be using the skills for end game. Perhaps if you can upgrade the mobs AI with long distance social aggro (calling some other cats to gang up on you in Cat channel), trying to run/teleport/stealth away at low health or even remembering to get in range before attacking (love the way Cats wave at you from 15m) or giving cats ballistas (a cat with a ballista? wait, can i play that race?). Alright joking about stretch AI goals aside, even if I do learn something by leveling slowly grinding dumb cats, what relevance does it have to either a Keep siege or a One on One encounter? Level to 30, turn up at keep/mind your own business, get smoked/ganked, regret, reroll, regrind. Whatever I have learned about my abilities and passives gained through leveling, Disciplines - BOOM I just 8 to 11 more. All right, somewhat staggered in the leveling process (currently)***, but again, probably making my previous learning's and choices less relevant. (In full launch) Aquire new Disc that gives you ability X, enhanced, for free, regret, reroll, regrind. On the other hand, if you have all 30 levels to play with (after you have learnt a significant amount about the crafting and gathering systems e.g. frames, (I certainly learnt a huge amount about crafting, gathering and skill training)) You are more likely to look ahead down the talent tree and make better choices, well, potentially, we are all idiots sometimes and the Discs discovery system will still change your mind after the fact. Regret, reroll, regrind. I think it was Timmy Mallet who first said "If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem" ... or was it Bob Marley ? Anyway, you'll notice in the word cloud of the above points 2 are massive: Regret and ReRoll. Options. Disclaimer: On the first Sac'd level or every Sac'd level pop up says "I am a seasoned pro and know what I'm doing/I have watched so much YouTube my eyes are numb and will not cry or whine on the forums if I mess this up. I am not a robot." Yes/No Buttons. Regret pots: On creation each new toon gets X character/account bound respec potions that refund X, Y or Z amounts of telant points to respend in light of you post leveling learnings. Sac-Back: OK, I made a mistake, turns out I am noob, or what I learned last week got changed, or I just unlocked an awesome Disc that has reworked my entire bar....i really should have tried this on Test first.... I can use a 'Dark Sac' pit to un-level and lose the offending talent points. Fiendish ! Cry moar: Certain activities reward a free complete respec of all talent points across all toons. A whining forum post longer and more whiny than this one, no less than 17 emails whining to support email address, a total of no less than 160,00 repeats of the same /cry emote in front of the Sac Pit in your factions temple. Rage quit. A listen subroutine monitors the keyboard for the keystrokes that result from smashing fists or forehead into the keyboard and pop up a free respec option before the mouse is smashed against the wall. Patience, young padawan: I need to chill the fnark out and wait. While gold Sac's are still in game and campaigns get longer a trifling 14k for 30 levels of common vessel will be a mere afternoons takings from my trader/guildbank. I'll have to ask Anhrez what he thinks the effects of longer campaigns will mean to vessel price, but Ill conjecture that if you can afford an Epic vessel, than you can afford double that to level it ! /shows the #anhrez light. TL:DR? In an attempt to look at the issues and possible solutions of leveling on dumb cats, more questions were raised than answered. L2Read! ***Reference: 5.8.3 Leveling values and Discipline slot unlocks (from Test server 9/2/19 Level XP Disc Unlocks 1 0 2 228 3 255 4 281 Exploration 5 309 Minor 6 335 7 362 Minor 8 389 Minor 9 416 Exploration 10 442 11 470 12 496 13 523 14 550 15 576 16 604 Major 17 630 Major 18 657 19 684 20 711 21 737 22 765 23 791 24 818 25 845 26 871 27 899 28 925 29 952 30 979 14013
  3. 'Chivalry - improves Movement Speed WHILE MOUNTED by 5% per point spent' Unfortunately 1 point is required to unlock the 2nd Minor Disc unlock. Good Hunting
  4. BTW - what happened to the 5.8.3 Test Bug thread ??
  5. Just as counterpoint to my earlier post about Trying out different builds and classes, TEST server does allow you to level to 30 at the first Sac pit in starter zone before Temple Gateway. The vendors there allow you to buy free gear, mats AND GOLD. Advanced Armour but only basic weapons so you'll need to head to a Keep to craft a Staff or Orb etc. or any Advanced weapon Recommend you hit up test and play with the new Skill trees and Discs. Good Hunting
  6. On killing a spider in starter zone you see both the dead spider and also a live,animated, but non attacking spider. Good Hunting
  7. BucDen is saying that the highest they have got is level 12 with their toons. After the frames nerf you could still do a combination of meat, axes, the three part charm recipie and a few other odds and sods and get to about level 12. I used to get to level 15 with bandages But now, the free axes, the meat and the bandages don't give xp and the Sacrifice parts no longer drop. If you farm the starter area spiders to level 5 you should end up with about 800 gold and so you can buy yourself a couple more levels, Im trying to remember if the piggies in the temple forest are R2 ? Either way you will need to hit the PvP area somewhere between Level 6 and 9 now. Good Hunting EDIT: Yes - I have been trying to level lots of toons
  8. I don't mind leveling and do find it a fun way to learn more about the classes I'm playing, BUT the distribution of Rank 7+ Mobs is terrible at the moment and a real turn off for leveling 25 to 30. Yes I can go with guildies, but I'll need a decent level 30 to waste there time nannying us or else a single, half decent stealth class can take us out one by one with no problem. Plus there is plenty incentive for them to do so. They know they will get a good haul from the mobs the level group have been grinding. Gold + Hides etc As it stands there a very few places to do so and so the ganker(s) get high reward for time invested. Especially Rank 9 & 10 for levels 26 and up. OK I might be able to build a great leveling group to survive one or maybe 2 gankers, but very hard at current server populations. "Yeah, get good" you might say, or "Dude, organise with your faction to hold control of the Rank 10 Mob location, it's in their interest to get its people leveled" (and an interesting resource control meta) and I would somewhat agree with these points in a fully released game. But not in pre-alpha test. I want to level lots of toons to try out different builds before release. That's one of the reasons I paid for early access. Maybe, leveling via frames was too easy and I'm not looking for an easy game. I just think at this stage in Aplha its too much of a pain. How is siege population looking since the change to frames ? Just my 2cp. Good Hunting.
  9. Thks Mandalore, I didn't know just standing there afk in combat stance was hurting ! Good to know.... I'mma get my stopwatch out....
  10. I can see an argument that Inventory use stops you running, especially when you are trying to spirit bank your goodies, else where is the risk/reward, but it would be a pain to have to return to temple just to pull out a spare weapon, or another crafting tool, especially if you are in a small crafting group. Would having Spirit Bank only available from Chests in Fort/Keep be workable ? But then I have always thought potion use while running was highly dubious (and not just the spillage factor!) but more the rummage around in your bag looking for the right one, especially when its at the bottom of the bag, underneath a pile of rocks and a few dozen logs. Always liked potion belts allowing you to slot a restricted amount of potions. There may be an argument (from the ganker!) that calling for help across a whole zone is immersion breaking, but we already have the ability to mystically converse across regions so I'm all in favor of being able to chat on the run, maybe restricted to group only? Plus chatting while running already has its built in penalty of running into enemy camps, trees, off cliffs Weapon / armour switching would be cool if, while doing it in motion, you had to drop the one you are switching out. It's 'realistic' that you should be able to drop your bow and pull 2 swords out of their scabbards, but fastening up the bow neatly to your back while running and jumping .... but then ground drop code would be an issue for the devs. And I guess that would be the limiting factor in all the above scenarios, whats easy to code and what are the knock on effects. Good Hunting.
  11. Equipped my shiny new weapon, went to whack the new training dummies, 5 minutes later noticed half of my new shiny weapon has decayed. Is that the design intention ? Rain
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