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  1. no @Marth there is the afk timer now! id like to know what happend to the "Enbarri" tribe? u can see thier name listed when crafting the sacrafice item things....i assumed those would be the guys to drop the scrolls for runic rapier, and pistols which i have been unable to locate thus far.. or issit just...RIP duelists?
  2. owning multiple accounts is different than playing multiple accounts at the same time sir.
  3. should also fix the whole .... "if i close my launcher, i can run another crowfall.exe"
  4. and arch druid bomb from 5 to 10 people too! =D
  5. that dont make sense so to defend a tree during seige (attackers or defenders)....a faction would need to nerf themself by being FORCED to blob up at a tree?
  6. @Marthis correct, plz dont assume my gender. ❤️
  7. id like to say i appreciate the updates u do on the "jah's reports on the trial of _____"

    didnt want to post this msg, sayin so, sorta felt like it would ruin ur thread. so u get a PM

  8. i had no idea either...... until i was linked the schedule for the streamer week 45 min prior to it going live, which can only b found via twitter...
  9. changes were made to this and are on TEST. have u tried there?
  10. i enjoy playing this game. healing my people, farming whatever ore. wood . gold, exp to lvl up people... the idea of logging into a video game to stand still and do nothing while u capture a fort, tower or outpost seems really odd to me. and then to make that worth 99% of the points u earn to claim a victory and "win" seems to make an even worse idea. an easier fix could be to make keeps n forts worth less, make kills worth more. or is it possible to make deaths subtract from thier faction score? maybe once zone caps are increased we could have a CW with just 1 keep to fight for. maybe once zone caps are increased we could have a CW with only 1 POI for each resource type (instead of each faction gettin thier own adventure zone with all 3 types in it, say...balance adv zone gets wood, chaos gets stone, order gets ore for example each being 3x bigger than they currently are) help me out with another thought..why do forts even exist? why do we have so many? right now we have some high rank forts, with some useful stuff to farm... (reducing players in POI's thus decreasing their effectiveness / use ) right now we get a bonus to craft in a keep...forts offer the same crafting tables (minus jewlery making), but no bonus forts also offer a statue to respawn at, but with several rune gates per zone does this even matter anymore? is it possible to offer more uses to these forts, like, u must own fort X to activate X runegate to another zone i dont know, maybe that idea is bad, but as for right now, i just cant seem to care about owning this fort, or that fort, it holds no value to me other than that precious circle.
  11. picking mandrake and mushrooms etc...takes no skill and gets more than chopping trees
  12. keep in mind u dont NEED embers, to make the gear, just to reroll to make better gear.... ember drop rate is fine. i think
  13. Medicaid

    Zone Caps

    (on this map in particular) there are other places to farm high rank ores / stone than just runnin around the keep. we cannot take away adventure zones from you
  14. Medicaid

    Zone Caps

    i know there was 45 at chaos keep tonight. also those faction numbers do also count for EU, not that they added many...but they do have more chaos and order players on EU
  15. i watched yesterday, as 12ish? balance, pushed back 30 chaos, while chaos was defending keep. if that answers ur question
  16. @Surelia how quickly people forget when EU used to come help chaos cap on NA. now u see a problem reguarding the differnt servers? strange.
  17. is there a way to do "4 hours of actively testing" some way to make sure people arent just logging in...and sitting at the beginer area, afk while they sleep, to log their 4 hours? there was a huge influx of that when this was first announced during the stream a while back.
  18. i believe they have heard this complaint and are workin toward some sort of solution. the other day they opened up a 2nd map on test called cluster test 11 or something of the like. this had 33 r10 iron aorund keep seems like its 1 extreme to the other, but the call for iron seems to have been heard, and being worked on. (i believe)
  19. no HoA just following Sugoi. we would have been lost with out you teddy. what faction are you? also, why did u switch factions?
  20. further day 3 report... initial patch notes stated "increased adventure zone by 2 ranks, and seige zones by 1 rank. hype deflated learning this was removed from patch notes, and never happened. more farming of rank 6 trash...i guess.
  21. people have quit NA and moved to EU to try to win there for this reason. to qualify, it was said in the livestream u just need to be on the leaderboard. take 1 outpost / fort / keep or kill 1 person or die once will put u on the leaderboard, thus granting a prize.
  22. Day 3 report logged in, said hello. server goes into maintance.
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