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  1. If everyone has a fort then the value of holding one is nullified, by design there needs to be some degree of scarcity to make them worth fighting over. I do agree that only two at a time seems like too few though. The only easy way to solve one problem without compounding the other is to reduce the three hours of siege into two per EU / NA prime window and put three forts active at once. Even better would be separating EU and NA again so there doesn't need to be so many forts on the map. I do like the higher population we've had with everyone in one place though so literally everything A
  2. When I first logged in today all my character's animations were replaced with the basic unarmed attack animation. It resolved itself upon recalling to temple but looked really strange while running around.
  3. The targeting in general seems glitchy, here's a video I made showing misses that I can't easily explain. The first time I thought I got hit with CC before it went off but it clearly progressed to the second cast as the que for third is on screen, however it never shows up in the combat log visible on the bottom left. The second time I cast it there is no interruption at all and still no connection on the targets clearly highlighted by the reticle despite being directly in front of me.
  4. Sammae Dynn is somewhat directionally challenged.
  5. Before the victory cards existed it was already an almost insurmountable amount of work put into the logistics of winning. Now we still have all of that and we're being forced to throw away hundreds of man hours of work for Divine Favor on top of that. I can't think of any realistic reward that would make this much effort worthwhile.
  6. The better solution would be to just remove short swords from ranger and let them use daggers. The short sword brings literally nothing other than being statistically identical to an axe with worse passive training options and a different model. I'm sure someone will make an argument that removing anything is a bad thing, but they don't bring anything unique to the class at all as a weapon type. Add into that the fact brigand as a melee spec has always been missing a gap closer which would be compensated for by the new dagger lunge and it makes even more sense to do it.
  7. The chat implementation is less than ideal, no argument there. On topic regarding the alerts though I'd like to see less specific info shared and more general in the activity channel. It would be enough for the alerts simply be "Pig tamed at X location", not who did it. Same with outposts, the initial alert should simply be that it's under attack. Once it's being claimed then specific info is fine but for a first draft of the system it's doing what it was intended to do. The actual wording of alerts will probably have some more work put into it later. Same with what actually triggers it,
  8. I didn't want to go too far off topic with my feelings on the Divine Favor system but it probably bears a mention since that's kind of the core driver of resource farming now. As a concept I like the card system, but the cards we are getting in the context of a short duration low population campaign are brutal on morale. Almost all of them end up being "grind to win" in such a setting and while they could work perfectly fine if each season was significantly longer their brevity in the current iteration puts significant pressure on everyone to just grind all the time if they have any interest i
  9. I won't disagree with that sentiment at all, because CF is very much becoming a PVE game that has a scheduled PVP event. However, the pack pig escort quest is by design a wolves vs wolves game. If sheep find themselves under too much pressure to do that they have plenty of resources laying around uncontested for them to go pick up.
  10. The exact name of who is taming seems like more information than should be given, but it's probably just the easiest way to generate that alert. Leave the specifics up to whoever goes and scouts the alerts out and not just be free intel on possible enemy movements.
  11. Having fun, but that's another discussion for another thread.
  12. The wolves and sheep analogy has no part in a pack pig discussion. Sheep cried on the forums for years to make it so resources are literally everywhere on the map, there isn't a funnel anywhere to make it even remotely possible to find a harvester other than dumb luck. Now we have a mechanic that lets people that actually want PVP to engage in a risk vs reward play and we have the crybabies once again asking ACE to hold their hand so the big bad doesn't hurt their precious feelings. If you can't handle fighting then go back to smashing rocks and let the last bit of open world PVP in the g
  13. We as the testing community should really be making a lot more noise about retaliate still bugging out. It's almost impossible to give good feedback on CC powers when the counter to them is such a mess of RNG if the target happens to be moving or using an ability.
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