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  1. come an reset for spirit-bank and skill-tree whit the new build or not ?? 10/11/2018 normally you say some days before yes or no but it is silent's or i do miss some info ??
  2. Whatchoo Listenin To?

  3. can we have some highlights from game come videos and images pls some could not see live some time you are the tree some time the dog
  4. Whatchoo Listenin To?

  5. there is an camping place in Köln The gamescomCamp 1 x overnight stay at the camp per person = 29,50€ if you have your own tent or rent group tent for more info https://gamescomcamp.com/ link to movie from 2017
  6. https://twitter.com/Openbook_org https://www.open-book.org
  7. Tour de France 1953 how it was in 1953

    not only France the whole world was black and white and Mono sound cobblestone streets that must have been hard all the day long
  8. WORLD CLUB DOME 2018 - DAY 1LIVE Stream

    There is also a radio station http://bigcitybeats.fm/
  9. Can't place Parcel in my EK

    ah that chang before i can place there 2 thanks for info to many new here all no have time to read the all forum
  10. Can't place Parcel in my EK

    ah ok i have i have only 1 for large buildings on the test Parcel that is normal ??
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_12oaZ3LDRs best from my home town is 3 days long best coms in the evening
  12. Can't place Parcel in my EK

    i have the same problem i send DxDiag and CrowfallClient.log to suport 3 days ago now it works for me only villa i buy i cant set message is (DEED USE FAILURE You dont have any of the required typ of token to use this placable deed in this parcel ) it is my kingdom and i need token for it ??
  13. 5.6 and 5.6.1 is in the same topic or subforum I only see 5.6 no 5.6.1 looks like groups are not proper set
  14. same here sound bug echo from all in game sounds