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  1. Guild criteria: Region: NA Casual/Hardcore?: Both Size: Shouldn't matter Play-Style: PvX Faction: I would prefer Chaos or Balanced(tbh, not sure what these differences are between factions). Commitment: Mostly daily, however, as a caveat, most of my family is older and if I'm needed can be away from the computer for days at a time. Looking for a group that'd be delving into AoC. Experience: WoW(to Cataclysm), LiF, Guild Wars 2, ArcheAge(assisted in securing two castles when limit was 4; left when more p2w elements were introduced), BDO I also play other games; mostly strategy, simulation, and city-builders. Team-based games: HoN, WoT, WoWs, Diablo III, CoD, PUBg. I use Discord and Teamspeak.
  2. Does that include Alpha(1,2,3) and Beta(1,2,3) access? Again, thanks for clearing up any confusion.
  3. Thanks for the fast replies and answers. However, my first question is not to be brushed away, but it may have been answered. I'll ask again to confirm details. The FAQ does give me more info about EK, but not much after that. Would the $200 package include the items listed in the $80 package, or would those items have to be add-ons? I'm now more intrigued by this being able to switch bodies(races and classes). Can this switch happen during a campaign? Will there be consequences for doing so and what would they be? I understand classes determine combat skills, but crafting skills as well? That feels a bit restrictive as if there is too much of one crafter and not enough of another it can cause problems.
  4. I looked around and I didn't see much information regarding a question about packages. Each package available has different rewards, but I didn't see anything that tied them together other than digital game and forum access. Do the higher packages include what comes in the lower-tiered packages or are they all completely different types at different prices? Does the VIP also reset up until the soft launch(if there is one)? From what little I could find(or looked for), this seems to have 'seasons(not unlike For Honor)' where most everything is wiped after an extended period of time and reset? I don't see a lot of info on Eternal Kingdoms and how they work. On another note; what loot system is there for pvp; Full loot, some items destroyed(like Albion Online), or is most of it protected by the system(until the campaign ends)? How many characters per account(If some crafting chains or rp itch needs filling)? How does this affect faction play? These are a few questions I have for now. I ask for specifics as of the game in its current state if applicable and can be provided.
  5. 'Lo. Came across references to this game on YT somewhere and decided to look around after a few things that looked interesting.
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