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  1. I like low TTK metas. Too bad people complain and remove stuff like that from the game.
  2. Too many changes not to wipe imo
  3. MJayed

    Zone Caps

    The other factions have a lot of players using gimp classes with gimp gear. There are only a few non-healers who are playing good classes and have good gear.
  4. @mandalore you should consider using the damage ult, making your weapon AP/SP, and using an AP/critdmg necklace. This would help your damage significantly.
  5. MJayed

    Duelist in 5.8

    high numbers, but you are way overstating the advantage of stealth. Perception works now
  6. Ya I don't disagree with that.
  7. To be fair you brought his mits to 0% and 7k is trash even for leather users.
  8. You guys are lucky @Endless decided not to kill all of you.
  9. I recommend reading the lore for Champion. If you did you would understand why it is so powerful.
  10. To loot, the enemy has to chop the head and start right clicking the inventory. There is a current bug allowing people to chop heads in stealth, but after that is fixed the chopper is vulnerable to knockdown. ofc if you harvest too far away from each other there will be issues, but that is something you can control. After you secure the body have them release and you can loot the stuff. Odds are some of the assassins will have agent, so don't even bother rezzing.
  11. I said a proper group. Yes they can kill people who get separated. But 5 assassins would not be able to loot a harvester they killed if a proper group is sitting on the body. Even without any anti-stealth discs a good 5 man group shouldn't have a problem with killing/making a group of assassins run away.
  12. Assassin is borderline trash vs a proper group. They nerfed it hard from 5.7.
  13. I bet duelist will have the highest KDR across all players
  14. As an east coaster, I would like siege time to start an hour earlier at 8:30 est.
  15. Just to clarify, at this time I had intermediate gear and no vessel. Also wasn't using scarecrow to deal with guards, I was using a groupfight build. :}
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