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  1. I like a Dark Frostguard for farming, Moah AoE and some Self Sustain from 'Soul Steal' - https://crowcaine.wiki/builds/@me/new?class=frostweaver&race=fae&talents=a1-b1-b2-c1-c2-c3-d1-e1-e3-f1-h1-i3-j6-k3-l7&majors=corrupted-soul--frozen-dancer&minors=barbed-stake--fortified-stakes Use Cooling Focus gem to keep the mana flowing, pull 5 -15 mobs depending on their level. For Captains and Up you can manually weave Frigid Ice for knockdown spam in between AoE's, but you may need to manually place a Cooling Ice behind you for mana in longer fights.
  2. 100% This. Support experience has been always excellent! Good Job and Good Luck for launch!
  3. Runecrafter recipe "Binding Sigil" can only be made 2 at a time. Apart from anything else, we onl y ever use them in multiple's of 3 (To create Major Discs from Knowledge Runes) Please increase the amount that can be made at once to at least 6 . Thanks
  4. Tools: Woodworking Bug? Tool Sigil Recipie has ingredient "Parchment Paper" which is made on the Woodworking Bench but is only creating White Parchment Paper, never the colour of the wood. Previously the recipe made 5 parchment papers and had a chance to fail assembly and downgrade its colour. If white paper is all that is available this will affect Toolmaking for all qualities above white as each tool needs a a parchment paper. Is this by design? Granted, from other community posts not many Runecrafters appear to be using mats above white but we would very much like to be able to continue to make Blue Sparkly Tools, and I cant see the success rate being very good if forced to use white paper! Thanks
  5. Thanks for telling me what to think, I wasn't sure til you Crowsplained it! I am glad you think it won't be a thing, I hope you are right. Or we could just give feedback that we are concerned about the 'direction of travel' of the VIP 'perks. Oh wait, that's what I did. The cost to make tools CAN be minimal, if you like shoddy tools. And you don't care about Crit, or Mineral or Gem chance. Or speed of harvesting, or amount of materials. Or more and better vessels, jewellery, armour and weapons. Or exotic exploration discs. But I do take your point, IF you only make cheap tools, this isn't a thing. Cheers Rain "It's just good business"
  6. I am concerned that it will have a spin off on recruitment trends for harvesters. As a toolmaker for an amazing Economy/PvP guild I consume quite a lot of resource for our Dregs tools and our MotherLode tools. Including some of the real Pita things to farm - Apples and Soulgems. If a guild has a new recruit sign-up who likes to harvest, it would make economic sense for the guild to say "you can't harvest unless you have VIP tool decay reduction". Obviously right now, I don't think any guild would turn any harvester down, even if they were using their tools upside down! But in the future, this could create a barrier to joining guilds, or at least becoming a "2nd class" guild member. I agree with Wolfye, this feels more than 'cosmetic/convenience'. ? Would a 25% reduction on crafted weapon decay be deemed convenience? Is there any difference ? "It's just good business"
  7. OK, so with Gold sinks in Discs, and Belts and the value of Wartribe gear I like that poeple are out on the map more available for PvP. I really like that you added Vaults to Outposts. What I don't like is the Admin grind! On a decent build you can farm up an inventories worth pretty quick, and then run to the bank and offload. Great. However, roughly 4 of these bank runs and your bank is now full. So to continue the farm you have to log out to a mule Character, Sell up, offload, maybe even store in an EK storage chest. This process is tedious and by the time you get back to your farm spot its been taken by someone on your own faction! Please add a Vendor to either the Respawn Outposts or Forts in Infected. Sure every MMO has its storage management minigame in PvE, but please, Infected Wartribes are farm + PvP, does it need to be an admin time sink too?
  8. Frostguard with Dark domain, Corrupted Soul + Frozen Dancer Majors and Barbed Stake + Heads Up for Minors is my new farming Spec https://imgur.com/a/zVVmn3L
  9. This ^ . Also for Arrowheads, Stitched Leather, Bow Grips, Frostcaster thingummies etc etc.
  10. All above are correct - Farm gold! Visit the Exploration Discipline vendor in your temple and buy and equip the logging Disc. (Optional) Also buy a belt while you are there. Once the logger is equipped you can now use 'Intermediate Runetools' as well as the basic ones. To craft intermediate tools go to a Runemaking Crafting Bench. Combine a basic Axe with 3 dust and 3 Ore (You can buy Ore from the vendors across the hall if you don't have any). While Logging (Probably in Gods Reach with these tools) you will occasionally drop Green quality logging Discs (or if you are lucky Rare named Thralls 'The Logger' will drop blue discs, but named ones only spawn in the Campaign). It doesn't take too long to gather 9 Green discs. Farm more Gold! Hit J for basic crafting and go down to upgrades > Disciplines > Exploration Disciplines. Combine 3 Green discs to get a blue with 3 Domination dust (sold at the same vendor), 3 soul essence (drops from any Thrall - Thralls are the ghosty guys that spawn at night). Combine 3 blue to get an Epic. Once the Epic disc is equipped you can use Advanced Rune Tools. (To craft advanced tools simply buy and equip a Runemaker Discipline from the same vendor) To upgrade your belt you will need another 9 dropped green exploration discs and 3 green belts, along with 5 Domination dust. Domination dust costs 4,000g each! For more on the what the different upgraded belts and discs do check out: https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/december-live-stream Good Hunting!
  11. Problems with PayPal payments usually happen because: We didn’t receive authorization from PayPal to charge your account. Our security system flagged the payment as unusual activity. If funds were withdrawn, the transaction will instantly be refunded to your PayPal account. There’s an issue with your funding source. You might need to update your payment sources in PayPal. If you didn’t find the answer you needed above, please contact us. https://help.xsolla.com/payment/paypal They have a live chat on that page. Hope that helps
  12. Respect. Been a pleasure to fight you. Good Hunting wherever you go. Rain
  13. Judging by most stories. myths legends and hollywood movies when you either teleport or time travel you arrive naked and covered in translucent goo. Surely the gods of teleport are working hard enough to transport a single hamster, let alone the 17 metric tonnes of stone and 45 hammers they are also carrying.
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