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  1. having issues with reward claiming. 1st i claimed a couple...then some became grayed out, and are now unclaimable the boxes I did click claim on, did not actually give me the rewards
  2. just changed to sun faction, from earth faction. which works. however u do not teleport to the correct temple. so ur stuck there until u have recall.
  3. people are becoming factionless and getting stuck in temple. if this is what the hunger does in spring @thomasblair id hate to see what hunger does to the world in winter >.<
  4. is this somehow our problem? i dont want to play from germany. they dont let us use thier rune gates and they dont give us our NA rewards. bring back NA servers =(
  5. harvesting still feels laggy. too long of a delay between doing the action > sound & gain pip example 1st swing at iron.. (nothing) 2nd swing at iron..(hear the "ding" and gain the pip from the 1st swing) 3rd swing at iron..(hear the "ding" and gain the pip from the 2nd swing) *stop swinging* and wait a sec, (about the time when you put tool away) "ding" and gain the pip from 3rd swing. etc...etc... when tryin to use harvesting abilities this becomes an issue since pip count matters
  6. rapid fire animation is off. animation starts 30m behind caster, then finishes at caster... here is a bad picture may make it more clear.
  7. STILL cant see my own stable ice, since i sorta need to keep my ice storage up this makes icecaller just an unplayable mess.. still no cap on coolaid....provided u get lucky enough to run over a stable ice to refill ur storage it seems safe to say, there is no longer rewards for playing the throne war game that was pitched forever ago. but those who get rewarded are the ones who sac flowers and war tribe junk, or RNG drops form mother lodes. a throne game u can win... and not get anything for doin so.
  8. neutral mobs ( muskhog pigs and outpost guards where the outposts arent owned by anybody etc....) all attack u when u get close, as if they were enemys most important are the neutral guards at keeps / forts, if there is no active seige, they are invuln and atack you....hackers... still can stack cool aid on ice caller, as many times as u want. cannot see my own stable ice
  9. the castle "keep of ruben kain" seige window isnt visable in the seige schedule. or the schedule is wrong. seige is active now..but schedule says otherwise. the bane trees spawn immedatly when seige starts. maybe this is intended? (also, i love the locations / design of this) not sure if it is ment to be built 1 at a time like walls used to? but some walls on the east side are not built. (maybe they didnt "self repair" after a previous seige? i dont know) could not see / find the faction chests within this keep / castle. are they there or did i
  10. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.300 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). i like passive removal. i like that tiggs down was added. ty for OBVIOSULY reading my last thing i filled out and adding it. ❤️ i like the that you guys are tryin out different campaign worlds / rules loot all. (not realated to 6.3) but i really like that u guys hear the issues people find, and come up with ur own solution, often times their own solution seems to somehow benefit the complaintant Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about 6.200
  11. so, no mention of this in the patch notes... but we lost the seasonal buff to plentiful harvest. (+2 spring +1 summer -0 fall -1 winter) as seen here. its spring time. only 1 pip for plentiful. which is fine and dandy since green gives +1 blue +2 etc... until u want to put hunger shards into crafting equipment... this is with both, a legendary miner, quarryman. so now we are left with the only buff for hunger shards being connoisseur (which i checked to see if finer things gives plentiful now too, which it doesnt. seemed worth a shot)
  12. after a death graphics and sounds dont appear to work for abilities
  13. buffs seem to be semi invisible, randomly. sometimes u can see them, most the time u cant see all of them.
  14. while we are at it, why get mobile bank at all? just get loot. log out. unlock from campaign world. simply reenter campaign world and BOOM, all ur gear goes to your bank and u get a free recall.
  15. remove mobile bank, just reintroduce pressing b to open bank in cw. save me the chore of leveling up the bank, then going and getting the buff. thanks, kappa
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