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  1. Templar was the first class I played and quickly moved on. Templar and Confessor both need some love. Both classes could be fun to play but currently have no real role to play. I can count on one hand the Templars I see played by anything other then a newb and less on the Confessor. Every class should have some counter class or at least a solid role in group play. What do Templars and Confessors counter? Class balancing I am sure will be addressed at some point. For now play a different class.
  2. The post addressed the fact that live had been ignored and was in an unplayable state while the push to release 5.7 was made. As you so elegantly pointed out live is supposed to be up and playable 24-7 and was not. In the future you might want to read the original post prior to making comments. Without one of the two servers in a playable state, preferably live as it is intended players will move on. As ACE moves toward release player retention should become a priority. This is quickly becoming a reality. They can walk and chew gum at the same time.
  3. I appreciate your comments, but I must take issue with a few things. I am very happy to see the server population +100 every day since 5.7 was released. I know quite a few people I have played with in the past have moved on to other games and did not come back with the release of 5.7. That’s just the small circle I play with. Player retention is something that must be considered if this is going to be a successful game. The game is in testing phase, but we have two separate environments, live and test. I believe at this point in development we should expect live to be playable 24X7.
  4. What the worst thing that can happen to game? I think when the community no longer cares. Test has been down for the last 48 hours with no communication from ACE. Live has been unplayable since 5.7 was put on test. It seems no one cares about either. The lack of comments about this is alarming. I know there is a lot of effort going into 5.7 but the game is not the only thing being tested. Can the development team support the current game while creating new content? I believe this is also in testing and has been failed since 5.7 was put on test. If you want to keep your player base something pl
  5. This game is designed for people to play purely to enjoy playing the game. You do not have to kill 1,000 mobs to get from level 1 to 5 and then kill 3,000 different mobs to get from level 5 to 10. Play the game enjoy the environment and wait. I know waiting is something millennials are unaccustomed to. The passive skill system is a core piece of the game. Its an unrealistic expectation to think they will consider changing that at this point in development. Your certainly free to comment on anything you like or don’t like. Its much more constructive to discuss bugs or things that are not workin
  6. hectavex If you dislike the passive skill training no body is going to force you to buy the game. I can assure you this is one of the few things that wont be changing as the game progresses to release. No game will appeal to everyone and there are many other games that will fit your play style better. Good luck
  7. This was asked and answered buy Pann today. Everything will wipe skills banks eks, a complete fresh start when 5.7 goes to live.
  8. Pann Thank you for the reply. Now we know what to plan for.
  9. I was really hoping for a response from the dev team and thought there would be more interest from the community. If there is not a wipe planed, an official comment would most likely have a positive impact on the overall server population. Nobody likes the unknown.
  10. It is looking like 5.7 should be pushed to live very soon. I think most everyone sees this as a great improvement and is looking forward to seeing it on live. It has been over a month since I can find any official statement about the necessity to do a spirit bank or skill wipe with the introduction of 5.7. The last statement I can find, Todd said neither would be necessary. Todd's comment is at 6:40 Can we get an update on this?
  11. I believe you have this backwards most games fail because they fail to generate a profit. Maybe this is because of the self entitled P2W cry babies that think any little convenience item that is sold is somehow P2W. Do you think the investors for this game invested their money purely so you can enjoy a game? Sorry but no they expect a return on their investment and a profit. This game is not developed far enough to address how they will make a profit. I hope they make a lot of money. This is how they can afford to continue to add content and improve the game after release.
  12. If you feel you have to receive value for your money honestly it might be better spent on something else. This game is not finished or even close to. What you are paying for is the opportunity to see a game develop. If your looking for a clean smooth running game this is definitely not for you. If you are willing to accept the game is still in early development there is a lot of depth and fun to be had playing it. Like other said watch some videos and make a decision for yourself.
  13. Are you sure you sure your trying to download the live version? The test version might not be available to you. they are separate downloads.
  14. 5.7 is looking like a huge jump forward. I cant say Iove everything but chat and combat logs are one more big step to feeling less like pre alpha and more like a real game. Great addition and great job ACE.
  15. Glad to hear you guys are on top of this. Server population has been very low since the last patch with people being unable to log into the game. I assume those people have gone to other games, we will see how many come back. This was a serious issue and took a week to come up with a fix. In hindsight a rollback to the previous patch might have been a better option until a fix could be implemented.
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