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  1. Since there are 12 Gods, let's have, every 2 hours and in all worlds at same time, a random monster that spawns randomly in the world and that would carry specific type of loots. The spawning location of the monster would be indicated 10 minutes before to all players and be shown on the map. This would lead to epic battle between many guilds every 2 hours which would be fun. Killing the monster would bring loot, prestige, new cards and all members of the guild who kill the monster could get a bonus for the next 2 hours as a godly favor. Quests like this would be fun!
  2. Base game is simply not fun enough now for the immense majority of players. Player counts are very low even if a new patch was just released (with nothing in it). When less than 1 % of backers actively play the game, it raises questions... I can totally understand why the remaining 300 active players are unhappy with the arrival of HD. I too backed this game many years ago not to play HD but an actual throne war simulator. But let's face it, it will take years to fix crowfall and deliver on the main concepts we backed and I cannot see a successful release anytime soon. So they took
  3. An MMORPG is suppose to be a long term experience where you discover the world, expand your character, engage in world's politics and economy. Even in an hardcore PvP game, PvE quality is important since it brings hotspots for PvP and an in-game economy if done right (specialized loot tables). Let's look at the actual game: The main long term objectives in crowfall are to upgrade belts/disciplines or vessel. Developing Ek might be another one for a minority. The grinding to get there is unbearable and has no end value in most cases since the ressources acquired for grinding belts are esse
  4. Well the post is pretty much how I feel now about this game. Frankly, I am only waiting for hunger dome to come out because the MMOrpg part of the campaign have been totally destroyed since a year or so with mob drops, crafting and gathering obsolescence (for most professions) passive removal and territory control not being interesting on the long term. This game still has good potential to be a short term objective brawling game and I think it will be fun to throw 60 players in the pit for a fast and intense PvP experience. The campaign? It doesn't feel like a long term thing and o
  5. HD is surely a mode that will compete directly with the main campaign. Thing is, the main game still needs between 1 and 2 years of development (to complete mid range goals) to stand where it should. Right now, there isn't much to do outside of siege windows and frankly, there is not much fun to have yet for small guilds/solo in the actual campaign (might change with shadow mode coming). Artcraft, as a company, needs revenue to cover the completion of the main game. For this, they need lots of players. The short term goals they proposed in the roadmap are sure a step in the right directio
  6. Hello, I've been wondering what is determining skill damage these days. There was couple of posts a while ago on the topic but there were so many changes in the last months and I am not sure anymore how it works. For example, when I hover over a skill, some don't mention precisely anymore if it's weapon damage or ap (or both?) that is generating extra skill damage. Please correct me if I am wrong on the simple math (tons of other modifiers are also having an impact on final damage like armor, resistance, etc.) Attack power: 100 ap=10 bonus damage for basic attacks. Does ap have
  7. Well hungerdome is good news in the short run, until the MMO throne war simulation we were promessed reaches mid term goals. New players will be able to test classes this way and find their playstyle before investing in the game. It will also be a good ground to practice PvP for veterans in smaller guilds. Frankly, most of my experience in PvP these days is being zerked 5 or even 10 vs 1 or 2. This ain't PvP, it's a massacre. Yes, the drawback is that part of the population will leave campains on the short run (until short term fixes are in and some of the mid term ones start to appear).
  8. Yeah, the post is really some good ideas. Good thing too is that it is doable within the actual limits of the game. That idea for outposts would work great to have rewarding activities outside of the siege window, where most small guilds can't really play a part anyways (except if allied with a major). For the upper tier action (sieges) I think it would be good to also include activities where all could participate. Since an actual territory control with changing borders is outside the limits of the engine (it was mentioned many times by developers in the past), why not adjust the siege t
  9. Until they integrate the concepts together, the game will remain tedious and boring, except for a minority of bigger alliances during siege time. Lots of good concepts are in this game but still badly integrated. Good news is that beta is still the time to fix the pieces. For example: The node system, diversity of ressources and tools are all great on paper. But the lack of scarcity and scaling is making gathering boring. Gathering also remains tedious for some professions (skinning). Finally, if you can get iron everywhere, why bother to go out in the world? Here, we need specialized are
  10. More info on the future territory control and throne war simulator update that is coming. More info on what is planned to keep small guilds in game. More info on outside of siege activities
  11. Seems very good. There should be a mercenary status added too in order to involve smaller guilds to temporarily join an alliance in big sieges. So everyone can be an actor at some level for big events. If all parcels or zones were specialized it would be great for economy and pvp too. Each zone should provide good quality of 1 type of wood, ore and stone and average quality of the rest. Fort could be surrounded by those following your proposal. That way it pushes raid activities between sieges and zone control activities for specific reward gains. It also creates trade and diplomacy oppor
  12. Hum. Yeah, also feeling that the game took a bad turn somewhere last year. I think ace should close the live service for another 3-6 months to rework the integration of all concepts. The main problem right now is that they are micromanaging, trying to answer all the small and big issues players have with their unfinished game. How can they put in place a complete integration of the pieces while having to manage live all the problems each changes are bringing? To ace, do like last year. Close the live service and work on revamping the game and putting the pieces together. In 6 months,
  13. Territory control is a must for a throne war simulation game. Many posts are proposing great ideas on that front and ace needs to find the best way possible (within the engine limits) to put this in place. Territory control coupled with specialization to give comparative advantage to zones and locations will make the economy roll and PvP rise (scarcity leads to trade, conflicts and diplomacy). The game has good concepts but needs to integrate them with a throne war vision. Right now, caravan, sieges, zones control, gathering, crafting and even PvE all seem to run independently without any
  14. Sadly, the game has good concepts but they are not integrated well enough to get a fun experience for most. While some of the erosion is linked to big guilds leaving after a while, most of it is linked to small guilds not showing up anymore since there is no place for them in this game. Maps need to become more interesting with zone specialization (what's the point of traveling to other zones if you can find everything needed in each zones), revamped siege events with content for large and small guilds, outside siege stuff to do (personally, I would simply remove timer and rework the sie
  15. Things I like 1. Crafting potential. Has lots of diversity and possible combinations 2. Majors and minors bring some diversity to characters. Combined with classes and promotions it offers at least 100 viable builds to play with 3. Random worlds. This is a nice feature 4. Gathering system with ranks on trees, rock, ore, graveyard and leather. 5. Npe. While not perfect it is still a nice feature to introduce new players to the game. Things I dislike 1. Lack of strategy. This is a throne war simulator but there are almost no strategic choices in this game.
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