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  1. Quivers no longer usable by Brigand Ranger's. Not sure if this is by design or bug but the "You can now equip quivers" has gone from the Brigand specialization.
  2. Visiting Srathors Lawn EK I have the same issue that neither vendors or Crafting stations react to F, the animation shows the bar filling but with no pop of the Craft/Vendor window. Tried different characters and re-logging
  3. Especially when they get hidden inside Architecture or Landscape, e.g. Lost a Blue piece of leather as the Cat died near a pile of logs. I could see its blue shinynesss through the gaps in the logs but could not collect it. Similarly for Cavern walls.
  4. ~1 Loving the Trap Animations ! ~2. Loving the xp curve change, real nice to be able to grind Wartribes or Mobs for, especially with no Campaign in play. Doesn't seem to work for non-common vessels though ?
  5. I think its a good idea, perhaps if the rewards were very small/cosmetic so they didn't drag you away from the throne war. However, not everyone is available at siege oclock and many of us like to dive into a game and straight into some skilled PvP, as the success of the recent Arena and Battle Royal games has showed. Personally I loved Alterac Valley in Wow, the (Huttball!) Arena's in SWTOR, Warhammer Online, Neverwinter and the 'Go straight to battle' feature of Planetside 2, for example. Having said that, we are early in the process and if this throne war ends up as populated as say GW2 or ESO Cryodil round the clock, then that would be great too. I guess that depends on the end state of Siege Windows and other capture mechanics.
  6. Ourses ! The precious is all ourses !
  7. Gratz Zombie ! Got to say I prefer the video from the week before, running round the vertical walls and griefing them from all angles ! Too funny. Imagine trying to level in the only R10 spot and getting 'Death from Above'! 😉
  8. The Surly Knight Sir Rain was sitting at his usual table, at his usual time, in his usual mood, in the corner by the fire, in the tavern near the temple. His usual time lately was all of the time. This tavern was a fine example of the strategic importance of staging posts along the route to the warring frontier, with good stables, good supply and good ale. In truth, Master Blair, the owner of the tavern could do without the patronage of the surly Knight by his fire, but he was a veteran himself and could well afford a little charity to a fellow warrior. "Your ale, Sirrah" said Blair and with a smile as effusive as the foam in the pewter crock he slapped it down on the rough oak table in front of Sir Rain. But his broad smile was not met in kind. Master Blair retreated with a sad shake of his head, well knowing the states of soldiery, and the unseen, unsaid sadness of a warrior at peace. Sir Rain occasionally worried that his surly presence was not a great boon to the Inn but what he did not know was that Master Blair was more than happy to accommodate his misery in lieu of the marketing offset. In any day that the surly knight was in attendance Master Blair could be happy that his establishment had the kudos of an active, if surly, knight in attendance. This then was the gripe for any professional soldier of these times. Fighting, risking life and limb to achieve a state of peace, but then finding peace an unwelcome friend. Sir Rain could not voice his frustration of peace to the young serving staff who saw nothing but joy in front of them. For to gainsay those whose peace he had fought for was an anathema. Yet, still, he just wanted to fight and struggled not too with the local idiots. Sir Rain could see no release, nor wanted any, duty to honour being what it was, and honour bound, now, to peace. Maybe there would be no other campaign for him, and Master Blair would grow tired of him and throw him out to the gutter where he would rot, having learnt no other skill than war. Indeed, Master Blair's patience was running a little thin this autumn as Sir Rain's gruff demeanour was scaring the serving maids of his establishment, yet knowing full well if Inn's like his did not hold host to warriors, then who would ? Sir Rain's thoughts turned darker still. Inside, he wanted to scream at the locals, scream that that they were just fools. That war was always a moment away. As much as he wanted to fight for their glory, he could neither accept their peace. Peace was not in his soul. So he drank. Master Blair raised his eye to the open door and put one hand to the throwing knife under the bar as the phalanx of leather armoured assassins poured into the Inn, and then relaxed as he recognized the face that entered behind. In any walk of life there are not many faces that can truly alter the plight of all that fall under their gaze, but today, this face, this person, was known for a thousand leagues, for this was Commander Dravoix. "Enjoying your rest Sir Rain?" "NO Sir! I am not!" Sir Rain could not help himself and had already stood bolt upright, without having to think about it. "Good, Chaos hordes are infiltrating, we have incursions across the map and I need warriors like you to step up" "Yes Sir! About time! I shall report to the temple for muster." "No time for that I'm afraid, your orders are to move directly to Thracia and gather what troops you can to retake Storm Haven keep. We shall undertake a new campaign to neutralise all regions. Are we clear Sir Rain?" "Yes Sir! The best news I have had this year. Storm Haven it is Commander".
  9. HI, is anyone else seeing an issue with Import Export part of the Spirit Bank? The first time the Import/Export value appeared on the bank UI window was when it hit 0 ;~/
  10. QoL: Help Hint displayed the wrong side of the gate to Nysa Free City: 1. IN own faction temple approach Nysa Gate 2. Help Hint pops saying you are not allowed to travel to other factions (forgot exact wording?) 3. Press F and Travel to Nysa anyway. Rain
  11. Hi Copran, thread moved on a lot so thought Id come and say Hi and respond. The values and unlocks were taken from the test server for version 5.8.3. Lots of changes to Disciplines too, mostly better. Enjoy.

  12. Is what J to the D and Barry said in last weeks streamcast. All right, I may have paraphrased slightly, for succinctness, but I have 2, no 3.... some points: I know the game is amazing in its complexity, but what the abilities do ain't. For people who have played a computer game before the process goes something like.. Spend talent points, load new ability, try it on dummy/piggy/wolf > Like it, keep it, Done. > Underwhelmed, remove from bar, regret, reroll, regrind Done. In later levels the abilities are often modified either directly by " Thorns just got Thornier" type talents or indirectly by new achetype tree choices, e.g. buff Support power by tiny amounts spending 6 to 9 talent points, then blamo gain +650 by choosing 3rd tree. The choices we make later in the tree often make SOME of the choices we made earlier irrelevant/sub-optimal. The talents I choose ultimately, will need to support me/my team as I further the Throne war against other players, what I learn from Soloing or even Grouping cats/spiders often has little relevance to what I will be using the skills for end game. Perhaps if you can upgrade the mobs AI with long distance social aggro (calling some other cats to gang up on you in Cat channel), trying to run/teleport/stealth away at low health or even remembering to get in range before attacking (love the way Cats wave at you from 15m) or giving cats ballistas (a cat with a ballista? wait, can i play that race?). Alright joking about stretch AI goals aside, even if I do learn something by leveling slowly grinding dumb cats, what relevance does it have to either a Keep siege or a One on One encounter? Level to 30, turn up at keep/mind your own business, get smoked/ganked, regret, reroll, regrind. Whatever I have learned about my abilities and passives gained through leveling, Disciplines - BOOM I just 8 to 11 more. All right, somewhat staggered in the leveling process (currently)***, but again, probably making my previous learning's and choices less relevant. (In full launch) Aquire new Disc that gives you ability X, enhanced, for free, regret, reroll, regrind. On the other hand, if you have all 30 levels to play with (after you have learnt a significant amount about the crafting and gathering systems e.g. frames, (I certainly learnt a huge amount about crafting, gathering and skill training)) You are more likely to look ahead down the talent tree and make better choices, well, potentially, we are all idiots sometimes and the Discs discovery system will still change your mind after the fact. Regret, reroll, regrind. I think it was Timmy Mallet who first said "If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem" ... or was it Bob Marley ? Anyway, you'll notice in the word cloud of the above points 2 are massive: Regret and ReRoll. Options. Disclaimer: On the first Sac'd level or every Sac'd level pop up says "I am a seasoned pro and know what I'm doing/I have watched so much YouTube my eyes are numb and will not cry or whine on the forums if I mess this up. I am not a robot." Yes/No Buttons. Regret pots: On creation each new toon gets X character/account bound respec potions that refund X, Y or Z amounts of telant points to respend in light of you post leveling learnings. Sac-Back: OK, I made a mistake, turns out I am noob, or what I learned last week got changed, or I just unlocked an awesome Disc that has reworked my entire bar....i really should have tried this on Test first.... I can use a 'Dark Sac' pit to un-level and lose the offending talent points. Fiendish ! Cry moar: Certain activities reward a free complete respec of all talent points across all toons. A whining forum post longer and more whiny than this one, no less than 17 emails whining to support email address, a total of no less than 160,00 repeats of the same /cry emote in front of the Sac Pit in your factions temple. Rage quit. A listen subroutine monitors the keyboard for the keystrokes that result from smashing fists or forehead into the keyboard and pop up a free respec option before the mouse is smashed against the wall. Patience, young padawan: I need to chill the fnark out and wait. While gold Sac's are still in game and campaigns get longer a trifling 14k for 30 levels of common vessel will be a mere afternoons takings from my trader/guildbank. I'll have to ask Anhrez what he thinks the effects of longer campaigns will mean to vessel price, but Ill conjecture that if you can afford an Epic vessel, than you can afford double that to level it ! /shows the #anhrez light. TL:DR? In an attempt to look at the issues and possible solutions of leveling on dumb cats, more questions were raised than answered. L2Read! ***Reference: 5.8.3 Leveling values and Discipline slot unlocks (from Test server 9/2/19 Level XP Disc Unlocks 1 0 2 228 3 255 4 281 Exploration 5 309 Minor 6 335 7 362 Minor 8 389 Minor 9 416 Exploration 10 442 11 470 12 496 13 523 14 550 15 576 16 604 Major 17 630 Major 18 657 19 684 20 711 21 737 22 765 23 791 24 818 25 845 26 871 27 899 28 925 29 952 30 979 14013
  13. 'Chivalry - improves Movement Speed WHILE MOUNTED by 5% per point spent' Unfortunately 1 point is required to unlock the 2nd Minor Disc unlock. Good Hunting
  14. BTW - what happened to the 5.8.3 Test Bug thread ??
  15. Just as counterpoint to my earlier post about Trying out different builds and classes, TEST server does allow you to level to 30 at the first Sac pit in starter zone before Temple Gateway. The vendors there allow you to buy free gear, mats AND GOLD. Advanced Armour but only basic weapons so you'll need to head to a Keep to craft a Staff or Orb etc. or any Advanced weapon Recommend you hit up test and play with the new Skill trees and Discs. Good Hunting
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