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  1. Those talking about the extra OP of the CC and Stealth: 1. Invisibility is not 'Stealth' Its Camouflage so a lot less useful. Long cast time, can't move or you become partially visible and consumes stamina, eventually cancelling itself in roughly 30 secs, depending how much Stam you have, obvs. 2.There are at least 3 other Majors that have decent instacast and/or AoE roots on them, far better CC's in every case.
  2. Yes, same here. Nice and smooth every where, all settings, apart from node clusters, the brighter (aurelium) the worse. 3700x , 5700xt, nvme SSD
  3. Same teleport - always takes me to the same landing spot. : Earth Temple - 2171, 14, 2232
  4. Sorry you are right - the text is different on arrows, but I retested and it is every third shot just like a quiver You can make Fire and Ice quivers also - but you do need to slot Arcane Archer Major Disc to use them.
  5. Sorry, you are right, Arrows have different text but I tested and do function the same as quivers.
  6. Quivers are more than QoL (currently!) Increased damage 'Fully Charged 3rd Basic attack' mechanic adds effects per quiver type (e.g. Slashing adds Execute, Piercing adds Bleed, Cold adds Root etc etc)
  7. Or indeed, Jah the 7 dimensional Hamsteroid being that's controlling Jah the person, controlling Jah the Guinecian. You do know that what we 'players' think of as 'IRL' is actually an MMORPG played by extra-dimensional boomers ?
  8. Hi Lord of Cringe, the best gear is crafted and each crafted weapon or attire is unique. So the arms race begins with getting your crafters kitted out in amazing crafting gear and these includes special tools that only drop from WarTribe bosses. Once your crafter is well trained, well dressed and well fed they can crank out amazing gear and you can design what effects it has by selecting which materials to craft it from. So, for example for advanced Runic weapons you are going to need a rare drop design and a good 'hunger shard' which can only be mined from hunger shards if you have invested training into it.Oh and you'll also need a leather worker and/or woodworker to assist your blacksmith with some components. Or the the gems in your jewellery which you can only mine from motherlodes, again if you have invested training into it AND you'll need a team of miners to co-op harvest. So you see, great gear comes from co-ordinated guild effort and can be tailored to your needs.But don't worry there is also the 'Wartribe' gear and some of that is not bad at all and comes with random and sometimes silly combinations of effects, just like random loot in other games and will tide you over until your gatherers and crafters can start pumping out decent gear. Oh, and they get to name them also ! TL:DR: Crafted gear is best. e.g. the base materials and specialist mined hunger shards define the effects on weapons - each piece is unique.
  9. I'm trying to work out how this will affect Rezzing. Previously most resurrects were performed from the Survival tray, now that is no longer an option. Clerics already have a famously cluttered bar and it would be tough to decide what to drop in order to keep a rezz up. However, if I am out of combat then I can hit K for skills and just swap rezz into a slot while its needed, and I expect this to be the new norm, right ? And the thing affected will be 'combat rezzing'. So, to work out when I can rezz, I need to know how the 'player hate list' reacts to non-damaging skills such as blocking and healing. According to TB above, casting Rezz from a tray will briefly put me in combat (?won't that cancel the rezz?) and then if I am not on a hate list I pop out of combat again. So, if I am not damaging anyone does that mean I keep slipping out of combat every 2 seconds, between abilities? That would be great for mana and stamina regeneration and durability (and glycolysis as @Fayde mentioned). Would it also make combat rezzing a bit easier and so might be worth carrying on your active bar? Currently you have to wait for the tray switch cool downs before casting the rezz, now I can just fire it off in a gap and pray that a stray arrow / aoe target selection doesn't catch me. Or, does the act of healing or buffing an ally who is on a player hate list also put the healer on the players hate list? If so all actions will keep me in combat and I'll only ever be able to rezz after I exit the players hate list... Which is how ? Does it time out if they are not being damaged by you? Or do they need to die/zone to remove me from their hate list. Either way, hitting K and skill switching in the gaps in combat is going to be the new norm for rezzers and I only need to understand the delays involved to combat. Given that it is currently possible to change skills and passives in Combat, on the fly, at will perhaps it will become the new norm for all who will feel challenged by loosing skill slots I realise that most healers also like to hurt people in current gameplay, but could there be an advantage to just healing/buffing/blocking, not just for the extra regen, but also for 2 second access to K skill switching and a potentially limitless power tray!?! Can't wait for TEST and thanks for this Dev Diary approach, will allow us to work out what we want to test better .....more betterer .... much more betterly .... bestist. Cheers
  10. "No never, no never no more, will I trust the Elves of Dunsinore" - The Fall - Elves

  11. I thought I was on a bit of a break as EU got very quiet so I thought I would check out some other games... but soon I was logging back into Crowfall, sneaking out into the world on my own ... and MINING ! Turns out I am addicted to the BLLAAAAINNNNGG ! noises when you harvest an epic or legendary. Crit Chance gear and Crit amount sandwich for the win!
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