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  1. victory prize... winning guild gets to test 6.2 before anyone else. sadly thats about what it would take for me to log in. =(
  2. but.... blight doesn't explode orbs until u pick the promotion for arch druid... so how can the promotion give u an ability...and have the ability do more damage? thats what they changed blight to...
  3. ya, thats what an earthkeeper needs, electric damage. bleh... guess its back to play a boring cleric.
  4. soo ur saying the last node is gonna be piercing damage, and cap.. my dreams are dashed. =(
  5. they never show the last talent, the one jsut before u pick a domain... i can only hope some of the cool things are in those. plz give me beam in there...
  6. IF u ever killed a stoneborn, ud know when he dies he turns into rubble. that stoneborn isnt dead yet, hes just about get up from being knocked down get his buffs, then 1v3 all of them
  7. no bear. no beam. #notmydruid. BLM BEAR LIVES MATTER this is archdruid enhancement of Blight. its worded funny... "orbs deal more damage when they explode" - more than what? "they can also explode more orbs at once" - more than what? is this talkin about pre 6.2? is this talkin about before u pick the promotion?
  8. spam-able, yea, thats how it is currently (i believe)
  9. runic weapon plz @thomasblair only class that cant get 1 made, cuz no recipe
  10. pam is not affiliated with ACE @Lavathos
  11. u should really remove his name, that was the issue with last post
  12. i dont know 100% but it think the ToS problem that got the other deleted, was naming specific names.
  13. 1st I'd like to start with how @thomasblair lied on the livestream earlier today , there is only 1 mount on the vendor. Not all versions as he stated. 😥 i feel as tho this was a ploy to get people onto TEST and get some test time in. touche .... Upon entering infected, u start the 3rd part of the quest (i assume) the earth guardian does not direct you to infected to begin this however. when you start it, u get spammed with all the objectives with no info on how to complete them not sure if this is suposed to do something, i was never able to "
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