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  1. Because you need to know who craft what you want and where you can find it. This information flow is a good base for social interaction, creating reputation for both EK and crafters. Eve and Crowfall are not on the same scaling : in EvE interactions are built with great corporations. A simple player is nothing in the single shared universe of EVE. Crowfall is more organical, with distincts campagn worlds and EK. Sorry for my bad english, I'm not good to explain with my poor vocabulary...
  2. Hi there. I read this forum for two years now, but i finally decided to test the game last week. So, i'm not truely new in this forum ^^ I want to apologize for my horrible english wich is not my native langage. I played a lot of MMO since 2001 (but i haven't tested shadowbane nor SW galaxies), and i'm a nostalgic of the period when a MMO was truely social. I'm a roleplayer since the same period (both on table and on MMO's), i'm french (yeah, I accumulate the defects :p) and I hope make a Roleplay EK in Crowfall. Sooooo, meet you ingame
  3. Bon courage pour la suite
  4. Crowfall is going to be a SOCIAL MMO. If something is going to be boring or difficult, players WILL adjust it. If a lot of players acts like you, a lot of sellers will group into a single EK, for example. But that way will probably not be the cheapest. And you will make your personnal list of EK where you can find what you need. So when you need to change your stuff, you will just search once. It's very important to make MMO social again, imho. Sorry for my horrible english