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  1. I like cross faction chat. How else are people going to smack talk/ give "GFs" to people you fight/play? Too many people use Global as cross faction chat and it just gets confusing since there are multiple campaigns. Cross faction chat in EK only doesn't sound appealing, because they are 100% separate from campaign worlds as a whole. Something I'd like is a unified chat window where I can have multiple channels and not have to break time to swap between tabs.
  2. I dunno what happened last night, maybe I've been playing too much or what not, but I had an interesting idea when I went to bed. How about an option to let crafters reroll experiments at the cost of durability? I know salvaging is going to be a thing, but this could be a different way/alternative to that process as well. This can turn into a decision making path of "Do I just throw away this one Amazing Success with a Failure behind it, or have a chance to go again?" Of course the durability hit should be more than possible to regain in the durability experimentation line, but skills could also be added to mitigate that hit. Thoughts?
  3. But what of the time I actually trained that I could sell? I know you say small amount, but keep in mind there are people that would do very deliberate tasks no matter how mundane, if it meant getting the competitive edge. The idea of gathering begetting gathering is the fact you are getting the materials, chances for more rare materials, etc. over the person who "well I'll only gather once I reach this skill" The beneficial harvest buff is exactly what you're looking for. It can provide you with great things like a stamina refill, faster swing speed, and even faster run animation to get to the next node. As you're training these skills it increases the length and intensity and proc chance for the buffs.
  4. As a game that it potentially looking into trading/selling skills in the form of skill tomes, being able to grind said tomes by whacking nodes can be a very slippery slope.
  5. In Game Player Name: JayFoshay Times your primarily available (Include Timezone): afternoons-nightowl CST What 'role' do you want to play in game?: Mainly Gatherer with ability to be self-sufficient crafting. In combat, maining Cleric for group play Duelist for solo.
  6. So I just recently picked this up after being bored playing with internet spaceships. Still looking for people?
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