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  1. well we gotta fulfill those muchies somehow right? lol
  2. I've been noticing small chunks of faxion game design making it's way into crowfall. I wonder if it's coincidence... alright Todd where are you hiding Frank?
  3. True story, the more THC the better really. lol
  4. SB and UO made other MMO's unplayable for me. I cant barely even try another game and I always burn out fast. I pray this ends up being what we all hope.
  5. Oh poorly made socks hah i totally forgot about that you're right. Jesus what was that game called?
  6. I've been pvping since i was 7 in UO. I've also made a crafter in every game i've played that allows you to do so. In mortal Online I spent countless hours workings on recipes. Why does every one think PVPing and Crafting are exclusive to different types of gamers? I love to do both.
  7. Yea honestly, though the lack of skepticism on these boards almost scares me. I can't remember another MMO announcement with this amount of optimism and so little skepticism. ahhh faxion yes i remember you now.
  8. I agree completely with this sentiment.
  9. nefastus... that name seems very familiar to me but i can't put my finger on it. I feel like we've had forum wars elsewhere... lol
  10. The hype train for this game is full blown. I like basically everything I see so far from the open dev communication to the small amount of mechanics we know about. However one thing that worries me is that so many of us have been waiting so long for this game to come about that i feel the expectations are sky high. This will either be the next in a line of great PvP MMO's or yet another large disappointment if not the largest disappointment yet based on who is behind this. So my hope is that the dev's take their time to get every detail they want right, everyone that was there at the beginning of SB knows how much the bugs at launch coupled with the hardcore environment got rid of a large portion of the player base exceptionally fast.I have the utmost faith in the dev team assembled here, and think they know how to get it done. Just don't let everyone saying not to make them wait 2 years to play rush this thing, because even though you may loose some people on the forums they'll be back when a real finished product is ready to be presented. Just my 2 cents
  11. reading comprehension 4tw. Voip would be fun, definitely not necessary, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be enjoyed by some.Every complaint so far is easily taken care of.
  12. sure is he'll be back for this thing after his long term foray into asian games.
  13. The only guildy we ever had with chronic in their name was subsonic chronic. He didn't put it in everything though as far as i know.
  14. lol freeze we tried so many crap games after faxion you'd have to be more specific.However, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, no apologies will be given!
  15. whats up buddy, Good to see you guys made it here.
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