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  1. I'm with Jah and Royo. Text should be accelerated just so the different combos can be tested. Working on a dev team, getting as much QA for a core systems as possible is make or break for the end users. You have no idea how many systems I've seen go out that had a rushed QA pass set a permanent negative feel to the users. In some cases, the "bad taste" is there years after the issue has been fixed. we need these things solid before we hit open beta. Setting Live to whatever the planned rate is going to be is just as critical. They will only have 1 chance to figure out what rate feels right, and each major change to the tree layout is going to reset the need to feel this out. Too slow, and peeps will just ignore it. Too fast, and it becomes pointless. Each skill will have 2 dials: how fast you get points, and how many points it takes to level the skill up. Once they set the speed of getting points, changing it will have so many side effects. So I really look forward to seeing that dial set to "Goldilocks"
  2. A few more days into the game and really looking at the Talent tree for the Cleric leaves me feeling that the class is missing something. The Buffs I've seen only last 3 or 5 seconds. I've picked up a bard ability to grant extra life or up the damage output. I've a nifty root / DoT, and a collection of HoTs. There is a Shiny Shield ability that I skipped over that does some damage. At the moment, my Wife is playing a duelist and her health bar never drops below half (we just hit level 13 the other night - so no PvP exposure yet). Thus far my play style as a healer is more of a ranged hammer thrower with an occasional HoT thrown in just to keep the green bar from getting too low. In DAoC, SB, WoW and CoH I always had much more to do as a healer than just spam a HoT. There was buff management, removing debuffs, healing, crowed control and bringing in reinforcements during the fight. Maybe I'm playing the wrong class, but I'm feeling more like a Ranger that is dabbling in heals more than a Cleric. Maybe I'll change my mind when I get into the Campaigns, but at the moment I'd love to loose a HoT in place of some flat heals. Maybe healing by ret will be a huge pain, but some flat "heal everyone by x HP" with a longer cast time could work out. I'd be happy with a Hot -> shield blind -> root -> flat heal with a def bonus sort of a combo. Something that gives me more to do then watch green bars and throw hammers to help season the meat. In the end, I really want to play a Healer - not a Healzbot.
  3. As someone who has played a Healer of one type or another in every MMO I've played - I have to agree with Ble and Nestling. "Smart Heals" and similar spells make for a very boring game. Such tools take the thought out of healing. At that point, you can just enable Auto-follow and have a drinking bird spam the "heal me" button. At this point I've been in the game 2 days, and I've not seen my wife or I get below half health. I'm far from battle hardened in Crowfall, but I look forward to some of the great PVP action I saw in Shadowbane! I'd love to see some nifty combos and interactions in healing - maybe even have healing chains that include non-healing spells as part of the chain. Having a few buffs in the mix might be fun - or a few that can only be done in the heat of combat.
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