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  1. Duel wield caster !?! About time too !
  2. Hey Nicksum,

       we saw your guild request and Drav sent you a message but did not get a reply ?  Message me here if you are still interested and ill get you a discord invite for a chat  OK ? 

    Good Hunting




  3. Yes ! If you add 1000 gold to 100 in the bank they will stack but not update them amount until you move it back to inventory - kept thinking I was loosing money out of me pocketses
  4. Like a mats cruncher? Combine 20 White to get 1 Green, Convert 20 Green to get 1 Blue etc etc e.g 400 white = 1 Blue Move the exchange rate slider as you see fit?
  5. Traps are successful in the temple but simply disappear in both (Gods Reach) Starter Zone and Adventure zone. This happens wether I place the trap on the mob, or place it at distance and pull the mob onto the trap. Warden promotion. Fairy trap and Explosive Trap
  6. I was play-testing a Warden using Wreckoning to trigger from expiry of Fairy Trap barrier. The trap itself was hitting all 3 target dummies, but when the Wreckoning effect triggered it triggered 3 times per dummy. Design ?
  7. I know right ? I'm glad the milk is already in a bucket. 'Annoyroch' for the boss name >?
  8. I'd agree with that, so long as they consumed a decent amount of resources - say like 1 to 5 ballistas worth... otherwise, bring a bigger force, or use better strategy (own the walls, clear the guards, camp the statue). Its already possible to 2 man an undefended fort so I'm not keen on diluting the fort defenses. Do you really want forts to be as easy to take as outposts ? @Phr00t - I did read it all, I respect what you say, lets agree to disagree ? Rain
  9. " Let's say the fight is relatively even, and each faction loses 5 members during the battle. Given even numbers, this fight essentially means that the attacking force has already lost the battle. "
  10. I know what you are saying, it is 'annoying' in an equal numbers fight. But, a defending force should have an advantage, imho, not just historical accuracy blah blah blah, but within the game mechanics also. That faction fought hard, maybe repaired, maybe spent resources to capture, so why should an attacking force have an even chance? No the attacking force just needs to turn up with more bodies than the defenders to have even a chance. The respawn nearby issue, well there are ways to deal with that in both keeps and forts, but involves having extra numbers and possibly clearing some extra guards. Depending on your healing. I am quite new to the game and I am sure you would beat me in a 1v1, but respectfully, I disagree.
  11. IF you cannot trade an item please write not trade-able on it ? Passed my swift pack pig recipie to a friends crafter who has scroll case minor equipped, only to discover a) It no longer requires Scroll case b) its not trade-able. My friends crafter now has a swift mount to run around the temple on.
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