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  1. and arch druid bomb from 5 to 10 people too! =D
  2. that dont make sense so to defend a tree during seige (attackers or defenders)....a faction would need to nerf themself by being FORCED to blob up at a tree?
  3. that has nothing to do with it im being serious here, quit tryin to get ur post count up
  4. ive killed in each wartribe camp for quite a while, noticed that the new necro drops (eye balls, lungs, hearts etc...), all seem to be only green is this intended?
  5. @Marthis correct, plz dont assume my gender. ❤️
  6. i have gotten every scroll, but the ones for Rapier, Pistol, Daggers. i assume these are from teh Enbarri tribe, which are not spawning on any map. ( each adventure zone has 4 wartribe spawns, 2 seem to always be uguru ) getting a weird issue with logging out in maps. logging out in middle of nowhere, when logging in i get message saying the enemy controls the area (even tho no fort / keep/ outpost is remotly close) and it ported me to enemy faction gate, where i died esoteric slot shows up without scroll equiped, assuming its ment to be hidden. also nothing is hidden, i remember on a livestream it was said that hunger shard additives will b hidden, and we wouldnt see them until we equiped a special hammer into the belt slot. maybe the "hiding the additive slots tech" isnt in this 5.8.5 test?
  7. id like to say i appreciate the updates u do on the "jah's reports on the trial of _____"

    didnt want to post this msg, sayin so, sorta felt like it would ruin ur thread. so u get a PM

  8. ran to outpost no guards. neat, this is easy. capture outpost. purchase guards thing on the ground, thats neat. says phase 0 of 10 cost 1000 gold. gave them 1000 gold spawns rank 10 guard, no other phases. these guards seem to have 100m range again. these camps for wartribes look amazing. kill some mob and they instantly respawn
  9. it happens to me at times. seems to happen most when multiple ppl are recalling, or zoning thru the same gate. i just do the same thing as u, close client open new one. it wouldnt be that big of a deal, if zone caps werent reached, i think
  10. i had no idea either...... until i was linked the schedule for the streamer week 45 min prior to it going live, which can only b found via twitter...
  11. changes were made to this and are on TEST. have u tried there?
  12. i enjoy playing this game. healing my people, farming whatever ore. wood . gold, exp to lvl up people... the idea of logging into a video game to stand still and do nothing while u capture a fort, tower or outpost seems really odd to me. and then to make that worth 99% of the points u earn to claim a victory and "win" seems to make an even worse idea. an easier fix could be to make keeps n forts worth less, make kills worth more. or is it possible to make deaths subtract from thier faction score? maybe once zone caps are increased we could have a CW with just 1 keep to fight for. maybe once zone caps are increased we could have a CW with only 1 POI for each resource type (instead of each faction gettin thier own adventure zone with all 3 types in it, say...balance adv zone gets wood, chaos gets stone, order gets ore for example each being 3x bigger than they currently are) help me out with another thought..why do forts even exist? why do we have so many? right now we have some high rank forts, with some useful stuff to farm... (reducing players in POI's thus decreasing their effectiveness / use ) right now we get a bonus to craft in a keep...forts offer the same crafting tables (minus jewlery making), but no bonus forts also offer a statue to respawn at, but with several rune gates per zone does this even matter anymore? is it possible to offer more uses to these forts, like, u must own fort X to activate X runegate to another zone i dont know, maybe that idea is bad, but as for right now, i just cant seem to care about owning this fort, or that fort, it holds no value to me other than that precious circle.
  13. same thing seems to be happenign in Lindarus now. balance temple runegate to lindarus -> chaos faction temple rune gate in lindarus
  14. no, get no bebuff either, "warning enemy santuary" or whatever it is currently runnign to the runegate LABELED balance runegate...see what happens update : the runegate labeled " Runegate to balance faction temple " works as intended. still curious where an order guy will spawn.
  15. Balance runegate to Furginko, takes u to furginko. but it takes you to the runegate to order faction temple. not sure if order's runegate takes u to balances runegate to temple.
  16. birch wood has the same string names, does that mean birch isnt ready?
  17. wartribes is fun, curious why u wouldnt mention these in the patch notes
  18. but its a nice change, some faction likes to load up 12 crafters inside thier keep to help push zone cap now we can just kill them, and send them back to temple to free up space. u lose durability when u tow truck, so it would be beneficial for factions to NOT hit the cap and get locked out of the zone u died in. @vkromas
  19. when using the rune gate from Balance Temple to Lindarus, it takes u somewhere off the hill. when u approach the runegate while in Lindarus to go back to Balance Temple... "press F to Use" does not appear.
  20. since the last wipe, we have not had a high enough elf grave to get purple elf parts. this CW on test also doesnt offer any R9 or R10 elf graves.. when will these be added? it screws over half of the races in the game.
  21. recalling now takes me back to the begginer noob zone? not sure if this is intended.
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