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  1. Opening live server makes sense. Some players might leave because of this, some inactive players will also return for the alpha on live. It will bring fresh eyes to test the game and maybe find things and propose ideas that the current base didn't see. New guilds might also emerge and old inactive ones return. Whether it happens on test or live, the goal for now remains to test the game, find out bugs and unbalanced things so developers can improve the game before beta launch. It is probable that we are still at least 3-6 months of a beta launch and having a test and live account actually gives players with 1 account possibilities to test different things in the passive tree before we rock beta.
  2. Vendor system is good enough but it would help the economy to at least have local markets. What I mean by this is simply a NPC that would show all items being sold locally (in one Ek, in one given temple etc.). Searching vendor by vendor would remain an option but players could at least have some place to search specific items in local area, and buy directly from NPC, maybe at the cost of an extra tax. Now, it is difficult to find items which hinders economy. Keeping market local won't impact the private Ek markets for guilds and will help economy in the open markets (cities, temples etc.)
  3. Yes, they should not gate energetic harvest. I like the proposal to simply gain it with exploration discs. Part of the problem here is also the gear dropping from tribes. Purple gear with incredible stats shouldn't drop from a chief when it takes months of training and hours of gathering and crafting to potentially match it. It is too easy to get good gear of mobs right now and crafting it is not worth the effort. I think mobs should drop white gear only: better white gear can match green or even blue for specific builds and it would be good enough for starter PvP/farming. To compensate, tribes could drop ore, leather and stones with quality matching their tier (they are already dropping wood). This would make another way for blacksmiths/runemaker/stonemason to get the ressource they need to craft higher tier items and armor. With this change, a new player could actually be useful to gather ressources even if untrained and it wouldn't hinder veteran gatherers who would still get a better return hitting rocks after months of training (notably on gem drops etc.). Maybe unique bosses, 1 per zone or randomly generated with a message indicating the location they appear, could drop unique very strong/low dura gear, like someone already proposed. This would help generate PvP in the world.
  4. Well, Lots of things are needed for this game to shine. A lot of concepts are nice (and already potent) but it's a big rock to polish... I don't like to get negative, but after years trying the game and seing the progress, I feel development team should take another good 6 month to a year to really work the model around before deploying it again to users. I work in IT and I know releasing too soon is a double edged sword. Good to show the progression (and there is one!), bad to show that the progression is far away from goal. I won't detail all the working features and the ones that are totally broken or unfinished: other players covered them and I seen them too. This doesn't mean it's a crap game, far from it. Many concepts are really good but most are still poorly implemented. If I got an advice for you guys (for what it is worth), take the time to really polish the game and release the features you want to put in. You got a gem there! I know that the funds behind the project talk but, if you have a margin, simply take it. If you don't, take the maximum time you can afford on development, not on support (it is needed but not at this step of development). Softcore players (the big majority) won't say nothing, hardcore users will whine for a week, super hardcore players will be salty for months. Most will switch to another game and be the first to return in 6 months or a year to see the real beta and many more if you take the time to fix the game (there aren't many mmorpg in this niche around, for now)!
  5. Passive training is good in my opinion but it needs balance. The simplest solution I would see to improve that is to input a decreasing amount of points into the system. Something like: basic level, you earn 10 points per tick, then 3 points for second level of mastery and finally, one point like now, for specialization (tier 3) We experienced these speed during testing. 10 points a tick means passing through basic in a matter of days. At 3 points a tick it takes few months to completely finish second tier in one area. Finally, third tier would take very long to complete at 1 point a pip. This decreasing rate would allow players to get through basic very fast and at least be able to use a shovel in the first week while becoming a top notch blacksmith or alchemist would still take months at 3 points per tick. There is no interest being stuck at basic level for months. It renders crafters and gatherers completely useless, especially with these r9 nodes everywhere. Still, specialization should take a while and mastery should be very long to reach.
  6. Yup. Good one Nex! These ideas would bring more flow the game economy and would ease the crafter/gatherer life! It would also be great if they add an NPC in freecity, temple and EK that could give information on goods sold by player vendors in the area, with filters. These local NPC (maybe a market cryer or something) would ease the search to find the goods you need and go directly to the 2-3 vendors that are selling the things you are looking for. Players would still need to set up shop and maybe (or not if it's your EK) pay a fee to the cryer to have their stuff annonced. This being said and as a maxed blacksmith and ore gatherer, I am ok with the ideas of dropped items. Played shadowbane quite a bit and that concept works, especially if they put it in right with the ability to salvage and sell this stuff. The dropped equipment just needs to be low dura and all will be good. Fact is leveling is getting harder especially if you're totally under equipped to do so (new players or solo players). Couple drops can help a player leveling and have decent items to fight mobs and to defend his position if the enemy arrives. It's no fun for a group of new players to endure the arrival of a fully equipped war party and see that they deal almost no damage to them. Even less fun if 4 new players get jumped by 1 skilled and equipped veteran while dealing almost no damage to him. At least, equipped in cheap blue, your group can retaliate and maybe even bring 1 or 2 enemy down if played right! Most of this cheap gear will break rather fast anyways. It is also good for the new player that wants to get involved in sieges. Yes, he'll be at 25% less effectiveness than the fully equipped war party but won't be completly useless. This will keep the new players in until they get strong enough to get involved in the player economy. Yes, there are still things to solve to integrate this change in the economy but it will make some frustrated player return to the game and well, more activity on the servers means more PVP and more economy for everyone!!
  7. Well, on my part I am ok with the changes, if they are implemented right. It will give objectives for realm vs realm battles while keeping the night capping away. If they implant the change right, it will still be possible to sneak in forts to attack crafters and gatherers thus keeping small group ambushes/harassment in. The only limit is that after looting the city, the group won't be able to cap it. Even better, crafter and gatherers will tend to concentrate their activities in fort that are protected, making the potential loot from a sneak attack eveb more attractive! It could even become a strategy for a group to skip siege to roam the protected cities in search of juicy crafters! As long as the walls can still be destroyed and that protected forts don't become non pvp zones, the system they proposing is good and will create more pvp.
  8. I agree that most of the customization should go with choices related to Race, Class, Major Disciplines, Weapon Discipline, Minor Disciplines, Weapons, Armor, and other gear. There is still a work to be done on race/class combo to render them all viable (any nethari templars?) but I am confident this will come in the process (we are still in pre alpha). This being said, I agree there should be more specialization in the passive skill tree as well but not at the expanse of the whole skill system. As it is now, every branch have many subranches and you need at least 75% of them (4 pips in all skills in all subranches) to get to the end of a branch and pass to the next one. With that system, all characters look the same. I think, like some, that an easy way to open for more customization would be to open the final skill of a branch once a subranch is completed. Example: If you choose the mankind branch you could choose to go the constitution way, the strengh way, the crafting way, or the exploration way at first and reach the end of that subranch with the final mankind skill. You would then be able to go the pure blood or half blood way but it would also be possible to continue investing in other subranches of mankind. This would open the choice to develop your crow horizontally or vertically, both having their ups and downs. Go vertically and you can really specialize in one or two things at the expanse of slower learning (it takes more pips for a skill when you go up the ladder) or go horizontally and have an all around character but less specialized. This wouldn't require a big change in the actual system and would give a choice to the players. It would open to more diversity in the early stages of the game even if, ultimately, most character will look the same at the end, which, I don't think is a major problem ( it takes years to learn all skills).
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