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  1. Bug with shield breaker discipline, something is causing the rupture barrier passive to reflect damage over time back to the player when attacking or at least show rupture barrier as the source of this mystery damage in the combat log. I've repeated it several times and it doesn't seem to matter weather you have a weapon equipped or not. You just randomly get a DoT on yourself when attacking if you have the shield breaker disc slotted. Note that it is not just a combat log error, I was taking myself down to low health just attacking target dummies so the reported damage is real. This was on a ranger, and we also saw this same thing on a knight, our champion tester did NOT see this effect but it may just have not randomly procced the DoT since the swing was significantly slower.
  2. 1812, when the "heavy metal" of the age involved bringing actual cannons to your concert. beautiful.
  3. This is an old problem that still needs a fix. The interim solution is to spilt another stack near the top of your inventory and cancel to get the partial UI element off your screen.
  4. Logged in to report this myself, I remember seeing posts about this months ago and figured it would be resolved by now. @ACE_FancyHats any chance this is fixed in the dev build? I recall seeing something about training getting cleaned up in a recent news post or maybe the Q&A.
  5. This thread is basically just a continuation of the thread Pann posted with a poll that represents what players actually want vs what ACE precieved we wanted. In that thread there were more than a few people commeting on how a wipe will encourage new players. So while my response may have been more appropriate over there, this is where the original conversation continued.
  6. New Players will be left behind because of *insert excuse of the week here* Honestly until there's an actual "New Player Experience" built into the game no amount of wiping is going to make anyone want to stick around unless they have some vested interest in the game. It doesn't level the playing field, it doesn't provide any new feedback, it doesn't encourage anyone to like the passive training... all it does is waste the time of the current testing population.
  7. Wiping in general doesn't level the playing field. It just creates more of a separation between the organized groups and everyone else.
  8. I agree with this 100%, when the crafting system was recently tweaked so that common quality was more difficult to experiment on and legendary easier it skewed the lower tier materials into worthlessness. Add onto that change that a new crafter or harvester is going to have little to no training and the end product of your labor is going to feel like a lot of wasted time. I reported this in the feedback thread before it even hit the live server but since most of the people involved in the conversation had their training maxed already it barely even got a second glance. There are three main issues working together to make this situation bad: 1. While I do appreciate the addition of item drops such as armor and weapons for lessening the stress of crafting, it also completely negates the value of anything crafted at lesser quality levels or training. Common quality crafted gear should be at least as good as the vast majority of item drops. 2. The experimentation difficulty on the lower tiers ends up giving less than competitive results. The quoted "30% difference between lowest and highest tier crafted gear" was made using a fully trained and probably geared crafter. Anyone less than fully kitted out for their chosen crafting specialization is going to have depressing results trying to work with low tier mats. And if new crafters can't use the piles of common and uncommon materials then who is that mass of resources intended for? 3. The passive training system is a huge turn off for anyone that wants to primarily be craft or harvest focused. For a guild like Eldritch that doesn't even have any members max passive trained the two problems above contribute to crafting results that are enough to make people give up the game. This isn't posturing from someone threatening to take their ball and leave this is something that actually happened, and it isn't the first time. I think the best solution is to either rework or remove the passive training requirements from craft focused play, there is already a huge grind getting the crafting vessels and gear online without the need to time gate a new guilds ability to even participate.
  9. I don't think it's only fire damage, I believe all elemental damage works on keep walls. It should be noted though that in this particular case it wasn't just a confessor hitting the wall I was back in a trebuchet bombing the wall while the main force was holding the breach. A CC flank took my treb down right as the wall was about to break so anyone who wasn't paying close attn probably missed it.
  10. It's not even just that balance cares more about winning, we have people willing to push for victory when pushing isn't convenient. The majority of suggestions I see for "fixing" the faction imbalance I've seen here on the forums amount to "let people who put in no effort have a chance to win against groups that do". ACE has made the field as level as can be realistically expected with the power curve as shallow as it is and resources available everywhere. Hell there is even gear dropping off wartribes so you don't even need to have crafters in your guild to get into the fight any more. Maybe this isn't enough to keep the zoomers from running off to play MOBAs, but until ACE announces that Crowfall is dropping it's throne war MMO tagline what can they really be expected to do?
  11. @Pann with a persistent world like this are we able to swap from faction to faction or are we locked to whatever we choose the first time?
  12. This particular ability on spiders and hurlbat on champ wartribe members (which it seems like a copy / paste) has been a problem for as long as spiders have existed. They just stand there and spam it instead of closing distance most of the time since it fires off with no cooldown. This is one of those things I've reported before ages ago and gave up on it ever being fixed but since someone else brought it up I figured I'd throw another report out in the hopes it gets looked at eventually.
  13. Or just give forts a reason to be contested, imaginary victory points on a timer aren't a very compelling reason to fight.
  14. I'm not particularly happy about how the ranged target locking works but it's a compromise that lets the game function over less than ideal connections. It was obvious how far your reticle could be from the target and still be "locked" when the test client was actually showing what you were going to hit. Though just like the 3m range for melee is showing how poorly the client server interactions handle what should be hits vs misses, I suspect we would see something real similar if ranged lock-on was tightened up too much. Both could use adjustments to make things feel right, but until desync isn't as much of an issue melee needs to be tweaked more than ranged since at least ranged attacks are working currently.
  15. 3m range isn't ideal to begin with, I get that the animations look weird when you can melee things from farther off but the hit detection is way too glitchy on moving targets. Call it desync, call it lag, whatever, it just feels bad when you are literally running against a target's hit box and missing swings because the server says you are out of range.
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