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  1. Another spot you can get stuck between rocks and not get out: https://gyazo.com/8c8e768da324b3dfa467c408d95e47eb
  2. I agree with a lot of what's being said here, there definitely needs to be some benefit to wearing the lighter armor. Getting the health bonus off of the heavier armor would be a start, and while I don't think bonus movement speed would be a good change I do believe negating the stamina cost of sprinting would. As it is now most people don't even bother with sprinting in fights because it becomes a choice of moving SLIGHTLY faster or having retaliate available. Many of the classes that are stuck with leather armor would benefit from some added mobility but with CC being thrown around so much giving up a retaliate for a little separation would just get you killed. I know there are already talents deep in the armor trees to help this, but the values they give are a non-factor and it really should be a bigger part of the base stats on the armor itself.
  3. You can get up to 25m bonus from gear / disciplines and the base range of most bow attacks is 15. It's possible to hit 40m top but it's still not long enough range IMO. Ranger as a class really needs a look over by the devs, it's lacking and potentially not working as intended in several ways right now and even if the range issue gets addressed it would still be lackluster in it's current state.
  4. In the long term I can see this suggestion working pretty well, just have a campaign vendor with the campaign specific prizes available to anyone who participated. Another point in favor of keeping faction jumpers to a minimum would be to have a minimum score for eligibility. Have said minimum be determined by the length of the campaign and you can completely eliminate the people that join last day just for win points, also cutting out anyone that joins the perceived victor and doesn't contribute to that victory. The current badges I see mostly as a "I was there" shiny for pre-alpha, but down the line it would make more sense to have a pool of possible campaign items that take a while to earn.
  5. Death should be impactful and shroud provides that impact, but the RNG aspect of where your crow ends up adding on top the fixed time of the debuff is painful. I also agree that being able to get a free pass clearing that penalty by relogging is a bad choice. There was talk on one of the dev streams about a completely different death mechanic that sounded like a much better solution, but in the mean time it would be nice if the death shroud debuff was a consistent time no matter what the circumstances and that it persists on log.
  6. @ThimbleThis fight was one of if not the best I've seen since I started testing. You guys put up an awesome siege defense and this first of many battles this campaign will be remembered.
  7. not sure how this happened, but leveling up a character in an EK led to me somehow unlocking all druid promotions at once despite not even being high enough level to unlock any of them (lvl 15) the character is currently spam dieing to essence burn because I have the constant essence generation from Stormcaller but not the safety cap preventing it.
  8. I couldn't get map to load outside of the temple area, it just stayed blank no matter how long I had it open. Tried opening several zones from the campaign interface and none would show up.
  9. I'm waiting to see how much the recipes have changed with regards to how much lower the material cost is before making any judgements. But I'm a little skeptical that this will improve the time farming per life of gear, especially for leatherworking. If we end up looking at a static amount of decay per second in combat and leather still having the lowest base durability of the armor types and still requiring more than double the resources to make each piece compared to plate or mail then skinners are custarded. Not only is it a huge time sink to farm hides but you can't do it solely in your survival tray like every other resource. I'm hoping that this was taken into consideration when these changes were discussed.
  10. You are correct, the day and blue cycle shuoldn't be confused with anything sight related.
  11. All I have to go off of is the tooltip and what I've observed while out skinning. The extra shard drops were noticable but I didn't see any change in blood during the time I've used it.
  12. I also agree that the necklace stats are almost all not worth the cost of the gem. We've pretty much just used them for the attack power as Anhrez mentioned and the tool decay on dedicated harvesters.
  13. I'm pretty sure Connoisseur increases hunger shard drops for skinning, I don't think it changes blood rate. There is however a runetool recipe that increases blood chance.
  14. The other issue is it's almost a waste of materials until you are nearly max trained in the experimentation and assembly success lines. That difficulty 75 on final experimentation is brutal.
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