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  1. Correct, i forgot about that part completely. Thanks for adding it:)
  2. You also get a +10 on dmg for harvesting when doing intermediate Tools so that also has to be taken into account. Making Rune Tools (Blue ones) is currently pretty easy. You just need to equip the Runemaking Disc and go to a Runecrafting table. Make Unmarked Runestones (Stone needed obv.) and the needed Sigill. Put them together and there you go. Theres no need to kill Mobs for that. You just need to gather the right Materiela (Wood, Stone and Ore) and you are good to go.
  3. It's a good Minor. Especially because it increases the crit not only for you but everyone else on your team. I just can't seem to find the Space for it, since i feel like the other passives do more for me. I was running it for a bit, but i think it's more useful in smaller scaled battles than it is in Siege fights f.e.
  4. Last passive should be Righteousness, you'll get a bonus effect on the promotion classes and it also helps you with your mana because of the procc
  5. As far as i understand - Support Power does increase your "Base Heal" (like Attack Power from main stats) while the Modifiers are multiplicators for your Base Heal/Dmg no?
  6. Well i only played Brigand so far and i'm loving it. Yet i have problems to find my place in bigger battles like Siege or bigger scaled fights. I find it hard to get a good positioning and actually "do something". Even if i have the option to just stay range and shoot into the enemy group it doesn't feel like you are achieving anything with it since your main damage comes from melee/bombs which is kinda hard to do since you are very squishy with a low hp-pool and wearing leather. I often find myself staying at the backline supporting the healers and people that try to get to safety (creating some space with bombs and guarding them a bit) I'm still not sure if it's supposed to be played like this but thats the only thing where i found myself beeing useful in these kind of fights. Maybe more people could share your opinions/thoughts and tell how they play their Specs in these situations. Would be interesting. I haven't tried the other specs but seeing the skills that come with it and reading the experience you guys have/had doesn't make it really appealing.
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