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  1. i see. just seems confusing how ur reporting it dont work, and im reporting im going deaf from using it. maybe dummies are just too far apart.
  2. DoT works fine for me. u know it doesnt hurt the guy u put it on, but it dmgs enemies next to them, ya?
  3. when u cast aurora emmiter on multiple enemies, and then the effects hit even more enemies......it appears as tho the sound is multiplied by the number of enemies hit. its going to cause hearing loss =(
  4. i believe they have heard this complaint and are workin toward some sort of solution. the other day they opened up a 2nd map on test called cluster test 11 or something of the like. this had 33 r10 iron aorund keep seems like its 1 extreme to the other, but the call for iron seems to have been heard, and being worked on. (i believe)
  5. there are 2 rune gates in Balance Temple to go to separate areas of Maiol. seems odd. also the lack of mid - high rank iron, has not gone unnoticed. im not sure if its done on purpose or accidental. but NEEDING iron to make armor or weapons, and not putting any in the world is confusing. there is 1. rank 9 iron motherlod near keep. with 1 baby node next to it. there is 1 rank 9 iron motherlode in balance adventure zone. 3 that are rank 5. 1 that is rank 4 when u guys added these adventure zones, u said they would be there to be POI that miners would want to go to. and create PvP hotspots. noone will be mining this. just grab a few ingots to build walls and never go back...
  6. no HoA just following Sugoi. we would have been lost with out you teddy. what faction are you? also, why did u switch factions?
  7. in order to help me personaly test, on the TEST server i had training in crafting....which is now gone, and it makes me sad.
  8. further day 3 report... initial patch notes stated "increased adventure zone by 2 ranks, and seige zones by 1 rank. hype deflated learning this was removed from patch notes, and never happened. more farming of rank 6 trash...i guess.
  9. people have quit NA and moved to EU to try to win there for this reason. to qualify, it was said in the livestream u just need to be on the leaderboard. take 1 outpost / fort / keep or kill 1 person or die once will put u on the leaderboard, thus granting a prize.
  10. Day 3 report logged in, said hello. server goes into maintance.
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