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  1. u guys look at crafting like its the thing messed up. why not just nerf the gear the trash mobs drop.
  2. if im healing people, i have 0 ice storage. i need to use these ice storage things to cast heals.
  3. welp, back to my side chick of a video game. see u monday ❤️
  4. the nethari got a 20% speed isnt faes like 50%? i dont play them so i may be mistaken @pamintandrei
  5. i like it. thumbs up. more dev diarys like this one plz ❤️
  6. so while harvesting, is the game going to know which Q i want to use aswell? ill b a sad boy if used wrong Q, or just plain couldnt Q while farming
  7. Vanguards list is nice but will soon be very outdated. So as a clairvoyant let me give u HoA's list of top everything in 5.11 top range dps frostweaver top healer frostweaver top frontline frostweaver best seige comp (attacking) frostweaver frostweaver frostweaver frostweaver frostweaver best seige comp (defending) frostweaver frostweaver frostweaver frostweaver frostweaver nothing else will matter. just who can frostweaver around elementalist the best.
  8. but the event ended, same time campaign ended. only counts if u sacrafice in the campaign... not sure how ur suggesting the score increased if they were turned in late
  9. Looks like green skulls this time @Bzra Chaos won the last 1 tho so u can still flaunt the blue one when we get 'em
  10. According to the kickstarter you are right. The dregs is ment to be p v p v p. However during one of the last Q&A livestreams Todd mentioned not doing "The Shadow" which is the guild v guild v guild realm. None of us know what rules they will use however to go from faction v faction straight to everyman for themself seems a little extreme of a jump. Which leads to the community's guess that dregs will be guild v guild
  11. it took em how long to make wood elfs not blink thru walls? im sure at some point aoe's too will quit going thru walls, maybe at the same time they will fix the stormcallers "left click, and go run hide behind a wall" too
  12. Reading through the forums it become quite clear that people feel like they have signed up to currently play a game. Even though it's been up and running for a while now people seem to need to be reminded that this is still in an early development cycle. We are not "playing" we are "playtesting". That being said I've started to play a game while reading the forums where anytime I see the words "play" and "game" with more relevant words like "testing" "development phase" If u do that a lot of posts seem to make little sense and come across poorly. Then u begin to understand why the dev's might not feel the need to reply alot of these
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