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  1. Trading VIP vouchers to other players pretty much means buy gold with IRL money. Thumbs down.
  2. Reverse the genders and everyone loses their minds.
  3. It's 2015, sub games are long gone. WoW is still successful because it's a really good game with rich lore and nostalgia. Every other sub game has gone subless within a year ( looking at you ESO ). If it has to NOT be f2p, make it B2P with vanity cosmetics ingame, as long as they have no gameplay value.
  4. I've RPed in GW2, WoW, Archeage, SWTOR. Been Rping for years now. I'd definitely be interested in it here.
  5. I liked Rakion's combat. A good Rock, Scissors, Paper system that requires skill, reflexes and positioning. Too bad it became P2W.
  6. Archeage was crap though. It's sad to see a 2010s game that was a weaker combat engine than WoW does. In Archeage if you start casting at someone and he goes behind a wall or gets out of range the spell will still hit them. Absolute garbage.
  7. Or they could just make you have to pass level 20 to use global chats and stuff, like WoW does.
  8. That's the only way you can succeed as an MMO in this day and age. The graphics already seem a little outdated ( you can call it cartoony if you want but the real word is outdated ) and considering it seems to be a hardcore pvp game I wouldn't expect millions of casuals to flock to it. So if they have a good business team they should know that there's little chance of succeeding with pay to play or subs. As long as they make it f2p with an ingame cash shop that gives cosmetic rewards it's all good.
  9. I hope it's like League or DotA. Cash rewards are purely cosmetic or for vanity. The age of the pay to play MMO is over, honestly. Unless this will be absolutely phenomenal I can't see it succeeding as a p2p MMO and no chance it'll succeed as a sub based one.
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