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  1. Reposting this report since this made it to live, this is a pretty big problem. @ACE_FancyHats Here's an example from Wilbur on EU: There is no way anyone is going to be able to tell which group's druid placed any of those orbs.
  2. Blood price orbs generated by the Blademaster Disc are invisible to me, however I can see a druid's coalesce orbs when they are out of my group. Something about how those are getting displayed is messed up on this build.
  3. The bow charge speed stat doesn't seem to be modifying the draw speed. Tried using both a quiver crafted with the new belt item as well as a spellbound bow for a total modifier of ~30% and compared it to a recurve bow and normal quiver which should be noticeable.
  4. Check out the guild postings in this thread and see which one if any fit your play style, contacting them directly (there is almost always contact info) might get you better results.
  5. There's some questionable interaction on vindicator templar where they get slashing bonuses and their abilities get turned into another damage type but I never played one so I don't know the specifics.
  6. Submitting feedback and bug reports feels about the same as hitting a fort wall, ToL, or bane tree, no feedback whatsoever until it's dead. edit: this is obviously an exaggeration but it does get frustrating not knowing what is seen or not. TY @ACE_FancyHats for adding reactions in the bug threads, it makes a huge difference just knowing that someone read the submissions.
  7. I'm really liking lower number of outpost camps and towers, and the reduced capture time is very greatly appreciated. Far more likely to encounter people in a zone when there aren't 50 possible places they might be heading to look for PVP. Forts however are flipping way too fast. The defending side used to have a fighting chance against superior numbers with the help of the guards, now with the capture taking only seconds with a marginal advantage in numbers fort battles are far less interesting. All it takes is bringing a few extra people and I can flip a fort right out from under the defenders by rushing the throne room. Almost no fighting even required anymore and that's a real shame.
  8. 1. Targeted heals and abilities direct cast on friendlies are prioritizing enemy units. Cleric: Tend Wounds Druid: Nature's Avatar, Soothing Winds Field Surgeon Discipline: Rescue, Rehabilitation Friar Discipline: Chain Heal Pixie Discipline: Soothing Winds These abilities will lock onto enemy units if they are anywhere even remotely near the intended target and are almost impossible to land in PVP. I reported this previously with regards to the druid abilities and it was fixed promptly, however it was broken again a patch or two later. 2. There is no feedback sound / animation or flytext when hitting ToL or Bane trees during siege, also missing the feedback on fort walls. We used to get flytext on the trees, but that has been gone for a while and the loss of the feedback animations and sounds is new with 5.100.
  9. I'd be very interested to hear the in depth answer. It seems like an unusual design choice to be disadvantaged by the capstone weapon unlocks on a class promotion.
  10. there was a patch a couple days ago that disabled passive training from benefiting your character, it was hotfixed later that afternoon but it didn't show up in the notes until today.
  11. Can confirm that targeted heals are still prioritizing enemies, also Nature's Avatar is back to having that issue as well. It was fixed briefly when we got 5.100 on live but somewhere along it got broken again (I have not been on druid since the CW came up).
  12. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that the capture bonuses were either too high, or should not be modified by seasons. It's one thing to give a boost for taking a long held fort or keep, but it shouldn't be worth nearly as much to cap a holding in winter as it was for defending it for the entire campaign.
  13. It's been like the way you are suggesting since the win conditions were implemented. I believe this change is to mitigate the actions of a small group or single geared player from outweighing the efforts of the hundred other players in the campaign because of time zones. I agree that it does limit the PVP to one fort and the outposts, but with the number of players on during those hours it should funnel the population to those hotspots and make finding fights easier. It's got it's ups and downs but overall I think the change is good. We'll have to see if the fighting picks up as the seasons progress and the point values start to become more critical, for now though I think most everyone is too busy farming to care about the score.
  14. I just want them to make druid feel like a whole class again and not just bits and pieces of one.
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