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  1. Welcome Lonar! The East India Trading Company [EITC]
  2. To be come a Pro Harvester you will want to use the most 'Advanced Tools' But, you will need to train your skill with tools before you can use them. Consult your 'Basic Exploration' training to unlock Knives, Axes, Picks and Hammers alongside abilities to harvest much sought after rare commodities, such as gems and minerals, heartwood and blood!
  3. Banking Issue. Using any of the filters or search bugs the bank contents view so that: 1. Can only see one, usually crafted item, regardless of filter 2. On 'ALL' can only see items from a certain letter onwards 3. On Vault screen see nothing in the Campaign bank window. Logout required to restore. I think its 100% of the time
  4. My preference would be to able to choose how many pips I use and not be forced into polishing the stat I don't care about. In the Elven Arm example above, I would put 10 into Str and leave Dex with zero pips. Thus ensuring all my polish ends up in the stat I want. It seems counter intuitive for a better trained or geared Crafter to be less able to produce more desirable end results on many recipies than another crafter with exactly 10 pips.
  5. Some great responses from the vets, however I'd like to point out (and maybe I notice this more as an archer) . 1. The crosshair and the hitbox are seperate mechanics - Dont take me word for it,look at the new confessor spam, the targets affected are not always related to the crosshair. Same with any pboe, conal front aoe, melee defensive frontal or cones. They are allpositional, not crosshair. 2. The crosshair is an information gathering tool - for me its usually range to target maagement, and secodarily checking their debuffs. Obvs I could ad checking the rank of a tree befo
  6. May the road rise with you. Good Hunting wherever you end up. Has been fun to fight both alongside and against you over the last few years. Lots of good feedback there, just wanted to expand on this: This NPE tip is spot on. For example the NPE quest line goal could be based on non-skill dependant recipes - with the quest line taking you through harvesting steps, craft sub-components from different crafting skills right through to final combination. Something like 'Create 10 Bon Tippers'. All the best. Rain
  7. Those talking about the extra OP of the CC and Stealth: 1. Invisibility is not 'Stealth' Its Camouflage so a lot less useful. Long cast time, can't move or you become partially visible and consumes stamina, eventually cancelling itself in roughly 30 secs, depending how much Stam you have, obvs. 2.There are at least 3 other Majors that have decent instacast and/or AoE roots on them, far better CC's in every case.
  8. Yes, same here. Nice and smooth every where, all settings, apart from node clusters, the brighter (aurelium) the worse. 3700x , 5700xt, nvme SSD
  9. Same teleport - always takes me to the same landing spot. : Earth Temple - 2171, 14, 2232
  10. Sorry you are right - the text is different on arrows, but I retested and it is every third shot just like a quiver You can make Fire and Ice quivers also - but you do need to slot Arcane Archer Major Disc to use them.
  11. Sorry, you are right, Arrows have different text but I tested and do function the same as quivers.
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