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  1. We don't need art. We just are.
  2. I have been following Crowfall since i found it. I am drawn to a PvP centric game for the first time. I really dig the Persistent character, Dying Worlds system. Launching with 11 Archetypes ensures we will be tinkering with something for a long time. Such a deep social division with Gods and Character progression demands attention. Through Pledge Tiers you have included 6 years of veteran membership. A large portion of the backers are purchasing the game only. Does ACE have any systems in place to ensure active game play for that length of time?
  3. If they give Guinecean Duct Tape Armor for armor. how has everyone passed this one up? Were you waiting for me? lolol
  4. +1 I always enjoyed the magic and wonder from logging into WoW with my authenticator and never had an account issues.
  5. Beta Group #6. Listed under my Account Info as they promised they'd make happen. Actually a bit better knowing where you're at early as opposed to gathering a pile of finger and toe nails waiting to be acknowledged (I'm staring at you Zenimax). And realizing they invited previous/existing Play2Crush customers first doesn't make #6 sting.
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