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  1. no @Marth there is the afk timer now! id like to know what happend to the "Enbarri" tribe? u can see thier name listed when crafting the sacrafice item things....i assumed those would be the guys to drop the scrolls for runic rapier, and pistols which i have been unable to locate thus far.. or issit just...RIP duelists?
  2. owning multiple accounts is different than playing multiple accounts at the same time sir.
  3. Guards seem broken. put in the 1000 gold, wait. nothing happens. " F to interact Stronghold Guard" shows back up. so i hold down F says Gold 1000/1000 -phase complete- Phase 0 of 10 no guard shows up. too lazy to show up for work =(
  4. just got 2, white "common" quality slate, from a rank 10 hunger shard. farming with a pickaxe even to make it more weird. these loot tables still seem broken.
  5. should also fix the whole .... "if i close my launcher, i can run another crowfall.exe"
  6. not sure what was changed in recent updates, but Marq adventure zone, now has 3 spawns of Uguru, 1 Satyr, 0 Aracoix, 0 Ebinarri (or whatever its called, never found these ones)
  7. and arch druid bomb from 5 to 10 people too! =D
  8. that dont make sense so to defend a tree during seige (attackers or defenders)....a faction would need to nerf themself by being FORCED to blob up at a tree?
  9. that has nothing to do with it im being serious here, quit tryin to get ur post count up
  10. ive killed in each wartribe camp for quite a while, noticed that the new necro drops (eye balls, lungs, hearts etc...), all seem to be only green is this intended?
  11. @Marthis correct, plz dont assume my gender. ❤️
  12. i have gotten every scroll, but the ones for Rapier, Pistol, Daggers. i assume these are from teh Enbarri tribe, which are not spawning on any map. ( each adventure zone has 4 wartribe spawns, 2 seem to always be uguru ) getting a weird issue with logging out in maps. logging out in middle of nowhere, when logging in i get message saying the enemy controls the area (even tho no fort / keep/ outpost is remotly close) and it ported me to enemy faction gate, where i died esoteric slot shows up without scroll equiped, assuming its ment to be hidden. also nothing is hidden, i remember on a livestream it was said that hunger shard additives will b hidden, and we wouldnt see them until we equiped a special hammer into the belt slot. maybe the "hiding the additive slots tech" isnt in this 5.8.5 test?
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