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  1. "Standing in circles does not take 20 minutes." - @Morphine 5/20/19
  2. Heavy increases your overall damage but reduces left click by a percent(in an attempt to make left clicks the same). In this video he is using two heavy weapons which reduces the left click twice as much while only getting the damage boost of one heavy. Two hander heavy weapons have a similar issue because a heavy 2 hander is twice as heavy as one light heavy.
  3. The off-hand heavy does nothing for you except increase your resource cost and lower your left click damage. If you want to run a heavy you should put one heavy in your mainhand and one light in your offhand.
  4. I like low TTK metas. Too bad people complain and remove stuff like that from the game.
  5. Too many changes not to wipe imo
  6. MJayed

    Zone Caps

    The other factions have a lot of players using gimp classes with gimp gear. There are only a few non-healers who are playing good classes and have good gear.
  7. @mandalore you should consider using the damage ult, making your weapon AP/SP, and using an AP/critdmg necklace. This would help your damage significantly.
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