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  1. 😂 ah is not hurting the reset and is not hurting empty server is hurting that there are not implemented an working update system
  2. yes it is in development an an functioning update system is one of them! an i believe it is not on the main target at the moment
  3. I think light effects weapons statistics are not so important at the moment it is important to make updates without full reset for an running game you need an update without a full reset PLS WORK ON THAT we loose all the time players wen we have an full reset pls work on the bakend
  4. I agree with the guildbank and the chests in the keep's have to be bigger or so
  5. we can use the vendor store if the tax is free so EK is not public taxe free you don't pay for Vendor and maybe any can import export to vendor ek is not public only few have access maybe limited to 10 player if that is not a lot of work for the devs it will be an simple emergency solution until something better comes
  6. come an reset for spirit-bank and skill-tree whit the new build or not ?? 10/11/2018 normally you say some days before yes or no but it is silent's or i do miss some info ??
  7. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn25nZ12HEZq_w_m_1DmbbA
  8. can we have some highlights from game come videos and images pls some could not see live some time you are the tree some time the dog
  9. there is an camping place in Köln The gamescomCamp 1 x overnight stay at the camp per person = 29,50€ if you have your own tent or rent group tent for more info https://gamescomcamp.com/ link to movie from 2017
  10. https://twitter.com/Openbook_org https://www.open-book.org
  11. not only France the whole world was black and white and Mono sound cobblestone streets that must have been hard all the day long
  12. There is also a radio station http://bigcitybeats.fm/
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